utilizing a drone for delivering PPE - May 28th 2020

I read the new article below as a part of my English practice.
According to this article, utilizing an unmanned airplace - drone might be helpful for delivering medical supplirs and personal protective equippment to COVID 19 affected areas.


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Great works of Mr. Raymond Chow レイモンド ・チョウさんーブルース・リーの才能を見出した一人

Many of you guys already know this news, I guess. A film producer and the founder of Golden Harvest Film reached a finish line of his 91 years life.
Until around 1970, Bruce Lee was a kind of undiscovered gem except for some TV appearances such as Long Street, and Green Hornet. So to speak, most people in the movie industry and martial arts world hadn't noticed Bruce Lee's exceptional amazing potential and his enthusiasm yet at that time. And when Bruce visited his hometown Hong Kong in 1970, Mr.Chow discovered Bruce's talents and offered him a chance to play the leading role in an action movie (the Big Boss).  What is meant by that is ... if Mr.Chow hadn't discovered Bruce's potential,  Bruce's stardom and his blockbuster films such as Enter the Dragon couldn't be. As a big fan of Bruce Lee, I would like to thank for Mr.Chow's insight and his hard work throughout his life.
And I hope Bruce and Mr.Chow reunite in the heaven and are talking about restart of production of Game of Death




1)  香港人だけど、母方にドイツの血が入っており、どことなく、西洋的な雰囲気も持っている。
2) アメリカで生まれ、イギリス統治下の香港で育ったので、英語を母国語なみに喋れる
3) ブルースのお父さんは香港の俳優さんで、演技することも馴染みがあった
4) 18歳から30歳頃まではアメリカに住んでいたので、見た目は東洋人だけど、中身(考え方や価値観)はアメリカ人に近い部分がある
5) 格闘技の練習や、それをいかに映画で効果的に見せるか?ということに関して、努力と情熱が並外れており、非常に独創的でアイデア豊富だった (天才過ぎて、彼のことを理解できる人が限られており、ある意味、ブルースの心は孤独だったと思う)



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英語以外で製作された映画・ベスト100 - BBC 調査  

When I was checking the BBC website, I found an interesting ranking, that is " the best 100 films made in languages other than English ". Twenty seven films of the best 100 are French language movie, 12 are Mandarin, 11 are Italian and Japanese respectively. Keeping your eyes off of Hollywood movies will give you a fresh perspective, maybe ...

BBCのウェブサイトを見ていたら、「英語以外で製作された映画ベスト100」というランキングが出ていました。イギリス・BBCが世界中の映画評論家209人を対象に調査した結果だそうです。ベスト100に選ばれた作品のうち、27本はフランス語で製作された映画、12本は中国語(北京語)、イタリア語の作品が11本、日本語の作品が11本だそうで、トップ5は ...

5位 ゲームの規則
4位 羅生門
3位 東京物語
2位 自転車泥棒
1位 七人の侍


余談ですが、100本の映画を選ぶのに選考者(審査員)が209人(しかも映画評論家ばかり)というのは、かなり偏ったランキング結果である可能性が高いように思うのですが ... 

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Increasing sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity - CNN report

The following link is a latest CNN article concerning an increase of physical inactivity in the world. According to this news, one in three women and one in four men does not meet the recommended amount of exercise in terms of avoiding common diseases.
Pandemic of inactivity increases disease risk worldwide


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個人情報管理システム ISMS の通訳・翻訳  translator of ISMS related topics

Today, I will write about my today's work as a certified translator, not as a fitness professional.  I was invited by an IT company in my city, and had a lecture/translation for the company's employee from overseas. The lecture topic was ISMS, which stands for Information Security Management System.

As you know, nowadays on the internet world, protection of personal information, and prevention of the threat of targeted attacks, ransomware such as Wannacry and so on are a very important matter especially for companies and organizations that manage/deal with informational assets. In order to raise awareness about these matters among the employees, that IT company held a training workshop, and fortunately I was appointed as a translator for it.

Of course, IT related topics are out of my expertise as a fitness professional, however, today's experience became a very good opportunity to horn and brush up one's skills and consciousness as a professional translator. I would like to thank for the kindness of that company and their staff members.

本日は、市内のあるIT関連企業に招かれて、通訳・翻訳業務をしてきました。6月23日の記事 で書いた通り、個人情報の保護やランサムソフトウェアの脅威などをいかに未然に防ぐか?というのは情報を多く扱う企業や自治体等にとっては、非常に重要な問題になりつつあるようです。

この企業様では、これらの面に関する従業員の意識や知識を高めるため、ISMS (Information Security Management System) に関する社員研修を実施し、今回、僕は外国人従業員の方の通訳・翻訳担当として務めさせていただきました。


静岡県登録 通訳案内士名簿 (2018年5月現在)

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個人情報保護法(改訂) - 新しい概念  Protection of personal information and its utility, ISMS

Although today's topic is not related to fitness, the matter of internet security and privacy is a very important topic for everyone, you know. And concerning this matter, I was going through the Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information (in Japan) today.

And I found a very intriguing description concerning the utility of personal information in this amended act, which was stipulated on December 2016. That said, " this act aims to protect an individual's rights and interests while considering the utility of personal information including that the proper and effective application of personal information contributes to the creation of new industries and the realization of a vibrant economic society and an enriched quality of life for the people of Japan "(Personal Information Protection Commission Japan, 2016).

I think this description is a new concept regarding the protection and utilization of personal information on the internet world, compared to what we used to be, which means only protection of privacy and personal information. So, I think this would be one step progress in interpretation in the concept of internet security and personal information and that kind of things. Of course, this can be what is called a double edged sword, thus, careful and considerate attitude would be important in treating this matter.

インターネット・セキュリティや個人情報の保護といった問題は、どなたにとっても非常に重要だと思います、また近年、Internet Security management System (ISMS) などが企業等でも関心事になりつつあるようですね。というわけで、これに関して、個人情報保護法(2016年12月改訂版)の冒頭部分に目を通してみたのですが、興味深い記述に気が付きました。


従来はインターネット・セキュリティや個人情報の保護というと、もっぱら、”各個人の情報を本人の同意や許可なく外部に公開しないこと”と理解されていましたが、この改訂・個人情報保護法では、一歩進んだ解釈がされているということですね。もちろん、個人のプライバシー保護 : 情報の公開と有効活用ということはセンシティブな問題で両刃の剣となり得るように思いますが、新たな方向性として興味深いと思います

Retrieved from Personal Information Protection Commission Japan, 2016.

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避難所生活でのエコノミークラスシンドローム予防体操 preventative exercise for deep vein thrombosis at confined spaces in natural disasters





In case of natural disasters such as massive earthquakes, one of possible health concerns would be the formation of blood clots in veins doe to long time physical inertia in confined spaces at evacuation facilities. Concerning this topic, I wrote a 2 page articles about preventative exercises for the economy class syndrome aka deep vain thrombosis, with the help of Shizuoka-city Health Promotion Department on their periodical nearly four years ago from now (2014).

Unfortunately, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake happened at Osaka region which is the second biggest city in Japan yesterday (on June 18th 2018). I'm not sure currently how many people are spending their days at evacuation shelters, however, it's my small pleasure if my article at that time would be of some help for people spending their time with worry and anxiousness.
(Retrieved from shizuoka-city archive 静岡市刊行物アーカイブより引用)             

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バブルブーム再びか、エナジーを取り戻せ! Regaining the energy



上記のビデオを見た率直な感想ですが、バブルのお姉さん二人のインパクトもさることながら、バンドを含めた全体の雰囲気やファッションなどが、バブル期に流行したディスコソングバンドのデッド・オア・アライブをなんとなく彷彿とさせるような気がします。日本のバブル期カルチャーの再来についてはNew York Timesのビジネス記事欄にも紹介されているようです(下記リンク)。あの当時のエナジーと明るさが世界と日本にも戻ってくるといいですよね。

One of my best friends recommended me this video, which is a girls duo that makes you recall an image and reminiscent memory of Japan's subculture from mid 1980's to early 1990's. If you are interested in this country's culture and social phenomena in those days, this article is detailed. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/06/business/japan-1980s-bubble-era.html
key words would be ... learning from the good old days, reconciliation, resilience, and create a new future !

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2012年 訪日外国人観光客数           number of foreign tourists visited Japan in 2012

according to a press release by Japan National Tourism Organization
the number of tourists visited Japan from overseas in 2012
was 8.36 million people

after the massive earthquake in march 2011
the number of tourists from overseas dropped to a fairly large extent
however, this figure in 2012 is 34.6% increase compared to the previous year

among the 8.36 million visitors
2 million is from Korea    1.4 million is from Taiwan and China respectively   and 710,000 from the United States

conversely, the number of japanese people who went travel abroad
in 2012 was 18 million

i hope many more people will visit japan from overseas in the future !!
we welcome your coming to Japan, the country of rising sun
with hearty welcome !




米国から71万人 となっています

the rising sun 日本 に来る海外の方々がもっと増えると良いと思います

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Gundam like real robot was built


in japan, robot animation titled '' mobile suit Gundam '' is explosively popular since i was a kid  (pic)
according to the article below, a real robot that resembles Gundam was built in japan
this robot has a built-in pilot's seat like Gundam does
and also it is controlable with a mobile phone
ガンダムに似た本物のロボット(身長4m 重量4トン)が日本で作製されたようです
時速9.6kmで歩行可能とのことです        (価格は1億1千万円)

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