現在のシェイプ My current shape - Feb 21st 2018


This is my current shape as of Feb 21st 2018.
and I filmed my self-introductory greeting video to those who visit my websites. Link to the video is below my profile photo on this blog.



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Yoshi videolog Feb 14th 2018 - Valentine special version

Today's daytime temperatures were relatively mild and I had some free time, so, I filmed my first video in 2018.  Have a nice day today as well everyone !

本日は日中の気温が比較的穏やかで、時間も少しあったので、2ヶ月ぶりにビデオを撮ってみました。2月なのにこんな衣装で ... (本人は至って楽しんでやっております 笑)

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フィットネスと英語のパーソナルトレーナー in 静岡 Bilingual personal trainer in Shizuoka


I got a special recognition of Recognized Certified Personal Trainer with Distinction from National Strength & Conditioning Association, which is a new recognition program that is conferred to NSCA certified fitness/strength professionals who meet certain criteria such as a duration of service in the industry, academic degree in related fields ... etc. and it is my honor that I'm the first and currently the only person in Japan who got this recognition (as of Jan 2018).

I'm living in 10km northeast of Shizuoka Station in Japan, if you live nearby, I'm available for your personal training.  and one of my certifications is certified Health & Wellness Coach, which is a credential in the USA for providing motivational & psychological support for health & fitness behavior change, such as long term adherence to weight loss programs, healthy diet and so on.  Therefore, I'm available through the internet consultation as well (such as skype) no matter where you live.  Also, I'm a certified translator & tour guide (English -Japanese). If you are looking for a bilingual fitness professional or a translator in the health & fitness fields, please feel free to contact me. You can send me e-mails from the link below my profile photo.


the photos are facility and equipment in my house, as you can see, if you are expecting a fancy workout facility, this is not a place for you. What I can provide you are my experience, knowledge, skills I learned through my 20 years in the fitness industry and English language learning, plus my zest and curiousity to work/learn with you. Nice to meet you !
Yoshi Endo(遠藤吉彦) EP-C, CSCS, certified Wellcoach.

Dscf2002 Dscf2004      

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Diary Jan 7th 2018 - new vision statement

I revised my self introductory and greeting comment under the blog title a bit today, and this is my current honest mind and what I'm envisioning for the future. of course, I'm available from outside Japan as well through online consultation/coaching. Thank you.

My mission statement (Jan 2018)

I " Yoshi Endo " would like to serve and work as a booster/facilitator/translator/instructor/and your learning partner for you to generate a positive change, difference, and progression in health & fitness, language learning for those who are practicing English as a foreign language.
And I'm glad if I can be of some small help for better understanding of people globally through these activities. Of course I'm also still learning every day. Let's begin and continue the journey.


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Yoshi video log December 6th 2017

My exercise class named as " slimming down pelvis exercise " which started in 2008 successfully completed its predetermined contract term this week. Because of an agreement between an operating company of this exercise class and a sponsoring local governmental body, contract term for this course was predetermined as 10 years at the time of inception of this initiative. With the help and support of many people such as class participants, operating staff members, somehow I was able to complete the contract term of 10 years. So, I'm a bit relieved and thankful right now. Thank you very much everyone !


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スリムダウン骨盤体操 2017年秋コース参加者受付中



My exercise class titled as " Slimming down Pelvis Exercise ", which I have at Shizuoka Prefectural Science & Technology High School, is accepting new participants for 2017 Fall season course. This exercise class is a kind of mind & body exercise incorporating easy stretching, muscle toning, foam roller exercise and so on. This course is operated by the local government (education board of the prefecture), therefore it is offered in a very reasonable attendance fee. Please refer to the above link for details. I'm waiting for your participation with hearty welcome !
start day -  October 2nd 2017,        19:00 - 20:30 PM
every Monday, totally 8 sessions
attendance fees - 5600 Japanese Yen
deadline for signing up is September 1st 2017

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静岡地区 スリムダウン骨盤体操 2016秋募集中


日時 2016年9月26日(月)より毎週月曜日(全8回) 19:00 - 20:30

詳しくはこちらをご覧ください http://www1.kiuchi.jp/pfi/lle.html


for those who are living in Shizuoka-city
I have an exercise class at Shizuoka Prefecture Science & Technology High School's Life Time Learning Course, which is a kind of culture school for people in the community.
They are accepting participants for the 2016 Fall Class
starts from September 26th 2016
on Mondays from 19:00 - 20:30 PM, totally 8 weeks
this class is a kind of stretching, muscle toning, and relaxation using the foam roller and the stability ball. Since this is an initiative by Shizuoka-prefecture, the fees are very affordable (5,600 Yen for the 8 weeks)
for details, please check the above link
class name is スリムダウン骨盤体操, it means " Slimming down Pelvis and Spine exercise "      

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female friendly workout gym - Open Gym San Francisco

Dscf1002Please look at this nice t-shirt ! このTシャツにご注目下さい!
one of my classmates in CalU, Ms. Linda Chungchootairong opened her workout gym in San Francisco. the name of her gym is Open Gym San Francisco. as the name implies, her gym is opened and friendly to female trainees as well !
Linda herself is also a hardcore weightlifting competitor with master's degree in exercise science, ACSM Personal Trainer, NASM/Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Linda_photoamazingly she can do strict form squats with 120-130kg ! and she is a sweet and attractive lady with affection for animals. I highly recommend her gym OGSF to from beginners to hardcare athletes and bodybuilders. her gym's apparels are also cool !  Please check her gym through the above links !

大学のクラスメートの一人、リンダ・チャンチュータイロン氏がサンフランシスコにトレーニングジムをオープンしました。ジムの名前はオープンジム・サンフランシスコ(OGSF) オープンという言葉が示す通り、このジムは女性にも適しています。リンダ自身がウエイト・リフティングの選手で、エクササイズ・サイエンスの修士号を持ったACSMパーソナルトレーナー、NASMコレクティブエクササイズスペシャリストです。女性ながら、120-130kgでストリクトフォームのスクワットを軽々こなすので驚きです。また、動物を愛する優しい女性でもあります。上記リンクより彼女のジムにアクセスできます

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fitness trend in 2013 muscle conditioning without equipment

according to '' fitness trend prediction in 2013 '' by ACSM
body weight training comes one of tops on the list

body weight training literally means various muscle conditioning workouts without special equipments
among them  '' plank '' is one of the basics of basic

「ボディウエイト・トレーニング」  つまり特別な器具を使わずに行う
その中でも、基礎中の基礎の一つ 「プランク」の動画です

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corrective exercise for pelvic region        '' Reggaeton ''

i have come to know the presence of a dance workout named
'' Reggaeton '' for the first time today from Miki-chan
as far as i watch the video, the biggest characteristic of reggaeton workout looks to be '' contraction & release '' of spine
especially the chest & pelvis portions are emphasized 
in that sense, maybe it resembles Zumba workout a bit, i guess
i think this is good workout for toning belly
and correction of distorted posture in lumbo-pelvic-hip complex

本日 Reggaeton(レゲトン)というダンスエクササイズの存在を初めて知った
映像を見る限り、レゲトンの最大の特徴は脊椎の動き (コントラクション&リリース)
にあるようだ   特に胸部と骨盤周辺の動きが多用されている

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