2019フィットネストレンド調査に参加  Diary July 2nd 2018  

I participated in a survey for 2019 fitness trend yesterday. As many of you guys in the fitness industry know, the survey result is announced at around November or December of that year. Therefore I can not tell you details about what were on the trend list for the next year at this time, however, I will tell you a little bit of a possible trend direction.

Among the items on the list, the followings were especially interesting and intriguing to me in terms of future direction and further growth of the industry.
1), Exercise is Medicine
2), Raising standards of education and certification levels of fitness professionals
3), health & wellness coaching
4), fitness programs for the elderly
5), starting a discussion for establishing a licensure system for fitness professionals in the future.
Although this is only my prediction, these points will be among the top rankings of the result.


調査結果はその年の11月~12月頃に米国スポーツ医学会 (ACSM)より発表されますので、現時点では詳細なコメントはできませんが、どんなものが僕の興味を引き付けたか、少しだけお伝えしますね。

1)  エクササイズ イズ メディシン(フィットネスクラブ等に参加する皆様の年齢層が上がり、その多くは慢性疾患など抱えているので、フィットネス指導員も、それら代表的な慢性疾患に対する知識を高めましょう、また必要に応じてフィットネス関係者と医療関係者の皆様が協力・提携できるような枠組みを構築しましょう、というもの
Exercise is Medicine official website

2)  ヘルス&ウェルネスコーチング(健康関連の行動変容における心理的サポート。簡単に言うと、どんなに素晴らしいトレーニングプログラムがあっても、顧客の気持ちが前向きにならないと、効果を発揮しないということ、そのための心理学的側面を学ぶもの。僕が学校で専攻した分野の一つはこれです)

3)  フィットネス指導者向けの免許制度の創設に向けて、そろそろ検討を始めてはどうか?という提案



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東京体育館の思い出 Memories of Tokyo Gymnasium


The photo is a scenery of an entrance to Tokyo Gymnasium, which was built in 1964 as a preparation for hosting the Tokyo Olympic Games then. I got this photo from my friend who has been swimming there once a week or so for over 20 years for his health & fitness.

This Gymnasium is going to be reconstructed with a new one soon as a venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I also used to have workout or swimming in the summer around here in my 20's. So, I'm reminiscent of the scenery of the good old gymnasium.


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スズメバチと格闘(大袈裟  笑)  Struggle with a nest of WASP (a bit over ... )  


I found a bee's nest under the roof on my house's car garage several days ago. The location of the nest is just above the rear view window of my car, so it was a bit troublesome. I took some photos of the bees and sent them to one of my friends who are conversant with biology (majored in ecology in a graduate school) and asked advice for how to deal with it.

The friend's answer was " apparently they are not bees, probably they are a kind of Asian WASP (refer to the photo),  and if I were you, I would get rid of the nest ". So, I decided to get rid of the nest from there. My biggest concern was being stung by the supposed to be WASPs. I used a BBQ clutch and somehow pulled the nest off of the roof. phew ... (the first pic).


That day's my workout was a kind of deadly battle with the insects.  I wanna thanks for the friend's advice and  hope for the R.I.P of the nest.
The yellow & black stripe of the bees/WASPs reminds me of the Bruce Lee's Game of Death ... 



ハチの黄色と黒の模様を見ると、死亡遊戯を連想してしまいます ...

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Diary April 1st 2018


On this Spring Equinox day, I visited some of my relatives houses with my mom, and after that I dropped by one of the most beloved shrines in my city to take photos of cherry trees. This photo is one o f them, which signifies the arrival of the spring.

先日、春分の日に先祖供養に親戚の家を訪問し、その帰りに、なぜか桜の写真が撮りたくなり、静岡浅間神社に立ち寄りました。デジカメを持って境内をウロウロしていたので、観光客に見えたのか、近くにいたおじさんが「お兄さん、桜の写真を撮りに来たの? 向こうに本殿があるから、その裏手で良い写真が撮れるよ」と教えてくださいました。で、撮ったのがこの写真。見知らぬオジさんのご親切に感謝です。(画像クリックすると大きくなります)

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diary Oct 10th 2017 - new learning partner

As you know, English is the second language to me, therefore the language practice is an important part of my everyday life. And sometimes I practice speaking with a language instructor(a learning partner for me) through online. And I talked with an English instructor in Serbia for the first time today. That instructor is very enthusiastic and a kind of nerd like me. So we had a good vibe, hopefully. the only problem is that competitions for booking that instructor's lesson seems to be high. However it would be great if I can establish a good collaborative and conductive learning relationship with the new learning partner as well.

話してみての感想は、予想通りというか予想以上に良い学習パートナーに出会った気がします。一言で言えば、僕と同じでオタク気質な人、これは、もう紹介ビデオを見た瞬間に感じた(笑) 同じ穴のムジナと言うか... 発音という点では、アメリカ人の英語と少しだけ違う気がするが、知識や話題が豊富なのでボキャブラリーや流暢さという点ではネイティブ・スピーカーと、そんなに変わらない気がする。何よりも、オタクの波長が合うのが嬉しい。問題は、人気講師らしいので、予約の競争率が高い様子。フィリピンの先生とも引き続き練習を続けつつ、この先生とも互いに学び合って行ければ良いなと思います

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2016 year end greetings

this video is my 2016 year end greetings for all of you
thank you very much for your friendship, support, and favor
have a nice new year vocation !


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diary Dec 18th 2016 - year ending party


today, I had a dinner with my bodybuilding friend. he is a past winner of state bodybuilding championship of my prefecture (prefecture in Japan is equivalent to state in the US), and currently he is competing in national level master's category, so to speak, his whole life is dedicated to bodybuilding, for example, for him, opportunities to eat out are several times in a year, so, today's small year ending party was one of the precious opportunities to relax for top level athletes like him, and I got a good stimuli from his dedication

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diary Oct 7th 2016 CalU of PA sport bag


Hello, it's been a while, it's already October, time flies doesn't it !
I'm enjoying interaction with my exercise class participants, one's bodybuilding workout, communication with my friends in overseas through the internet, and so on.  I'm learning a lot from these bilateral learning relationships
the photo is the newest sport bag of my graduate school


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No_limitstoday I found this encouraging message on the web. what I like/admire about Mr. Bruce Lee is his philosophy like this one. my another favorite Bruce Lee's word is " absorb what is useful whatever it is, and discard what is not "

"自分のやることすべてにいつも自分自身で限界を決めつけていたら(それが格闘技や肉体鍛錬でも、勉強や仕事など別のことでも) それは、自分の仕事や生活にも悪影響を及ぼすだろう。プラトー(一時的な停滞状態)というものはあるにしても、限界なんてものはないんだよ。そして、そこで立ち止まっちゃだめなんだ。それを乗り越えていかなきゃ"


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new video of CALU online programs

this is a new video of online programs of my alma mater California University of Pennsylvania. CALU's online programs are ranked as one of the toppest among universities that deliver distance education. enjoy watching it !

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