diary Oct 10th 2017 - new learning partner

As you know, English is the second language to me, therefore the language practice is an important part of my everyday life. And sometimes I practice speaking with a language instructor(a learning partner for me) through online. And I talked with an English instructor in Serbia for the first time today. That instructor is very enthusiastic and a kind of nerd like me. So we had a good vibe, hopefully. the only problem is that competitions for booking that instructor's lesson seems to be high. However it would be great if I can establish a good collaborative and conductive learning relationship with the new learning partner as well.

話してみての感想は、予想通りというか予想以上に良い学習パートナーに出会った気がします。一言で言えば、僕と同じでオタク気質な人、これは、もう紹介ビデオを見た瞬間に感じた(笑) 同じ穴のムジナと言うか... 発音という点では、アメリカ人の英語と少しだけ違う気がするが、知識や話題が豊富なのでボキャブラリーや流暢さという点ではネイティブ・スピーカーと、そんなに変わらない気がする。何よりも、オタクの波長が合うのが嬉しい。問題は、人気講師らしいので、予約の競争率が高い様子。フィリピンの先生とも引き続き練習を続けつつ、この先生とも互いに学び合って行ければ良いなと思います

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2016 year end greetings

this video is my 2016 year end greetings for all of you
thank you very much for your friendship, support, and favor
have a nice new year vocation !


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diary Dec 18th 2016 - year ending party


today, I had a dinner with my bodybuilding friend. he is a past winner of state bodybuilding championship of my prefecture (prefecture in Japan is equivalent to state in the US), and currently he is competing in national level master's category, so to speak, his whole life is dedicated to bodybuilding, for example, for him, opportunities to eat out are several times in a year, so, today's small year ending party was one of the precious opportunities to relax for top level athletes like him, and I got a good stimuli from his dedication

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diary Oct 7th 2016 CalU of PA sport bag


Hello, it's been a while, it's already October, time flies doesn't it !
I'm enjoying interaction with my exercise class participants, one's bodybuilding workout, communication with my friends in overseas through the internet, and so on.  I'm learning a lot from these bilateral learning relationships
the photo is the newest sport bag of my graduate school


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TEDトーク ブルース・リーの哲学&成功法則

this is a link to a TED talk by great Bruce Lee's daughter Ms.Shannon Lee. although the presentation theme is " philosophy of Bruce Lee ", this is an inspiring principle for acheiving one's goals not limited to martial arts and action movies. please enjoy her 13 minute presentation ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOKKUSwEaxg&feature=youtu.be

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No_limitstoday I found this encouraging message on the web. what I like/admire about Mr. Bruce Lee is his philosophy like this one. my another favorite Bruce Lee's word is " absorb what is useful whatever it is, and discard what is not "

"自分のやることすべてにいつも自分自身で限界を決めつけていたら(それが格闘技や肉体鍛錬でも、勉強や仕事など別のことでも) それは、自分の仕事や生活にも悪影響を及ぼすだろう。プラトー(一時的な停滞状態)というものはあるにしても、限界なんてものはないんだよ。そして、そこで立ち止まっちゃだめなんだ。それを乗り越えていかなきゃ"


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new video of CALU online programs

this is a new video of online programs of my alma mater California University of Pennsylvania. CALU's online programs are ranked as one of the toppest among universities that deliver distance education. enjoy watching it !

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ポジティビティ診断ツール positivity ratio

today I would like to introduce you to a useful website that easily caluculates the ratio of your positivity and negativity in a day. it can only take a few minutes. knowing one's positivity and negativity in a day is supposed to be helpful for enhancing forward looking attitude for the next day. ratio of positivity and negativity above 3.0 is ideal
Retrieved from http://www.positivityratio.com/

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Happy New Year 2016

My 2016 started with light weight training workout.
Wishing all of you health and happiness in the new year.

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diary December 29th 2015

Dscf0975my best friend living in Tokyo dropped by my city Shizuoka on his way to home in Kyushu. so we visited Hihondaira which commands fine view of Mount-Fuji. Thanks to my friend, I had a wonderful day

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