new blog title " fitness journey "

until now, the title of this weblog was " exercise trainer ENDO's Walk on ! ", however I changed the title into " fitness journey ENDO's Walk on ! " from today.  the primary reason for the change is ... the job title " exercise trainer " doesn't necessarily reflect my current work and expertise, I was feeling so recently. If you address me in some job title, I have a lot of credentials, Exercise Physiologist, Physical activity in Public Health Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Special Populations Specialist, Health & Wellness Coach, Exercise is Medicine credential, and so on. So, if you express these my credentials in one word, the word " fitness instructor " is incorporating these expertise, I think, and that title is my favorite. And my pursuit for fitness, sport psychology, wellness coaching, and language learning is a never ending learning process, thus I expressed it as " fitness journey ".  Thank you very much for your support and understanding always !

本日より、このブログのタイトルを少し修正しました。これまでは「エクササイズ・トレーナーENDO's Walk on !」でしたが、自分の興味や学ぶ分野の範囲が少しづつ広くなり、エクササイズ・トレーナーという枠からは良くも悪くも、はみ出しつつあります。

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focus of attention during exercise - two types of attentional focus

In order to earn continuing education credits for my fitness certifications, I was going through articles on Strength & Conditioning Journal today, and I came across an intersting article that focused on two types of attentional focus during strength training. one is internal focus, which is paying attention/concentrating on contraction/expansion of target muscles of an exercise you are doing. another is external focus, which is focusing on some environmental object around you during the exercise, for example, if you are doing bench presses, external focus means " push the bar explosively toward the ceiling ! "  Which type of focus you should choose depends on your training purposes.
for details, please check out the following article
Schoenfeld, B,J., & Contreras, B., (2016). Attentional Focus for Maximizing Muscle Development: The Mind-Muscle Connection. Strength & Conditioning Journal, 2016, 38(1), p 27-29.

資格更新の継続教育ポイントを得るためストレングス&コンディショニング・ジャーナルに目を通していたら、興味深い記事を見つけました(上記、引用参照)。トレーニング中に、「動作や筋肉に意識を集中しよう」とはよく言われることですが、この「意識」には2つのタイプがある。ひとつは、インターナル・フォーカス、つまり、そのエクササイズで鍛えたい筋肉の収縮・伸展に最大限の意識を注ぐこと、たとえば、ベンチプレスなら大胸筋群の収縮・伸展を感じながら行う、というように。 もう一つは、エクスターナル・フォーカス、つまり、自分の周囲の環境的要因(器具など)に意識を持っていく。たとえば、ベンチプレスなら、「バーベルシャフトを天井まで放り投げてやる!」くらいのパワフルな気持ちと意識でバーベルを押し上げる、ということです。もちろん、僕自身も両方のタイプの意識の仕方を使い分けています。インターナル・フォーカスとエクスターナル・フォーカスのどちらがトレーニング効果を上げるのに効果的か?は目的によります。詳しくは、このジャーナル記事本文を読まれるとよいでしょう。

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Yoshi videolog July 5th 2017 - workout and new cert

a part of my workout and the recent addition to my credential.
after the exercise, my breath and English were a bit broken and I made a mistake in word usage at around 6 minute 20 second of the video.  I mentioned like this at that portion " if I say something about a certain problem ... ". actually, what I wanted to say was " program " not " problem ". so to speak, what I wanted to convey at that portion is " if I referred to certain exam programs in the industry on my videos, maybe, it can become a cause of conflict of interest matters, and I would like to avoid that kind of situation "
To me, the way of fitness is kinda like the Jeet Kune Do concept, what I mean by that is ... although it may seem like a mixture of different styles and different programs, each component, each ingredient has its own meaning and significance for integrating the whole. that said, the each is an indispensable element.
I'm hoping for further growth and development of all of my affiliations and the entire health & fitness industry.  thank you very much for your support and understanding always.

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a possibility of fitness and positive spirits in seniors - 生涯鍛錬   

one of my best friends kindly sent me a link to the above video today. of course this is an extreme example,  however, this video embodies a possibility of health & fitness, and forward looking attitude even in later stages in life, I think. and probably, for this women, 91 years old might be only a number (and it shows her accumulated life experience like the annual growth ring of the trees), and she thinks of herself as still a learner and practitioner rather than a master in a good sense, I guess.
(retrieved from youtube)

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fitness trend for 2017 - wellness coaching

American College of Sports Medicine announced a forecast of top 20 fitness trend in 2017. among the top 20 trend, what is worth noting especially is that Wellness Coaching has been ranked in the top 20 for these consective several years,  which is a kind of coaching psychology for health related behavior change. As a certified Wellcoach myself, I'm happy with that what I'm learning is gaining attention


米国スポーツ医学会(ACSM)は2017年にフィットネス業界で注目されるであろうトレンド予測・トップ20を発表しました。 ここ数年の傾向で注目に値するのはウェルネス・コーチングが注目を集めつつあることでしょうか。


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Yoshi's videolog April 24th 2014      Relieving chronic muscle tension

this is an example of simple relaxation method for relieving chronic muscle tension of the cervical region that stems from psychological pressure and stress  


plus, this is one of my favorites
as u can see, Nicole Scherzinger is " the real singer "

おまけ : 僕のお気に入り 「オペラ座の怪人」

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BMI greater than 25 国別調査

Mbi_more_than_25_countriesi found this graph on BBC news website, which indicates percentages of people with Body Mass Index of greater than 25 in various countries
Retrieved from http://www.bbc.co.uk
for details, access this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25576400


BMIとは、Body Mass Index の略で、身長と体重のバランスを示す数値
例えば、身長170cm 体重65kg の場合、体重(65) ÷ 身長(1.7) ÷ 身長 (1.7) = BMI 22.5
20 - 25前後が、身長に対しての適正体重  この数値が多いと、過体重ということになります

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Corrective Exercise for back health

Hi! what's up, everyone !
this is an example of corrective exercise for keeping your back healthy

フォームローラーを使用したmyofascial release (筋膜リリース) です

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foam roller plus meditation for lower back pain prevention

this week's topic in sport psychology class is " psychological intervention in injury prevention and management "
so, i made this video as a case sample of my own

" ケガの予防・管理における心理的アプローチ "
障害の予防と言えば、僕自身にとって関心の一つは、長時間のパソコン使用に伴う腰痛といかに対処するか?ということです (現在、院のレポートを書いたり、文献を読んだりするのに、毎日5~6時間、あるいはそれ以上の時間、パソコンの前に座っていますので、腰痛予防はとても大切です)


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relaxation by hypnosis by Ms. Gallagher

this week's topic in the sport psychology class is
'' relaxation by hypnosis ''
this video was introduced in the class and i tried it !
wow !  i felt at ease, yet energized after watching this video !
though i didn't have experience trying hypnosis until watching this video
i was surprised to the wonderful stress reduction & relaxation effect of it !   if you are interested, please give it a try !      

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