japanese showbiz  ZOO  チューチュートレイン

today i write about japanese showbiz world again
as i wrote in December 19th posting   from mid 80's to the beginning of 90's was an era of ALL NIGHT FUJI
and the early 90's in japanese showbiz was an era of ZOO
i guess many japanese people in their 30's and 40's (including me) remember ZOO's biggest hit song  '' Choo Choo Train ''
actually this song is still one of my favorite tunes even today
cuz i like its hopping and catchy melody
ZOO gained popularity through a dance TV show titled '' DADA ''
ZOO was made up of 10-11 boys&girls and being led by leader HIRO
and time goes by   HIRO set up a new group 12 years after ZOO
that is EXILE       and the new version of Choo Choo Train was born !

80~90年代の芸能評論とかブログに書いてる俺はクリス松村さんか?ってーの   (笑)

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weird but fantastic dance  World Order

this is a footage of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2011
i like the musical introduction by World Order
   a robotic dance group
the leader of World Order is former MMA fighter Genki Sudo
(the man talking about the earthquake at the opening)
the reason i like this scene is it's fantastic like an illusion
and embodies Japan standing up from the aftermath of March 11
dance by World Order begins at 4 minute of the video 

これはマイクロソフト社のワールド・パートナー会議 2011でのオープニングの
フルバージョンです      非常に良い出来だと思います

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