エクササイズを楽しくする80年代ヒット曲ーエクスポゼ  The 80's hit song that makes your fitness workout fun and exciting

When I was reading an internet security related web article today, I came across a word saying that point of entry, which is supposed to be a data entry point or something like that. And, what sprung up in my mind on the spot was mid 1980's disco hit song Point of No Return by Expose.

Speaking of disco hit songs, many of you guys will imagine hit songs of Bananarama such as Love at first degree, Venus and so on. The striking difference between these groups is ... Bananarama is a female group in the UK, however, Expose is a female group in the USA, and reflecting the multicultural society in the US, members of Expose multinational and multicultural as you can see in the video clip. Their songs will become a good back ground music and a kind of motivator for your fitness workout who are reminiscent of cultures in the mid 80's.





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シニア世代のロールモデル 萩本欽一論 トリロジー  June 9th 2018



というわけで、3回に分けて書いた欽ちゃん論を、まとめて再録させていただきます。3部作なのでtrilogy - トリロジーということで (大袈裟、笑)

萩本欽一論 第一部



In Japanese comedy world, one of the most beloved big shot comedian is Mr. Kinnitch Hagimoto. I wrote my though about his on my blog in 2007(the above links).  In 2015, he enrolled in a university at the age of over 70 years old to study the nature of human life and buddism. What I like about his is his passion and enthusiasm for pursuit of one's curiosity and belief.

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Although this is a hit song in more than 15 years ago, it is one of my recent favorites.  M2M    " Everything you do "
Have a good day today as well !


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心に響くタイタニックテーマ (クリスティーナ・グリミー) Your heart will go on, Christina Grimmie

Two years have passed since the tragedy, however Ms. Christina Grimmie's beautiful songs are still in my mind, especially this song is one of my favorites and as heart touching as the original version by Ms.Dion. Although I can't specify why Christina's version moves people's mind, probably that is because of her innocence like a sunshine, belief in singing and sincerity, I guess. Christina, your memory will go on in the heart of your fans.

米国の女性歌手・クリスティナ・グリミーさんの悲劇の事故から2年が過ぎようとしていますが、彼女がカバーした「マイ ハート ウィル ゴーオン(タイタニックのテーマ)」は今でも僕の好きな曲の一つで、個人的にはセリーヌ・ディオンのオリジナルと同じくらい素晴らしいと思います。何でグリミーさんの歌が人々の心をとらえるのか?特定するのは難しいのですが、彼女の天真爛漫な明るさと歌に対する信念や情熱、真摯さだと思います。My heart will go on とは「私の心は生き続ける」という意味ですが、彼女の魂と思い出は僕らファンの心の中に永遠に生き続けています。

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Diary Jan 20th 2018 - memory of globe

One of my English teachers in the Philippines whom I practiced with until the spring of 2017 was a fan of globe (a music group in Japan which gained an explosive popularity in 1990's, and its leader announced a retirement from the music industry a few days ago). so, this video makes me a bit reminiscent and sentimental mood. globe's momentum in the mid 90's was great because their songs and popularity reached as far as the Philippines as well. As the group name implies, they were a global music band !


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Diary Nov 21st 2017 Gary V

I'm not sure this singer Gary Valenciano is known in the USA and Europe, however his song " I will be here " is one of my recent favorites. His song and lyrics are very heart touching. I knew about him through one of my learning partners in the Philippines.  I hope you enjoy the video

フィリピンの人気歌手 ゲリー・ヴァレンシアーノのヒット曲 I will be here です。だいぶ前に、フィリピンの先生から教えてもらったのですが、よい曲で気に入っています。ニックネームが「ミスター・ピュアエナジー」のゲリー・ヴィーさんにも暖かい人柄を感じます

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Nov 15th 2017 - pure and passionate kung-fu guys

On youtube, I found a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic kung-fu movie aficionado guys whose team name is " martial club ".  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2yvzrfrRsQ  this link is one of their videos.
the situation in this footage is ... they are great fan of Donny Yen, and when Mr.Yen came to a move theater for premier ceremony of his new film, the Martial Club guys asked Mr. Yen's permission to demonstrate their action stunt performance in front of the eyes of their idol Donny, and Mr.Yen kindly accepted their offer. What is impressive to me is these guys' pure and intense passion for martial arts, especially preparation and hard training for this moment.  And also I was impressed with Mr.Yen's kind and gentle attitude to accept their sudden offer.
Donny was also a kung fu kid (even now), so he can understand the pure heart and passion of Martial Club guys, I guess.
check this video out especially from around 2 minute 50 second.

ビデオの状況は、彼らが尊敬するカンフー映画スター ドニー・イェン氏が新作映画の舞台挨拶に来た時に会場に行き、質問コーナーで手を挙げ、ドニー氏の武術哲学などに関して質問した後、「実は俺たち、貴方(ドニーさん)の映画にも大きく影響されて武術の練習してるんです。もしできれば、この場で型の演武を少しだけ披露させていただいてよろしいでしょうか?」と尋ねてみる。 ドニー・イェンさんは「もちろんOKだよ」と快諾。

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new shooting star in sport reporters - Emily Nakagawa

I woke up earlier than usual this morning at around 5, and watching a morning new show on TV, and one of new comer sport reporters for that show said she was serving as a professional cheerleader for baseball team Tokyo Giants until a few years ago. a short footage at that time was on introduced as an self-introduction of that new comer pretty sport reporter, and her energetic and vivid dancing captured me mind. so, I searched her videos on youtube and found the video below.
of course, physically she is too short and skinnier than NFL cheerleaders, however, in a fundamental nature of the professional cheerleaders saying that making people happy, smile, and energetic through skillful dancing, cute and attractive smile, professional demeanor, and positive energy which emanates from her, her potential is as excellent as the toppest cheerleaders in the USA, I think. her name is Emily Nakagawa, check her out !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyBlWPYDi0M    retrieved from youtube

今朝はなぜか朝5時頃に目が覚めてしまい、テレビをつけてみた。早朝のバラエティ・ニュース番組の新人スポーツレポーターの女性が僕の目を惹きつけた。レポーターになる前はチアリーダーをやっていたそうで、当時の映像が少しだけ流れたが、非常に躍動感のある踊りをしていた。興味を持ち、彼女の映像をyoutubeで探して、上記のリンクビデオを見つけた。ナカガワ・エミリさんという方で、幼少時代よりダンスをやっており、高校卒業後、読売ジャイアンツのチアリーディング・チームに所属していたというプロのチアリーダー。アメリカのNFLなどのチアリーダーと比較すると、小柄だし、体の線も細すぎるが、キレのあるダンス、表情、プロ意識、彼女から観客席や選手に伝わるエネルギーなど全てに目を見張るものがある。才能があり、なおかつ楽しく努力する人だということが伝わってくる。そんな人は見る者を幸せな気分にする。今後、スポーツレポーターやアナウンサー業を主体に活動予定とのことだが、言葉によるコミュニケーションは勿論だが、彼女の原点である身体を通じた自己表現やコミュニケーション(チアやダンスやエクササイズのたぐい)も引きく続き追及したら良いと思う。 僕と同じように、エミリさんに大きな可能性を感じた方がこのようなブログ記事を書かれています http://weblog.hochi.co.jp/yaguchi/2015/10/post-6577.html (報知新聞ブログ)

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Telephone  Glee version

previously i wrote that my current favorite tune is Telephone
i found a funny and nice version of Telephone
enjoy the video ! 


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my current favorite  GaGa & Beyonce  Telephone

this is my current favorite tune   
today, i was looking for Lady Gaga's CDs at a used CD stores, and a woman next to me asked a shop clark " where is the corner of Lady Gaga's CDs ? " so, i talked to her " here it is " and the woman replied " which one is the best ? "  like this, me and that woman enjoyed a short conversation thanks to Gaga & Beyonce !

現在、僕の気に入っている曲がこれ  レイディー・ガガ & ビヨンセ 「テレフォン」

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