A new challenge

I have a very important job tomorrow.
I'll do my mission as a professional sincerely with my best expertise.

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Joined MeetCoach - February 5th 2024

It is my pleasure to inform you that I joined this new platform as a health & wellness coach.  Staff members of this platform is kind and trustworthy.  I hope this platform becomes one of my main jobs in the future.



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Change yourself with changing environments - February 4th 2024

As my surrounding environments change with passage of time, my work form will be changing gradually. But it's a quite natural thing - changing oneself with changing environments. One thing for sure is ... I'd like to be a professional and a front runner in its field always.  

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Joined the MeetCoach - January 25th 2024

I've joined a coaches community in new coaching platform, whose headquarter is in Dublin in Ireland. So, Currently I'm exploring how to utilize this new platform. This will be an exciting new challenge for me.

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Importance of diaphragm in English - January 21st 2024

In today's online Englisg practice, I remembered a very important point, that is ... when you speak/read aloud English, making sound/voice through your stomach and diaphragm is essential. If you make sound/voice only through your throat, it is detrimental to throat health, in other words, it hurts your vocal cord and throat.

In order to correctly use abs and diaphragm, body position and posture when speaking would also need to be considered.      

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Rock hard commitmment - January 19th 2024

As a matter of fact, English and Japanese are completely different languages each other. There are hardly any common points in grammar, word order, and pronunciation in these two languages.

What I mean by that is ... if you are a Japanese who wants to master English, or an English native who wants to learn Japanese language, a solid determination to learn is essential. Sometimes, it may require some kind of sacrifice, but that kind of devotion is an important success factor, I believe. 

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English listening practice - Regis and Kathie Lee

In order to improve my comprehension in English listening, lately, I'm watching old videos of Regis and Kathie Lee talk show. In addition to quick spoken English of Regis and Kathie Lee, various guests are on the show. It can be a good learning material for listening practice. 

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A song for the January 2024 earthquake affected region

I would like to send this song for people in the earthquake affected region, which occurred on January 1st 2024.
Message from the lyrics is " It won't be so long before dawn "

I hope resilience and recovery of the affected region.


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Good sample model for my English practice - JuJu Nozawa

On the very first day of new year (2024), I found a good sample model for my English practice.
female MMA fighter, JuJu Nozawa Auclair
Her interview videos can be good learning materials for speaking and listening of my language training.
I like rhythm and accent of her English, also she has her thought and " mind " about martial arts.


And I hope resilience of people in the earthquake affected areas.

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Star - appreciation to the stars that watch over me.

It is the final day of the year 2023.
To me, this year was a year of upheavals - my mother passed away in April, her elder brother passed away in October, and my good old friend Ken-Ken suddenly passed away on December 13th.
I wanna say " Thank you " to these people.
Especially I miss my mother so much.

I hope the year 2024 will be a good year to all of you.




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