Diary March 18th 2018 Everyone has its own uniqueness

If the 7 billion people on the planet were exactly the same in terms of personality, way of thinking, outlook, values, and so on, that will make the world a very tiring place. Each individual is different, that is why human relations can be sometimes complicated, and sometimes thrilling and exciting.  Have a nice Sunday everyone !

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Diary March 17th 2018 - 城みちる考察 Michiru Jo  

This is an old hit song in Japan in mid 1970's. Lyrics of this song catches my heart recently for some reason. So, I tried translating the lyrics from Japanese language to English below.

When you miss someone who is close to you, go to the see and look at the horizon. A boy (a prince charming for you) riding on the dolphin will be coming to see you from the space between the sea and the sky. Holding a bunch of flowers, he is coming from a far away country in the south just for meeting you. Don't worry and rest assured, even the ocean winds will rub your cheek gently.
P.S.  What I felt today - You started to exceed your past-self little by little,  it is a slight progression though ...   

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Diary March 11th 2018

Although there is nothing much to write, my dominant language is changing day by day between English and Japanese. that is my current state of mind.

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Diary March 5th 2018

A message to oneself

Concentrate on what you should do right now in this moment, believing in yourself and believing in people who could support you.

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Diary Feb 27th 2018 Going with the flow like a small play

What I 'm thinking of in these days is the following words Bruce Lee once said.

A good martial art fight should be like a small play, it means, when your opponent(partner) expand, you contract, and when your opponent(partner) contract, you expand. And an opportunity has come, I do not hit, it hits by all itself.
I think this notion is applied to various aspects of our human relationships as well, not limited to martial arts practice only. Especially, I'm not so good at listening to/accepting one's partner's situation and stories as thy are. I will need to learn that kind of aspect in life.  Have a wonderful day everyone !
最近感じているのは、これって格闘技だけでなく、普段の人間関係でも同じことが言えるのかなあ?なんて思っています。 積極的に出るのは得意でも、上手く引くのが苦手な僕としては ...

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Diary Feb 9th 2018 - wonder of the nature and the creature

This is a plum tree my father was taking care of. As you can see, the plum flowers got blossom beautifully, which makes me feel the arrival of the early spring.


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Diary Feb 4th 2018 - harmony of the sea and the sky, and one's existence


This is my favorite photo, which one of my best friends shot me at a seaside in my city on two days before the new years eve of 2017 (13 months ago from now).

He said " the harmony of the ocean and the sky is magnificent ! ", and I quite agree with him. Although I'm a small and trivial presence in the whole universe, I would like to find a meaning of my existence on the globe.

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Diary Jan 26th 2018

It seems that the entire Japan is covered by a very cold air mass currently. It was snowing a bit even in flat land areas of shizuoka as well the day before yesterday. Hopefully the climate gets warmer soon. Take care everyone !


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Diary Jan 11th 2018

Recently, the popularity of youtube bloggers are starting to replace the position of conventional TV programs among heavy internet users. and one of the biggest problems would be ... the current situation is close to " almost no regulation or code " concerning ethics, privacy, human rights and so on.  another problem would be that many of commercial youtubers talk about any topics even if the topic is beyond their specialty, profession, credential, academic degree and so on.
What is necessary and expected will be ... an establishment of " institutional review board " that overseas ethical code on the web.

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Diary Jan 8th 2018

A reminder to myself

You (the instructor) don't need to answer and explain to all the questions from class participants/clients perfectly. Rather, an important point is how well the instructor expand the conversation by eliciting their further intellectual curiosity. If the instructor give them a firm conclusion, the conversation (their intellectual inquiry) stops there.  In other words,  how well the instructor/coach should stimulate/facilitate class participants' self-learning oriented mindset.  That would be a point I need to brush up more, I think.   
最近、感じることですが、インストラクターは参加者の皆さんからの質問に完璧に答えたり、過剰に詳細に説明する必要はないなあ、とも思います(相手が何を求めているか?によりますが)。エクササイズや栄養などに関して質問を下さる方々は、知的好奇心の旺盛な方が多いです。インストラクターが「あ、それはですねえ、最近の文献や研究によりますと、このような傾向が出ていますので、答えはこうです、以上」という感じで回答すると、せっかくの会話がそれ以上ふくらみませんし、彼らの好奇心の探訪もそこでストップしてしまいます。なので、インストラクターやコーチは、参加者の皆さんの自発的探究につながるような答えやきっかけを提供すべきなのかな、と感じます。中々難しいことですが ...

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