My role - June 23rd 2022

My role is ... to support her when she is faced with hardships, challenges, stressful situations, and so on. Probably, she has some other persons who she shares fun times with. But, I would like to be the last person she chooses when she needs.

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Being vulnerable and patient - June 21st 2022

It is a week of patience now.
What I re-recognized is the importance of consistency, being sincere, and being vulnerable in a good sense in human relations.


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Patience - June 20th 2022

What is necessary to me right now would be patience, positivity, and bigger mind.
In onother words, a man who never discard forward looking mindset through the very end is a real winner. 

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immersion - June 3rd 2022

Immerse yourself in an English environment. That would be one of the best ways to switch one's dominant language in your thought process into English.


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Rock'n roll love letter - Bay City Rollers

It has been a while since my last update.
It is already June from today.
I'm reminiscent of this good old hit song.



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草津温泉 - Kusatsu hot springs

I got the following photos from my friend in Tokyo. He visited Kusatsu hot springs resort in the weekend. In Japan, mineral content of hot spring water is believed to be beneficial for the health. I hard that visitors to that hot spring can enjoy outdoor hot spring baths in various water temperatures. I'm glad to know that he had a nice Golden Week holiday.

Shinochan-may9th20223 Shinochan-may9th20221

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Diary April 29th 2022

My cummulative trainig hours in my current online language school have reached 40.000 minutes (25 minute lesson × 1.600 sessions). However, I'm not sure whether my English skills have largely improved compared to when my cummulative hours reached 30.000 minutes. Of course, I don't feel a big inconveniene in communication through English, but my language skills are still far from satisfactory level. Some big change might be necessary for further improvement. That would be one's determination to live in English environment.


もちろん、英語で海外の人とコミュニケーションするのに、大きな問題はない。既に10年以上前に英検1級・TOEIC レベルA・通訳案内士を取得し、その後、米国の大学院でも学んだ(願書を出す際にTOEFL・ibtも受験)でも、僕の英語力は、英語が母国語の人達や、英語が公用語の人達と比較すると、まだまだ及ばない。ここから更に飛躍するには、今まで通りの継続的な訓練はもちろんのこと、何か変化が必要かもしれない。

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Diary April 22nd 2022

As long as you hope a romance with a person in a different culture/country from yours, you need a determination to overcome various diffrences in cultures, customs, ways of thinking and perspectives ... etc, however, what is most important would be a belief that it is achievable and attainable.
Don't be negative, Be positive and forward looking !

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Diary April 18th 2022

You don't need to be a special outstanding person, just being for her and accepting her as she is would be important, however, horning yourself and pursuing an excellence in your chosen area is also important in life.

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unconditional support - April 15th 2022

Although cultures and values are various from person to person, no matter what happens between the two, unconditional support and regard would be important in global human relationships.   

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