Diary May 29th 2020 - An end of 15 years

My senior exercise class is held at a daycare facility for the elderly, and this class started in 2005. I got a phone call from the owner of the facility today, and he had to made a diffucult decision amid this uncertain time. Due to COVID 19, number of clients in his daycare facility dramatically decreased, and he had to consider restructuring of his business. As a result, my senior fitness class in terminated. I will not blame him on this decision, because this is a flow of the society and no one can resist and control the flow. I would like to take this change positively as a chance for better direction.  What is important would be adapting yourself to changing situation.  I would like to thank class participants, the facility owner and staffs for their 15 years of collaborative participation.




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Diary May 27th 2020 - pervasive

What I learned in today's online Englisg training.
My pronunciation of " pervasive " was incorrect, I was thinking until today the pronunciation of this word was " パ―バシブ".   And I learned that the correct pronunciation is " パーヴェイシブ" 

sample sentense
Pervasive influenses of COVID 19 are so serious in many aspects of our everyday lives.

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Diary May 24th 2020

One of my fitness jobs resumed after the lifting of stay home order, however, other my fitness jobs are still suspended. People in the fitness industry including me need to think about future form of exercise classes and instruction. Along with the change of society, you also need to change and evolve in order to adapt to chaging situations.



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Diary May 23rd 2020

In these days, booking your favorite online English tutor is very competitive, that is probably because a lot of people are beginning to learn online due to the COVID 19.  The current market state is what is called " the demand exceeds the supply "
The fact that many people are beginning to notice the usefulness of online learning is a good thing, and what is important in the future would be ... not to disappoint people who started learning online. I mean providing good quality programs would be crucial for further growth and development of the field of online learning.

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Diary May 21st 2020

Probably, one of positive byproducts of COVID 19 would be development of various online services such as online drinking party, online class reunion. I think the next possible service maybe oniline karaoke parlor.

COVID 19 がもたらした副産物のひとつは様々なオンライン・サービスの発達だと思います。

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Diary May 17th 2020

My English practice has been centered on exercise science related textbooks for these several years, and I'm off of reading newspaper articles for a long time. Reading as many news articles as possible is also very important for increasing your vocabulary in various fields. Thus, I restarted reading news articles such as BBC yesterday. Looking back now, reading news articles online was the core of my English practice for a long period of time, and I feel the neccesity to go back to the basic once again for reinforcing my reading comprehension and vocabulary.



The four skills - reading/listening/writing/and speaking - are equally important, however, the pillar of my practice is to read and write as much as I can.  

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Diary May 16th 2020

In many places in the world, lock down and stay at home orders are being lifted. However, the COVID 19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in our recorded history, thus, no one can precisely predict an outcome of this change in countermeasures. This article in BBC news says we are in an experimental phase now in a long term perspective. We will need to wait and see the result.


この記事は「stay home order を解除したのが正しい選択だったかどうか?はある種の社会実験である」と述べています。

それはさておき、最近つくづく思うことは、ヨーロッパ人の多くは英語が母国語でなくても、日本人に比べると英語が格段に上手いなあ、ということ。セルビア語、ボスニア語、ルーマニア語などがどんなものなのか?よくわかりませんが、日本語と英語の言語間距離よりは、やはり、彼らの母国語は英語に近いんでしょうね。linguistic distance のことを言っても今更どうしようもないので、もっと英語上達するように頑張るだけです。

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Diary May 12th 2020

My recent online English practice is focused on reading a textbook on clinical exercise physiology, however, as for yesterday's lesson, I read a transcript of CNN Larry King Live with a tutor for the class in a role playing style for refreshment. Guest for this episode was Jon Bon Jovi, and the tutor played the role of Larry. Reading the part of Jon Bon Jovi was so much fun !


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Diary May 10th 2020

In order to switch your thought process from one's mother language dominated to English dominated, total amount of English you are exposed to would be important, especially amount of writing is critically important, I guess.

another tip
An English word I sometimes make mistakes in reading is ... " semi "
for example, " semi final " is セマイ・ファイナル not  セミ・ファイナル

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Diary May 7th 2020 - ジャッキー・イヴァンコ

This is a reminder to myself.
How do you read this word  ?    "  satiety "

satiety って満腹感とかそんな意味ですが、僕自身は、この単語をサティエティって読んでしまいがち。

and a music I liked today.
Music of the Night by Jackie Evancho

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