cross over of fitness and international friendship - 健康と観光の接点

One of my ideal future vision is ... I want to work/contribute at a crossover point of " health & fitness, and international/intercultural communication " as a certified fitness professional and a certified translator.  However, what it will be ? is still a bleak picture in my vision. For example, guiding a tourist group from outside Japan and having a Yoga session or something like that at some beautiful sight seeing spot in Japan ?   This is one of typical images I envision concerning the above point, however, the problem is ... these activities would be limited to only in temperate season and sunny days, therefore from a business perspective, that kind of activity will not be viable all throughout the year ... What do you think would be possible and attractive as a part of my future business model, considering available resources in Japan or Shizuoka ? Your idea and suggestions are appreciated.




静岡県登録 通訳案内士名簿(2018年6月現在)

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