Diary September 22nd 2020

This is a reminder to myself

To be a compassionate listener, and refrain from laughing at stories of others. Rather, respond with an empathetic reflection. 

Although this tune is not associated with today's post, this is one of my favorite NCS music.

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Diary June 22nd 2020 - Being an active and mindful listener

Providing a detailed technical information and advice is an important job of instructors, however, being a good listener is similarly important for eliciting your client's motivation and desire toward a better direction.

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Diary June 16th 2020 - What I should learn and improve

I took the National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaching exam in June 2018, and two months later, I got an unexpected result - failed the exam.  Just two years have passed since the exam, and recently I realized the main reasons why I wasn't able to get a good reslut in the exam.  This exam is centered on case study type questions, and most of case studies regarding behavior change chaching are written in spoken English form, and there is still much room for improvement in my spoken English skills, because I learned English mainly through reading a lot of materials. I mean, I'm relatively familiar with written form English, but my skills in verval form is still far from native speakers' level. And, my knowledge and understanding about wellness coaching is very rudimentary, in order to pass this exam, more knowledge based on practicum would be necessary.
These are main reasons why my first exam attempt in the NBC HWC resulted in failure. What you learn from this experience and how you improve your weak point, that is one of things I should do from now on.

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compassion and empathy - these are ones I should keep in mind

As for appropriate coaching approaches for male clients and female clients, a slight difference in preferences based on gender seems to exist. What is important for female would be ... in many cases, compassion and empathy, whereas, males clients prefer detailed technical advice for improvement. Of course, interindividual difference also exists.

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Self-compassion - Diary January 26th 2020

The benefits of self-compassion are numerous, especially related to a client's need for self-determination. First, experiencing a connectedness with others - aknowledging the interconnectedness of all humankind - supports one's most basic need for relatedness. When behaviors are driven by love, rather than fear, feelings of confidence and a sense of security are more likely to take hold. Frenzy is tamed, leading to a calmer heart and mind. When a client is calm, he or she is better able to make wise and intentional choices informed by emotional intteligence. Autonomy is supported when one is encouraged to be reflective and make choices in line with one's values, needs, and motivations. Better behavioral choices lead to an increased chance of success, or mastery experiences, which completes the circle in building confidence or a sense of competency for the next task (Moore, Jackson, and Tschannen-Moran, 2016).

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016)
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, PA.

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Necessity to be positive - Diary January 24th 2020

" Coaching is a hope-inspring relationship. Coaching is about possibilities, action, and learning "
So to speak, an important premise for it is ... wellness coach himself or herself needs to be positive, thoughtful, and considerate.

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016)
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Wolters Kluwer. Philadelphia, PA.

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learning facilitator

I came across a nice expression about the role of health & wellness coaches in " Coaching psychology manual " textbook. That says " wellness coaches should be good learning facilitators ".   I would like to keep this notion in mind in my daily responsibilities.

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For who, behavior change coaching is effective ?

Behavior modification coaching (wellness coaching) is especially important for these people, I think.

1) People who are struggling with changing their habits or behavior, specifically, a long held old pattern of thinking and behavior.

2) People whose motivational source comes from external factors - it is called extrinsic motivation.

3) People who started their new action and behavior recently - people in the action stage.  For those people, some help for making their new behavior a long lasting one is necessary in many cases.

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2019 Seasonal greetings from Wellcoaches

The rest of 2019 is only three weeks, and for savoring the mood of Christmas, I would like to share with you a seasonal greetings video from one of my certifying bodies.

早いもので2019年も、あと3週間となりました。僕の所持するウェルネスコーチング資格の認定団体 Wellcoachesより年末のメッセージビデオが届きました(上記リンク) 多少はクリスマス気分になりますかね?

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June 2nd 2019 - peacefulness of mind

What I should keep in mind always, beyond the framework of wellness coaching  - calmness, mindfulness, empathy, which is a respectful understanding of your talking partner's circumstance.

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