不定詞は未来志向  infinitives are future oriented

Currently one of my jobs is home tutor of English for a high school student. And me and the high school boy is reading an English grammar textbook, which becomes a good opportunity to review/reconfirm my knowledge as well. for example, currently we are learning about " infinitives " and " gerunds".  The following is a representative example to show the difference in infinitives and gerunds.

It is very nice to meet you !   <infinitives>
It is very mice meeting you !  <gerunds>

as a whole, infinitives are future oriented, so to speak,  in the first example, the speaker is looking forward to a good constructive future relationship with the person whom he met for the first time.
on the other hand, gerunds are used for a matter of present or past, so to speak, in the second example, the speaker shows his joy and appreciation for the meeting with the person. In other words, " meeting you " indicates I had a good time with you in today's conversation, so this meeting is past oriented.
This is the fundamental difference in infinitives and gerunds.

Speaking of English language learning, I'm reminiscent of days when I was tackling and struggling with articles on Time magazine and Newsweek magazine.   

It's nice to meet you のto meet は不定詞
It's nice meeting you のmeeting は動名詞
対して、2つ目の例文は動名詞(meeting)、この場合。本日はお会いできて良かったです、というように、本日会えたことがniceです。という現在または過去を志向したニュアンスになる。 「不定詞のニュアンスは未来志向、動名詞は現在または過去志向」、大切なことを改めて学んだ気がします。


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伊藤由奈 - インタビュー in 2009 at Shinjyuku


僕がこのビデオを好きな理由は、由奈さんのエネルギーと天真爛漫な明るさが伝わってきて、気分的に疲れた時などに見ると、元気をもらったような気分になります。13歳の時にマライア・キャリーの歌に衝撃を受けて歌手になろうと決意した時の事、ハワイでジャネット・ジャクソンの物真似オーディションイベントに参加した時に、ステージの上で突然、マイクのワイヤーが外れてしまった時の事、ガンダムの主題歌への思いなどを語っています。途中、I'm forgetting my English (英語、忘れかけてる)とも言っており、当時、彼女がいかに日本の社会や文化に適応しようと頑張っていたか、も感じさせます

This is one of well known videos among English learners in Japan, in which Hawaiian born japanese singer Yuna Ito talks about her story why she got into the world of singing, her childhood days in Hawaii and so on. The reason why I like this video is her energy, positivity, compassion, and sincere personality. Every time I watch this footage, I got a power from her energy and passion.

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不完全だけど許容範囲 acceptable but imperfect ?

Hey ya'll,  I got an interesting question from one of my learning partners yesterday, that is " What do you think is something that is acceptable but imperfect ? "
I thought it's a intriguing topic at that moment I got the question, and an answer that came out of my mouth was Japanese people's tolerance and generousness to alcohol related cultures, for example, drinking alcohol with one's work colleagues after work is regarded as a kind of catalyst for cultivating a good relations and mutual understanding with coworkers, as a whole, alcohol drinking habits don't have a good image in other cultures, I guess.
So to speak, drinking party in Japan is a kind of imperfect but acceptable important part of socialization.
In your opinion, what do you think is something that is acceptable however imperfect ?


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海の日を英語で説明  July 16th 2018, the Marine Day

Today July 16th is a national holiday in Japan, the Marine day.
So, I will introduce you to the meaning of this holiday.


Japan is a small island nation surrounded by the ocean, therefore, blessings from the sea such as fish, seafood, shellfish and so on are very important and precious asset for the everyday lives of Japanese. And, in order to show a sense of appreciation and celebration, this day the Marine Day was established. Another significance of this holiday is to raise people's awareness about conservation of the nature especially marine species and marine environment. Like this, the Marine day has a significant meaning for people in Japan.

訳  日本は海に囲まれた島国です、そのため魚や貝などの海産物は我々日本人の毎日の生活に非常に大きな意味を持ちます。これら、海からの恵みに感謝の念を示し、記念する意味でこの祝日・海の日が制定されました。また、もう一つの重要な意味は、海洋資源や海の環境保全に関する人々の意識を高めるということでもあります。このように、海の日は日本の人々にとって重要な意味があります。


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A kind of innovative view - age restriction on high dosage of caffeinated drinks.

Today I talked with one of language training partners from Europe about possible health benefits of green tea. When it came to the topic of caffeine contained the green tea, that training partner's perspective was very interesting, and a kind of innovative to me. That is ... " high dosage/high intake of caffeine can be sometimes addictive, so, how about setting up a age restriction on high intake of green tea in terms of safety on the human body and health ? ". Speaking of which, high dosage of caffeine in the urine can be a subject of drug testing in the Olympic Games and that kind of athletic events, so, in terms of safety and health on the human body especially for youths, that training partner's point saying that setting a age restriction might be quite reasonable. Of course, I'm in a position to convey and promote Japanese culture to people from overseas as a certified translator, so, setting a age restriction on green tea or things like that might not be preferable in terms of sales promotion of teas ... etc.  However, aside from that point, innovative perspective or looking at things from different perspective from traditional ones would be very important in everything, I guess.



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静岡県 通訳案内士名簿(2018年5月現在) Name lists of certified translator & tour guide registered on Shizuoka-pref


The above link is a name list of certified translator & tour guide who are registered on the Shizuoka prefecture office (as of May 2018). Although lists on this page are written in Japanese language, my information is on the second page of the National English Translator & Guide, and on the first page of the Local English Translator & Guide. I earned these certifications as a milestone of language learning in 2007.
I'm glad if my language/translation skills are of some help especially for some contact point of health/fitness and tourism, plus better worldwide understanding.

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テレビ離れー 英語で表現すると (通訳案内士2次試験サンプルトピック)


In the present day society, many people tend to spend less time for watching TV, compared to when we used to be in the past.

例えば ...
I have three reasons for this.
First, because of the advent of the internet technology, various types of videos are available on the internet for free of charge, for example, a lot of people are watching youtube videos nowadays rather than watching regular TVs in their free time.

Second, values and priorities in life are becoming various and diverse, therefore high rating TV programs in the past will not necessarily draw thousands of viewers as expected.

Third, although this is only my view, quality of regular TV programs are, as a whole, decreasing because of limited production budget and a large number of competitor programs on cable channels and BS channels and so on.

For these reasons, people are getting off of the regular TV programs, and we will have to wait and see the future direction of survival of conventional TV sets and programs.


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フィットネスの効果を英語で - beauty & wonder of fitness

Possible benefits of fitness

F ...  Free yourself from a fixed view, and free from stress
i  ...  immediately you will experience these ideal state
t  ...  transformation & transcendence of yourself
n ...  nervous system will be properly stimulated in serenity
e ...  emotion, energy level, and endocrine system are also improved
s ...  sleep well in the evening,  self-image of oneself gets better
s ...  secretion of sex hormones are stimulated, your attractiveness will increase

フィットネスの効果として期待できるものをfitnessの文字に当てはめて、思いつくものを書いてみました。他にも何か面白い答えを思いつきましたら教えてくださいね (賞品は出ませんが ... 笑)   If you hit upon some other good answer and idea, let me know in comment !               

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伊藤由奈 - 現在の近況は?(2018年)  Yuna Ito multicultural diva

ディオンさんは「由奈さんの才能はダイヤの原石に等しいから、これからも頑張ってね」ということを伝えたかったのだと思います。由奈さん、最近日本のテレビでは見かけないようですが、ネットで近況を調べたらインスタグラムがあり、生活の場をLAに移し、次の目標に向けて準備中のようです。近い将来、またファンの前に戻ってきてくれることを期待したいです。 Yuna Ito instagram 

This footage is one of my favorites, which is a one when Celine Dion and a Japanese singer Yuna Ito co-starred at Tokyo in 2008. Although Yuna has Japanese and Korean descent, she was born and grew up in Hawaii, so she has good aspects of the both American culture and Asian culture.

What I like in this footage especially is the episode when Celine Dion sent Yuna a small diamond stone at the final day of the collaborative concert as a thank you gift (from 1 minute 25 second from the beginning of the video). and she says " Yuna, this is a small gem, and whether you design it into a necklace, earrings, and something like that depends on your will and efforts like your future career "  Currently Yuna seems to have moved her environment from Tokyo to LA and is preparing for her next goals. I'm looking forward to her comeback on the showbiz stage sometime in the near future.

関連記事 (伊藤由奈インタビュー 2009年新宿)

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アラン・ウォーカー Faded クリスマスライブ version


「あなたは今どこ? 私は消えてなくなってしまいそう」という哀しげな歌詞を、これだけの大勢の観客が大合唱するということは、言い換えれば、皆、多かれ少なかれ、何らかの不安や孤独、寂しさなどを感じているからこそ、この曲に共感するのでしょう。その映像を観て心打たれるものがあるということは、自分もその一人なのだろうと思います。

I wrote my thought about popularity of Alan Walker's tunes in my previous post, and the above video is another live performance version of Faded, which took place in December 2017 at his home country Norway. I got goose bumps on my skin when the audience started singing with the female singer from 2 minute of the beginning of the video. The large audience's singing the lyrics " Where are you now ? I'm faded ... " probably signifies that many people on the globe are feeling a sense of stagnation in the society, at the same time, hope for the future.  Being moved with this footage probably means that I'm also one of them. 

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