Diary June 17th 2020 - 現在の英語の練習動画

The link is a footage about my current online English practice as of June 2020. This is a training to read a lot of English in a short time frame.



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Heartwarming gift from Joe-san - June 4th 2020











I got this nice present (an assortment of packed sushi) from a legendary 91 year old tour guide. Mr. Joe Okada is the elderst bilingual tour guide (Eng-Jp), who entertains visitors from various countries with his samurai warrior performance show and talk. I became friends with him a few years ago.

Amid the COVID 19, tourists from around the world badly decreased and it impacted his tour guide business as well. His son works for a traditional food restaurant Wakahiro and this assortment of sushi is also a product of Wakahiro restaurant.

I think the gift from him is a massage saying that " riding out this uncertain period together in all "
I hope guests to his tour will increase in the future.





Joe Okada Samurai Walking Tour

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Diary May 22nd 2020

Today's post is a practice for spelling the word " privilege "

It's my privilege to work with you.
It's my privilege to have you as my client.
It's my privilege to learn a lot from you.
It's my privilege to have you as my mentor.

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Diary May 18th 2020

English words and expressions I came across while listening to BBC World Service.
BBC ワールドサービスを聞いていて耳に残った言葉を書き連ねてみた。

normality,  hygiene,  hygienic condition,  epidemiology,  enormous,  madatory,  obligatory,  avid,  arid,  social contact,  social distancing,  indeed,  infected,   sustainability,  silver lining,   architect,   death toll,  modest man,  burden,  investigate,   diminish, animosity,   notable,   reverse,    immunologist,   behind us,    critical,   strong supporter,   strange feeling,    strategy,   economic functioning,   calculation,   acrimony,  alimony,    notion,    concept,   frankly,   immunity,   anti-body,   tested negative,   out there,   fight against COVID 19,   most people's view,  vaccine,   vaccination,   fundamental,    protect elderly in different ways,   confident,  confidence,   individual level,   main concern,  ease,   face mask,   fascinating,   help stop spread of corona virus,  spiders,   manage stress,   exhale forcefully,    online meditation,    emerging economy,   turmoil,  deadlock,   outbreak,   victim,  prospective candidate,   annoying,    

and the news about temporary closure of climbing routes on Mount Fuji during the 2020 season was reported in BBC as well.        

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おすすめオンライン英会話-Recommemded online English school Be Me Academy

One of my online English teachers in the Phillipines established her own online language school. Teacher Mary Anne is an experienced and enthusiastic language tutor with a master's degree.
Especially when I was in my graduate school, and in my exam prep for health & wellness coaching certification, she helped me a lot.
Also, she is conversant with topics about preservation of indigenous Phillipino cultures.


I highly recommend her for English learners in all levels, from kids, beginning learners to advanced learners.
ちなみに先生のアイエルツのスコアーは、なんと 8.0 だそうです。

Be Me Academy  (マリアン先生のスクール)

Profile of teacher Mary Anne Abubo マリアン先生 プロフィール

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Diary May 13th 2020 - new teacher with acting & drama major

In today's online English training, I practiced a script of CNN Larry King Live with a new teacher. This new teacher is a Serbian woman, but she was living in the US for 3 years and speaks like an American. Besides, her academic major was acting and drama. So, she is just the right person to practice TV show transcripts. I've found a nice tutor !



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An English expression I wasn't able to translate from Japanese language.


Skim the scum off the top.
Skim the foam off the top.

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Diary May 8th 2020 - Talked with a person with JLPT N1

I had an opportunity to talk online with a foreign resident in Japan who are learning Japanese language.  He said that he has the N1 grade of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N1 means the highest level in that exam).  This was the first time for me to talk with a person with the N1.  He was very polite, eager and humble in learning. And I got a good stimuli from him. I would like to emulate his enthusiastic and humble attitude in learning and communication.

本日はオンラインで日本在住の外国人(中国出身の方)と日本語の勉強について話をする機会がありました。なんと、その方、日本語検定の1級(いわゆる JLPTのN1)とのこと。日本語検定1級の外国人と話をしたのは初めてですが、驚くほど日本語がしっかりしてます。文法的に正しくて、お行儀の良い日本語と言うか ...  きちんとした新聞記事を読んでいるような感じの日本語です。




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omission of " that " - thatの省略

Reviewing one's knowledge in grammatical rules in English

Omission of " that "
that の省略
It is possible to leave out " that " in the following four patterns

1)  in inderect speech  (間接話法的な文章)
e.g.,  I think that ...  She told me that ...   I wish that ...  I believe that ...

2) " that " after some adjective  (形容詞の後のthat)
e.g.,  I'm happy that ...  I'm glad that ...  I'm sad that ...

3)  " that " in a double word conjunction (2語からなる接続詞のthat)
e.g.,  so that ...   provided that ...

4)  relative pronoun that replaces an object  (目的語の代用となる関係代名詞のthat)
e.g.,  This is the theater that I talked about last week

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Diary March 25th 2020 - Current English practice

Today, I'll write about my current English language practice. What I'm doing in my recent practice is reading a textbook about clinical exercise physiology with one of instructors in an online English school. This textbook is a one I used for exam prep for ACSM certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist exam. So to speak, reading this textbook is a good opportunity to review my knowledge in that aspect.

This textbook is written for exercise prescription for persons with some chronic disease or disability, therefore, a lot of terminology in medicine as well as jargon in exercise science are included. For example, the chapter in the photo is about " aneurysms ".  I would like to say thank you to the instructor in the online school who could read this difficult technical book with me.


この本、以前、ACSMクリニカルエクササイズ・フィジオロジスト および NSCA スペシャルポピュレーション・スペシャリストの認定試験に向けて準備している時に使用したものです。何らかの慢性疾患のある人にエクササイズ指導をすることが前提の内容なので、トレーニング関連の専門用語に加えて、医学関連の専門用語も沢山出てきます。例えば、写真のページは動脈瘤(aneurysms)について。資格を取得してから数年経ち、内容を忘れかけているので、知識を復習したほうが良いだろうと思い、読むことにしました。


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