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Star - appreciation to the stars that watch over me.

It is the final day of the year 2023.
To me, this year was a year of upheavals - my mother passed away in April, her elder brother passed away in October, and my good old friend Ken-Ken suddenly passed away on December 13th.
I wanna say " Thank you " to these people.
Especially I miss my mother so much.

I hope the year 2024 will be a good year to all of you.




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The star that watches over me

The year 2023 is coming to its end, and I'm reflecting on various things that happened this year.
The biggest change in this year was that my mother has become a star in the sky. I miss her so much, but she is always in my mind and her spirit lives on.


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Cordially - December 28th 2023

Accumulated fatigue has showed up at the end of year, however, seeing from the other side, it probably mean that I spent every single day in 2023 for my mother, surrounding people, and myself.  I would like to cordially thank every person who took care of my mother.

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Making people rest assured - December 27th 2023

In any fields, experienced professionals who can make people feel rest assured and relaxed are great. Devotion and consistency would be required to reach that level. I would like to pursue my path further in order to become that presence. 

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Common points between Miesha Tate and Takuma Sato - December 26th 2023

The reason why Takuma Sato and Miesha Tate are so captivating to me is ... they have their philosophy in their profession and life itself. In addition, their friendliness, gentleness, humbleness, boldness and solid determination attract people's mind, I guess. To me, Takuma and Miesha are a kind of role model in life, work, and English language learning.
I hope their further success, safety, and evolution on the racing circuit, and octogon respectively.

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Switching one's dominant language - December 25th 2023

A process I'm doing currently is switching my dominant language from Japanese to English by watching interview videos of female MMA fighter Miesha Tate and making videos of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, plus by writing mails to my friends.

As long as you live in Japan, your dominant language is basically Japanese as a matter of fact. Thus, changing this linguistic envoronment requires a solid determination. It is easy to say, but not so easy to do in your every day life. Consistent efforts is a key for progression.

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What is future made up of ? - December 21st 2023

Past, Present, and Future are connected seamlessly.
However, I don't want to look back the past excessively.
Past is irreversible.
Future will be made up of one's vision, efforts for it, interactions with people, and several uncontrollable factors such as fate.
I would like to look at future in forward looking ways.

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Diary - December 20th 2023

This is an encouraging message to myself.

If you would like to further improve your English language skills, you need to become a kind of compulsive learner. Especially, linguistic distance between my mother tongue Japanese and English is extremely far, it means you need a solid determination to learn the foreign language. Way to the mastery is not so easy as many people might think. Devotion and commitmment are necessary.

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Feel this moment

This is one of my current favorite songs.
Maybe, people in their 50's and 40's remember A-ha's hit song " Take on me "
This is a kind of revival & remixed version of Take on me.


A-ha の ヒット曲 " Take on me " を覚えている人も多いと思いますが

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Often imitated never equaled - December 12th 2023

Sometimes being imitated is a sign of the " real ".
I'll pursue my path with a determination that I'm never equaled by anyone. 

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Diary - December 7th 2023

Currently I'm reading a textbook on sports science research.
This textbook is absolutely necessary for my future in order to increase my understanding about research statistics and how to interpret research data.
What is written in this book is largely different from books about fitness exercise and physiology ... etc. However, I'm gonna tackle this book patiently. Also, reading this book becomes a good training for reinforcing my English vocabulary.

Keep on learning !

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Diary - December 6th 2023

In order to raise my current English level one step higher, I'll need to increase amount of reading aloud. Because reading aloud can be a good practice for pnonunciation, also, listening to one's reading can become a good listening training as well. And by reading a lot of English, it will expand one's vocabulary and expressions.

Never stop learning !  

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