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Diary - October 31st 2023

It is the final day of October 2023, which means the rest of 2023 is only two months.
I'd like to spend every single day and every single moment meaningfully and fruitfully.

Have a good start of November, everyone !

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Global market - October 23rd 2023

I'm envisioning working in global market as an exercise physiologist/wellness coach. 
In order to do so, I need to polish my English language skills higher and higher as well as further learning positive psychology, behavior change, and health science.

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spherical dome in Nevada

I heard from my friend in Tokyo that a spherical dome was constructed in LasVegas.
And is it decorated in Halloween color now.
Speaking of LasVegas, it reminds me of PRIDE figthing championship.
I'm reminiscent of the heyday of PRIDE FC.


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Transfer of Exercise Physiologist cert across US-Canada border

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and the American College of Sports Medicine announced a historic partnership, which makes transfter of their certifications across the border between Canada and the US possible.

I hope exercise physiology organizations in Australia and the UK also join this partnership in the future.

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maximize your skills - October 18th 2023

In order to switch your dominate language from your mother tongue to a target foreign language, writing a tremendous amount of that target language is necessary. Today's post is also a part of that training.

I would like to maximize my English skills higher and higher.
If you are satisfied with your status quo, your progression stops there.
To enjoy every day is important, at the same time, polishing your skills and talent is as well as important in life.

I would like to thank for warms of people around me.

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Running water never gets stale - October 12th 2023

A lot of things can happen in life. Ups and downs, hardships, uphill battles, and celebrations.
Many things in life are uncontrollable.
It means even if you get anxious and nervous about uncontrollable circumstances, it will only deprive you of energy.
Change of mindset into positive direction/perspective would be necessary in those situations.

Running water never gets stale.



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Passing of one of my uncles - October 3rd 2023

My mother had three brothers and four sisters.
The second eldest brother passed away at the age of 98 years old yesterday - October 2nd 2023.
Of course I feel a sense of loss of my uncle, however, I would like to celebrate his long life and longevity.

At one time, this uncle was working with my father when I was in elementary school.
In that sense too, I would like to thank the uncle to have been a working partner for my father.

Rest in Peace.

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