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Diary June 29th 2023 - Never give up

I'll never give up challenging.
I'll never stop learning.
I'll keep having tenacity, patience, and resilience against all odds.

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Diary June 25th 2023 - new stage will be near

I'm about to grasp something in English speaking and pronunciation.
I don't know yet what it is.
But I intuitively know that a positive breakthrough will occur sometime in the near future.
I experienced this feeling several times in the process of language learning.
I'll keep learning.

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Diary June 23rd 2023 - against all odds

I will never give up getting an ideal global wellness job against all odds.
I will never give up getting her heart against all odds.

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Diary June 20th 2023 - reframing

Our fundamental philosophies are exactly the same.
Life is a bumpy road, there are a lot of challenges and hardships.
But, by reframing diffucult situations into positive thoughts, you will be able to go beyond unexpected hurdles, and you will see a new horizen.

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resumption of my important work - June 19th 2023

It was a good day today.
I have been an exercise instructor for an exercise class in a social welfare facility since 2005. However, this exercise class had been temporarily suspened for these three years as a precaution against Covid.
And this exercise class restarted today after three years interval.
Participants to this class have some disability, but everytime I visit this facility, I got a power from the class participants. Also, exercise instruction for people with disabilities is a very meaningful work to me as a clinical exercise physiologist.

I would like to thank the resumption of the exercise class at this facility.



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Diary June 16th 2023 - encouraging words

positive self-talk to myself

Go  beyond.  Stretch and expand.
New horizen.  whole new world.  new perspective.
getting out of your comfort zone.  challenge.
embarking on a voyage.
Legacy and spirits. 

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Diary June 15th 2023

Life is a bumpy road, therefore, we must go beyond hurdles, hardships, and challenges.
When you overcome these challenges, you will see a new horizen.

Also, what is necssary to me now is ... to get out of one's comfort zone slightly to expand my perspective.

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Diary - June 13th 2023

It's gonna be a year of positive change, and new doors will open for my future endeavor.

patience, perseverance, zest, passion, honesty, friendship, pursuit, tenacity.

My mother and father are watching over me always.

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positive re-framing - June 8th 2023

When you are faced with some hardship in life, reframing that situation from positive perspective is very important.

Two months have passed since my mother's departure, and what is necessary to me now would be ... reframing my mother's passing from a positive perspective. That would be the first step for a constructive future and treasuring my parents' legacy.

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Two months sine my mother's departure

Two months have passed since my mother's departure on April 7th 2023.
My feeling is appreciation and gratitude to my mother and father who raised me up.
and they are always watching over me.

I would like to be an appropriate person who desrves my parents' legacy and spirits.



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