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Stronger/Prismo - November 26th 2022

This is a reminder to myself

Never skip writting English, even only one sentence
For learners who practice English as a foreign language, writing is enormously/ginormously important.


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To make your loved one rest assured - Nov 18th 2022

To make one's loved ones rest assured, that is one of important duties of men. 

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Got me - November 15th 2022

The link is a song Kelsey Douglas (a fitness bikini competitor) used in one of her Youtube videos. Kelsey dedicates herself to bodybuilding, also she is attractive and beautiful.


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Let it be - Diary November 8th 2022

Further train and practice English language, fitness workout, exercise science knowledge, and empathy to be outstanding from others, and have a harmony with people around you.


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What really matters - November 3rd 2022

What really matters most to me now.

My mother's health and happiness.
My favorite friends : Ruth, Jelka, and I still think of Miki (Mihaela).
Exercise science related jobs.
Fitness workout.
English practice.
Positive psychology.

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