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ACSM ヘルス&フィットネスジャーナル - 高齢者の転倒予防エクササイズ

This article in ACSM Health & Fitness Journal, May/June 2022 issue seems to be interesting and useful for fitness professionals.  "Efficacy of exercise for fall prevention in older adults"

ACSM ヘルス&フィットネスジャーナル, 2022年5月・6月号の以下の記事が興味深いです。「高齢者の転倒予防のためのエクササイズの効能」

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Beauty and the Nerd

The photos are evening scenaries of Kusatsu hot spring resort my friend in Tokyo visited during the Golden Week Holiday.


P.S.     This song is for my loved one

Shinochan-may9th20222 Shinochan-may9th20226






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草津温泉 - Kusatsu hot springs

I got the following photos from my friend in Tokyo. He visited Kusatsu hot springs resort in the weekend. In Japan, mineral content of hot spring water is believed to be beneficial for the health. I hard that visitors to that hot spring can enjoy outdoor hot spring baths in various water temperatures. I'm glad to know that he had a nice Golden Week holiday.

Shinochan-may9th20223 Shinochan-may9th20221

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Wellness Coaches - What do they do ?

Certified wellness coaches are professionals who make people's mind positive and forward looking toward their goals regarding health and well-being.

In the concept of wellness coaching, what is called " expert hat " is not recommended basically, however, wellness coaches need to be experts in psychology and health.


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