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SEIYU in 高田馬場

The department store in the photo is SEIYU in Takadanobaba Shinjuku Tokyo, which finishes its business operation at the end of this month, because this store opened in 1963 and the building is getting old.  SEIYU is a kind of Walmart in Japan, and my best friend in Tokyo spent his university days in this town. So, he has a lot of good memories in this store. Even though the store completes its business operation, good old memories in the locals' minds will never fade.





僕自身もトレーニングを始めて間もない頃、当時アルバイトしていたフィットネスクラブの上司に高田馬場 BIG BOX のジムによく連れて行ってもらったことがあります。高田馬場のSEIYUは昭和38年オープンだそうで、多くの人達の人生や歴史を見守ってきた店舗なのだと思います。

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Learning rhythm of English - McKenzie Morgan's videos

I like this girl's rhythm in her English speaking. For those who are learning English as a second language, rhythm of English is enormously important. This girl's English rhythm can be a good role model for the language learners who want to speak like native speakers. Her English is comfortable to ears.



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Tenacity and Consistency - November 22nd 2021

I would like to and I need to improve my English skills as close to native speakers' level as possible. Of course Rome was not built in one day. Consistent practice and efforts are necessary. I'll keep learning.

Good Thanksgiving everyone !

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Community health interview by Victoria Tolbert-Ashley

One of my classmates in graduate school days - Victoria Tolbert-Ashley spoke about her passion toward the fitness industory, and various topics regarding community health in an interview for ClubSolutions.


元クラスメートのヴィクトリア・トルバート・アシュレイがコミュニティ・ヘルスについてClubSolution というウェブサイトのインタビューで語っています。クラスメートが頑張っているのは、とても励みになります。

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Getting used to accents other than American accent - November 12th 2021

I would like to improve my English language skills more and more, especially I need to get used to Australian and British accent as well, not only American accent. So, I'm watching youtube videos of fitness bloggers in the UK lately. My fitness and English journey continues.

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Meeting Figaro - November 5th 2021

I met Figaro for the first time yesterday.
Figoro is a kitten one of my favorite online English teacher rescued on the street. At that time, the kitten didn't have his name yet, so, I suggested her to name the cat as Figaro, which is a lovely cat in the Disney anime Pinochio. This online teacher's kitten Figoro is currently approximately 500 grams and so cute. I hope sound growth of Figaro and my favotite teacher's health and happiness.



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Covid situation is Japan is improving in these several weeks and life in Tokyo seems to be regaining its normacy. My friend in Tokyo enjoyed fried noodles in Ginza.

Shinochan-nov3rd20212 Shinochan-nov3rd2021

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November 1st 2021 - gratitude and rebirth

Today November 1st 2021 has become an important day for me.
It's a day of gratitude and rebirth of myself. I would like to thank for everyone who supported and encouraged me in this tough time.


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