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Totoro and bank robbery - Oct 13th 2021

Today I had an opportunity to talk with my friend in New Your over the phone. When our conversation came to a topic of Covid, that friend asked me " It is common to wear a mask in public places in Japan ? "

I answered " Yes, an allergy to cedar pollen is very common in Japan especially in early spring season, therefore, in order to prevent inhaling cedar pollens, wearing a mask has been a common scenary in Japan even before the Covid pandemic. But I know that situation in the US is different, probably, a mask evokes an image of bank robbery, I guess "

That friend didn't understand my English pronunciation of bank robbery. The friend told me " Please tell me the spelling of the word you mentioned now "  So, I told that friend " B A N K R O B B E R Y "   The friend's reaction was " Oh I got it !  bank robbery " 

What I learned from today's chatting with my American friend was ... there is much room for improvement in my English pronunciation. I will practice more.


すると、友人は僕の英語の発音 bank robbery (銀行強盗)を聞きとれなかったようで、銀行強盗の話題の部分で「え?今なんて言った? 今言った言葉のスペリングを教えてくれる?」とのこと。B A N K R O B B R Y とアルファベットを羅列したら「ああ、銀行強盗ね、わかった」との反応。

僕の英語の発音 bank robbery はアメリカ人に通じませんでした。30分位電話で会話して、通じなかったのは唯一それだけですが、僕の英語の発音はネイティブスピーカーが相手だとまだまだ改善の余地があるということがあらためて認識できました。


That friend knows an anime movie in Japan " My neighbor Totoro.


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