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September 23rd 2021 Autumn Equinox Day

Today's my tutor in online English practice was a tutor in Serbia I was often practicing with until a year ago. After that, this tutor's booking slots dissappered from this language school's schedule list. And today, I foung this tutor's vacant lesson slot after about one year interval. This tutor was working at a English conversation school in China about a year ago.

In today's lesson, I asked this totor " Where are you now ?  China ? or Serbia ? ".  The tutor answered " Now I'm back to Serbia, because I've lost my job in China because of Chinese government's new policy ".  I was sorry to hear that, and I asked about the new policy by Chinese government.  The tutor explained to me that private English schools for kids are not alloered to exist in China anymore by the government's new policy.  The tutor added " the main reason for this new regulation is Chinese government doesn't kids' parents to spend too much money for their kids' education, however, a true intention for this new policy may reflect the current political relationship between China and the USA, it means that political leaders in China don't want their country's kids to learn English "

Aside from politics, I felt a better international relations especially on the day of Autumn Equinox.


僕のことなど、もう忘れているかと思ったが、「今もコーチング心理学の勉強してるの?」と僕のことをよく覚えてくれていて嬉しかった。「今どこにいるの? 中国? それともセルビア?」と聞いてみたら「実は、中国政府の新しい方針により、民間の子供向け英会話学校は存続が難しくなってしまい(公立の英会話学校は存続可能)セルビアに帰ってきたの」とのこと。

中国政府の新方針 -民間の子供向け英会話スクールは廃止- の意図を講師に聞いてみたら「中国政府は子供たちの親に、教育費にこれまで以上の経済的負担をさせたくない、というのが表向きの理由みたい、でも、本当の理由はおそらく、中国政府は中国の子供たちに英語を学ばせたくないのだと思う」とのことだった。つまり、現在の米中関係を反映した中国の新政策ということだろうか。

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Won't be long before dawn

Although lyrics of this song are not English, it is one of my favorite Japanese songs, bcause I have a sweet good memory about this song.



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Tribute to Mr. Philbin

In yesterday's online English training, I went through practice questions for NBC wellness coaching exam. After I chose a possible correct answer from answer choices, my tutor asked me " Is it your final answer ? "   that phrase reminded me of Mr. Regis Philbin. I like his humor and smile. If he was still alive, Regis would make people relaxed with his humor in the midst of this global pandemic. and yes, Regis is alive forever in minds of many people.


昨日のオンライン英語練習では、ウェルネスコーチングの練習問題を講師と一緒にやってみたが、正解だと思われる答えを選択肢から選んだあと、講師がこう聞いてくれた。  「ファイナル・アンサー?」



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Returning to English dominated thought process - Sep 8th 2021

Recently I resumed my learning about wellness coaching, and forunately I got a new friend who has the same interest and purpose. And my thought process is returning from my native language oriented to English language dominated. It's a good trend for further improving my language skills and understanding about wellness coaching.



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patience - September 3rd 2021

Today's client in my online English tutoring was an elderly woman. We used a pre-made learning material, and today's discussion topic was " marriage and family ".   One of the discussion questions was especially interesting. " What do you think is the most important in marriage life ? "   The woman answered " That is patience ".  I think her answer is based on her life experience and wisdom. Patience ... that is one of things that I need now.


その女性は、patience (辛抱とか忍耐的な意味)と答えた。この女性の長年の人生経験にもとづいた正直な答えなのだと思う。独身の僕自身にとっても、辛抱や忍耐は今、とても大切なものだと感じています。

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