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Preciousness - July 27th 2021

What I should do for her is ... to be always on her side when she needs my help, regardless of our geographical distance. It means a heart to heart trust is necessary for further growth of our friendship.

This is an old footage of Britney's " Baby one more time " real singing, not lip sync

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Origin of Emoji - pictogram

Tokyo Olympics started yesterday - July 23rd 2021. Although I didn't watch the opening ceremony ob TV, my friend in Tokyo told me that it was a wonderful show featuring pictogram.

Pictogram was created in order to close the communication/language gap with visitors from abroad at the time of 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
My friend said a good thing - pictogram is an origin of emoji, which is also a part of Japanese culture.


Shinochan-july24th20212 Shinocan-july24th2021

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Influence of absence of audience - July 22nd 2021

Although Tokyo Olympics started today, I'm not interested in it at all. My only curiosity as a person who majored in sport psychology is ... whether the absence of audience affects performances of athletes physically and psychologically ?


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Twist in fate

There is always some discrepancy between a man's feeling and a women's feeling. Although it seems to be ironical, probably this would be a part of pre-ingrained nature of biology and ecology, I guess.

Because, if the man and the woman have fallen in love in a same intensity each other, they will become blind in love and will not be able to see anything, which will affect their social life negatively. Thus, some kind of discrepany between your affection and your loved one's affection would be natural and inevitable.

Even if there is some discrepancy in feelings between the two, thoughtfulness and compassion to each other in long term perspective will lead to a better direction and strengthen their bond, I believe.




Britney bitch

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What is your talking partner attracted to, and what does she/he want less of ?

To identify the topic on which a client would like to focus, pay attention to his/her emotions, needs, desires, and values that the client has expressed throughout the session. Listen for

What the client is feeling
What the client is attracted to
What the client wants less of
What the client is celebrating
What needs are alive in the client
What the client is resisting
How ready the client is to change
What gives the client energy
What moves the client to action
What the client highlights and remembers from the previous sessions

Retrieved from
Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.

I think the above concept is applicable to better human relations as well.

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武蔵野神社 - July 12th 2021

I'm glad that my friend in Tokyo had a relaxed holiday - dropping by Musashino Shrine and a unique Chinese restaurant after swimming. Especially, the shrine premise looks calm and peaceful.

Shinochan-july12th2021 Shinochan-july12th20212

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Comfortable shoes - Allbirds

My friend in Tokyo purchased a new pair of walking shoes. Catch phrase of this shoe shop is " The most comfortable shoes in the world ". The design looks also nice. It reminds of me of my memory when I bought a pair of Reebok for the first time in mid 1980's.


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Negative thought stoppage - Gratitude

When faced with some challenge, hardship, or obstacle, people tend to become negative and pessimistic, the followings are ways to negative thought stoppage.

1) Having a sense of gratitude 
2) Focusing on some other " distraction "
    気持ちがまぎれる" 他の何か " に集中すること

Speaking of gratitude, I like this song.

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