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スカイマークとの接点 - March 24th 2021

As I wrote before, I was suffering from " flight anxiery " for many years because of a panic attack I experienced in a bullet train a long time ago. And in order to overcome my agoraphobia and trepidation about airplane ride, I tried a day trip by airplane on March 19th 2021. The airplane ride was smooth and comfortable, plus, service of the airplane company was kind and polite. So, I regained my positive feeling about air travel after long years of interval. I intuitively choose Skymark Airlines for that experimental travel. After getting home from the travel, I searched information about that airline company on the internet. and I found an interesting fact that makes me feel a sense of intimacy to Skymark Airline.  That is ... the date of commenced operation of this airline company's business is the same day as my birthday !   I have become " wanna get on an airplane disorder " now thanks to Skymark. 





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