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Diary January 24th 2021 - Finding out a small celebrating and positive thing.

It is human nature to selectively notice and focus on problems. We have a negativity bias; we scan the envoronment for negative information, even if the negative event only happens once.

The coach begins irh empathy, appreciating the power that fear and anxiety have over a client. Coaches create a safe coaching environment where client can relax rather than being distracted by scanning the environment for danger and other negativity. Fear also presents an opportunity to educate clients about brain science so they understand that the brain is wired to be instinctively afraid, even if the nagative emotions are out of proportion with the real threat.

The 5-D cycle of AI shifts the spotlight away from train wrecks and onto the positive aspects of the past, present, and future. When clients drift into an analysis of past or present failures, it is important to gently but firmly bring them back to an appreciative frame. Acknowledge the problem, and then invite them to look at it from a different perspective. Two possible questions to ask to make the shit from a traditional problem-solving approach are " How did this make a positive contribution to your development ? " and " How else would you describe this situation ? "

When the coach adopts a positive frame, a client will eventually follow. By using the generic appreciative inquiry interview protocol, it is possible to quicken the interest of clients in the life-affirming and life-giving dimensions of their own experience.

Appreciatice inquiry does not focus on weaknesses and problems to fix; instead, clients are encouraged to acknowledge strengths and imagine possibilities in order to rise above and outgrow their problems. Given the value of building positive emotions, Appreciative inquiry is a valuable coaching tool for uncovering and celebrating the best of what is and what could be (Moore, Jackson, & Tschnnen-Moran, 2016).

Retrieved from
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A take home message I learned today.
In order to attract and draw people to youself, your need to be positive, proactive, and forward looking.
Even in a hopeless situation, some kind of humor, brightness, and positivity are necessary.
Also, you need to be a humble cheerleader.


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