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Five principles of Appreciative Inquiry - Simultaneity principle

Positive conversations and interactions stem from positive questions and reflections. The simultaneity principle makes the following claim: Conversations and interactions become positive the instant we ask a positive question, tell a story, or share a positive reflection. Positive questions and reflections are themselves the change we seek. They are not just a prelude to change; they are the change. They don't just begin a process that leads to a positive future; rather, positive questions and reflections simultaneously create a positive present. By shifting conversations and interactions in a positive direction, one can create a positive present. Positive conversations with a coach can create a positive world for the client (Moore, Jackson, & Tschannen-Moran. 2016).

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Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
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Five principles of Appreciative Inquiry - Poetic Principle

The five principles of Appreciative Inquiry

1) Positive attetion in the present - Poetic principle
2) Positive anticipation of the future - Anticipatory principle
3) Positive questions and reflections - Simultaneity principle
4) Positive conversations and interactions - Constructionist principle
5) Positive energy and emotion - Positive principle
these can lead to positive actions and outcomes

The poetic principle - Positive anticipation of the future stems from positive attention in the present.
The poetic principle asserts that the more one attends to the positive dimensions of the present moment, the more positive the intension for future moments will be. A focus on problems begets more problems; a focus on possibilities begets possibilities. With positive emotions, one's vision widens, and through this broadened mind, comes more flexibility, attunment to others, creativity, and wisdom. Seeing and attending to the poetry of life is inspiring. It's not that problems disappear. Rather, other things become more important. Life's peotry evolves into a spiral of positive imagination (Moore, Jackson, & Tschnnen-Moran, 2016).

Retrieved from
Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschennen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.

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Diary January 13th 2021 - What is empathy ?

What do you think is respectful understanding about another person's experience ?
According to the Coaching Psychology Manual textbook (2016), the following communication patters are not recommended in behavior change coaching. It is easy to say and read, but it is not easy to apply this guideline to real settings.

Holley Humphrey notes that the following communication patterns interfere with empathy, whether they are intended to be constructive or not. That's because these communication patterns come from pity and sympathy than they do from empathy.

Advising - I think you should ...    How come you didn't ...
Educating - This could turn into a very positive experience for you if you just ...
Consoling - It wasn'T your fault, you did the best you could ...
One-upping - That's nothing; wait until you hear what happened to me
Storytelling - That reminds me of the time ...
Shutting down - Cheer up. Don't feel so bad
Interrogating - When did this begin ?
Commiseerating - Oh, you poor thing
Explaining - I would have called but ...
Correcting - That's not how it happened

All of these approaches increase the likelihood of resistance talk. The use of empathy, inquiry, and reflection increase the likelihood of change talk.

Retrieved from
Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.

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Diary January 12th 2021

Positive anticipation for the future stems from positive present and forward looking mindset.

A day of biopsy


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Diary January 11th 2021

The temperature in this morning is much better than yesterday's and the day before yesterday's.
Stay safe, take care and have a good day everyone !



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Diary January 5th 2021

If your loved one confronts an unexpected hardship, what you can do is ... to be a support of her mind.


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Diary January 3rd 2021

I had my first workout in 2021, which was a leg workout.
Today's weather was very cold, so, I had the leg workout for only 30 minutes.


The music below is a rcommendation from my friend HIRA-san.
One of themes in this year is " Active women "

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Diary January 1st 2021

Happy New Year !

My 2021 started with a 20 minute walking and a courtesy visit to a local shrine. I wish all of you health and fortune in the new year.


My friend HIRA-san showed me the presence of this video, which is an 89 year old fitness instructor.
She embodies the importance of positivity in life. 


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