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Coaching psychology - a scenario using reflections

Coaching case

client : Quitting smoking is actually pretty iportant to me. It's just so hard to quit, and frankly, I can't stand being told how to do it by non-smokers.

coach : It is frustrating when you feel you haven't discovered yet how best to quit. Let's look at what is under your control here. What about quitting is important to you ?

client : Well, it would get my employer to stop nagging me.

coach : That sounds like a good outcome. I'm curious about other outcomes that matter even more. What else do you see that would be an immediate benefit ?

client : I'd probably lose this nagging cough that keeps me from getting a good sleep.

coach : And what else ?

client : My coworkers wouldn't look at me like I have the plaque.

coach : It sounds like that is hurtful for you. What do you wish was happening ?

client : I feel a bit like an outcast around them. I miss out on some conversations and fun when I'm taking smoke breaks during lunch, for example.

coach : You really want to feel like you aren't missing out on any of the opportunities to connect with them. You want to feel included.

client : Yes, that's it.

coach : And beyond the workplace, which is just one aspect of your life, what would it mean to you to be free of smoking ?

註 nagging (形容詞)
例 a nagging cold = しつこい風邪、 nagging fear = つきまとう不安

Retrieved from
Moore. M., Jackson. E., & Tschannen-Moran. B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.


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