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Diary December 31st 2020

Thank you very much for reading my weblog in this year as well.
It is 14:00 PM in December 31st 2020 Japan Time Zone, so, the rest of this year is just 10 hours.
The year 2020 was an unprecedented year for the whole world.
I hope the 2021 will become a better year for us all.
I appreciate the friendship and kindness of all the people I met in 2020.  I wish you a happy new year !

今、2020年12月31日 14:00です。今年も残りあと10時間です。

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フィットネス・トレンド 2021

Fitness Trend for 2021 - which is a forecatst for what becomes hot in the fitness industry in 2021 ? - has been announced by the American College of Sports Medicine. This trend forecast is based on a questionnaire type survey by over 4,000 participants worldwide, such as certified personal trainers, group exercise instructors, exercise physiologists, medical professional who are related to sports medicine, graduate school students majoring in exercise science, university professors ... etc.  I also participated in this survey as an ACSM certified fitness professional.

As you can see the result, impact of the COVID is reflected on the ranking, such as online training and workout without special equipment = body weight training.

A workout that doesn't require special equipment and doable online, for example, Yoga style exercise is also gaining people's attention. Also, fitness programs for older adults is raising its ranking in these years, which shows a change in demography in the US and other countries.

Top10 ranking  トップ10ランキング

Detailed report about top 20  (トップ20ランキングの詳細) 

2021年にフィットネス業界で何か流行るか?を予測した「フィットネス・トレンド 2021」が米国スポーツ医学会 (ACSM)より発表されました(上記リンク) これは、世界中のフィットネス指導員(パーソナル・トレーナー、グループ・インストラクター、エクササイズ・フィジオロジストなど) スポーツ医学分野のお医者さん、エクササイズ・サイエンス専攻の大学院生や研究者など合計4,377名にアンケート調査したものを集計した結果で、僕もアンケートに参加しました。



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Coaching psychology - a scenario using reflections

Coaching case

client : Quitting smoking is actually pretty iportant to me. It's just so hard to quit, and frankly, I can't stand being told how to do it by non-smokers.

coach : It is frustrating when you feel you haven't discovered yet how best to quit. Let's look at what is under your control here. What about quitting is important to you ?

client : Well, it would get my employer to stop nagging me.

coach : That sounds like a good outcome. I'm curious about other outcomes that matter even more. What else do you see that would be an immediate benefit ?

client : I'd probably lose this nagging cough that keeps me from getting a good sleep.

coach : And what else ?

client : My coworkers wouldn't look at me like I have the plaque.

coach : It sounds like that is hurtful for you. What do you wish was happening ?

client : I feel a bit like an outcast around them. I miss out on some conversations and fun when I'm taking smoke breaks during lunch, for example.

coach : You really want to feel like you aren't missing out on any of the opportunities to connect with them. You want to feel included.

client : Yes, that's it.

coach : And beyond the workplace, which is just one aspect of your life, what would it mean to you to be free of smoking ?

註 nagging (形容詞)
例 a nagging cold = しつこい風邪、 nagging fear = つきまとう不安

Retrieved from
Moore. M., Jackson. E., & Tschannen-Moran. B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.

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Blood pressure guidelines as of 2020

AS you can see in the chart on the linked page, there are two different guidelines for high blood pressure. The guideline by The American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association is more strict than the one by The Seventh Report of the Joint Comittee.


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Double-sided reflection and Shifted-focus reflection

double-sided reflections - these reflections are like the images seen in trifold mirrors; they reveal multiple perespectives at the same time. by encouraging clients to look at different facets, perhaps comparing a current resistant statement with a prior readiness statement, they gain perspective and make different decisions as to if and how they want to move forward.

client : I don't have time to exercise. My friends and spouse don't either.

coach : I hear you saying that you don't have time to exercise and that your friends and spouse don'T either. But I7ve also heard you say that exercise makes you feel better and that regular exercise would be good for your energy and health.

client : That's the problem. I want to exercise, and it does make me feel better, but it cuts into my time with family and friends. If I could figure out how to do both, perhaps I could make exercise stick.

coach : It sounds like you are feeling discouraged because it's hard to mert your needs for both exercise and connection, and it would be worthwhile to find a way.

shifted-focus reflections - these reflections are like the images we see in a periscope. they redirect our attention away from a resistance-provoking subject in order to focus on another area. Once change talk begins in that area, the resistance-provoking subject can be reconsidered with more success.

client : I don't have time to exercise. My friends and spouse don't either.

coach : This sounds challenging, so little time to exercise. I'm wondering about the dance class you started with your partner. You were doing pretty well with that; I remember you saying that you were enjoying the classes.

client : Yes, that's the best decision in quite a while. No more sitting in front of the TV on Thursday nights ! it's been great to do something active together. We may even add a second night to the schedule.

coach : It sounds like you are feeling happy with dancing and the time with your partner because it's meeting your needs for both physical activity and connection (Moore, Jackson, & Tschannen-Moran. 2026).

Retrieved from
Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.

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Coaching psychology - Amplified reflection

amplified reflections - these reflections are like the images seen in a convex or concave mirror. they maximize or minimize what clients say in order to evoke disagreement from them in the direction of change talk. by reflecting an increased or decreased intensity of a client's perspective, magnifying oth the affect and the outcome, clients may react quickly with new insights and reasons to change. to avoid being manipulative, the coach should use statements only in the service of client-generated goals. to avoid being mocking or patronizing, the coach should deliver such statements in charge-neutral terms.

client : I don't have time to exercise. My friends and my spouse don't either.

coach : I hear you saying that you don't know anyone close to you who has time to exercise and that it feels impossible for you to fit exercise into your schedule.

client : It's not impossible for me to exercise. It's just hard to find the time. Once in a while I do manage to exercise, and I know there are people out there who exercise regularly, so maybe I could figure out a way.

coach : Sounds as though you are curious and feeling a little energized about finding a way to exercise more regularly, learning from the experience of others (Moore, Jackson, & Tschannen-Moran, 2016).

Retrieved from
Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran,B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.

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Coaching psychology - Simple reflection

Perceptive reflections for developing discrepancy

1), simple reflection - these reflections are like the images seen in a flat mirror. A simple reflection paraphrases and restates what clients are saying, using their own words without exaggeration, interpretation, or distortion. The impact of such simple reflection is surprisingly powerful.

client : I don't have time to exercise. My friends and my spouse don't either.

coach : It seems that you, your friends, and your spouse don't have time to exercise.

client : That's true, except for one of my friends who is an avid runner. I don't know how he does it.

coach : When you say you have a friend who is an avid runner, it sounds like you are impressed and may be curious, wondering how he manages to find the time (Moore, Jackson, and Tschannen-Moran, 2016).

the next step : Let's find out how that friend manages is time. He can be a good role model for your behavior change. 

Retrieved from
Moore, M., Jackson,E., & Tschannnen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.

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Seasonal greeting 2020

The rest of 2020 is only 6 days. 
I wish all of you a healthy and safe holiday season.



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Webinar - Is a career in the fitness industry right for you ?

If you are thinking about a career in the fitness industry, this webinar will be helpful.
Have a nice Christmas eve, everyone !


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Diary December 21st 2020

I changed the subtitle of this weblog into the previous one " Fitness Journey "
Because, I like this phrase rather than the title " personal trainer "


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Diary December 15th 2020 Meaning of cold turkey

What does this expression mean ?     " cold turkey "
It means a cessation of drug dependency or nicotine dependency ... etc.  or sometimes cold turkey means goose bumps like reaction that can happen along with cessation of substance dependency.

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Diary December 14th 2020

Boost conducive learning environment.
Boost positivity.
Boost compassion and mindfulness.

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Diary December 11th 2020

tenacity, perseverance, compassion and empathy, these are what I should learn.

Especially, empathy is a respectful understanding about another person's experience, circumstance, hardship, uphill battle, current level or status ... etc.

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Diary December 9th 2020

THe Google Chrome web blowser didn't start up from yesterday, so, with the help of MCS PC Support, I tried uninstallment of the Google Chrome once and after that I re-installed the web blowser. And luckily the problem was solved. I wanna thank the kind support of MCS PC Support.

昨日よりパソコンのブラウザ グーグルクロームが起動しなくなってしまい困っていた。パソコンの接続関係でいつもお世話になっている業者さん MCS PS サポートさんにアドバイスいただき、グーグルクロームをアンインストールし、 その後、再度インストールしてみたところ、無事、問題が解決。

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I heard that a live action movie of Mobilesuit Gundom (a robot catoon anime series in Japan that gained popularity in 1980's) is produced in Hollywood. I wish that " Trust you " by Yuna Ito is used as an ending theme song for the live action version.

個人的な希望としては、ガンダム・ダブルオーのエンディングテーマ曲だった 伊藤由奈の Trust You が実写版にも使われるといいな、と思います。



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Diary December 1st 2020

Getting out of your comfort zone little by little if you have been in a comfortable place for a long time. That kind of attitude would be necessary for finding out a new horizen.

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Sample from ACSM Exercise Physiologist textbook

The following is a link to a sample exerpt from ACSM's Resources for Exercise Physiologist textbook. A chapter about flexibility assessment and training. When I earned the EP cert, this textbook had not been published yet, thus I don't have this textbook, but this book looks to be well-written and helpful.


上記リンクはACSM エクササイズ・フィジオロジストの教科書のサンプルページです(柔軟性の評価に関する章より抜粋)
エクササイズ指導員に必要な基礎知識に関する教科書の内容はACSMのテキストもNSCAのテキストも大きな違いはないように思います。強いて言えばNSCAはアスリートや筋トレ志向の一般人向け、ACSMは総合的なフィットネス、及び 心臓疾患やメタボリックシンドローム等の疾患を持つ層へのエクササイズ指導を前提とした傾向がありますが。

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