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Sweet spot - September 24th 2020

I'm writing today's post to increase my vocabulary in English.

sweet spot

A part of a surface that gives the most power for the least effort, for example, when hitting a ball, the particular situation, quality, combination of things ... etc.  that is the best or the most effective possible.

sample sentense
My new tennis racket has a powerful sweet spot.

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飛沫って英語で何て言うの? Sep 23rd 2020

飛沫 = droplet,  or   airborne droplet

sample sentense(例文)

The school children wore face shields in an English conversation class in order to protect themselves from airborne droplets of COVID 19.


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Diary September 22nd 2020

This is a reminder to myself

To be a compassionate listener, and refrain from laughing at stories of others. Rather, respond with an empathetic reflection. 

Although this tune is not associated with today's post, this is one of my favorite NCS music.

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Diary September 21st 2020

This is my first post after returing the age of 55.
A reminder to myself

" Do your best, and accept its consequence, even the outcome is not a one you desired and anticipated "

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A song with 6 billion access

My friend Hira-san recommended me a cool song which has over 6 billion access.
This video features Ms. Zuleyka Rivera who is the winner of 2006 Ms. Universe. and this song matches the end of summer.



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Baywatch -intro 2

I uploaded an intro video of TV drama " Baywatch " in my previous post. and this is another compilation footage of Baywatch.
Cool & Sexy !!



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Baywatch - intro

This is an intro of a lifesaver drama " Baywatch "
Although this is a footage good shaped men and women are running on the beach, its coolness and sexiness of the swimsuit ladies are impactful !



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Diary September 11th 2020

I'm off of my online English practice for these several days in order to give some rest to myself, however, I don't want to skip English training entirely, so I'm writing this post instead of speaking practice.
Have a nice weekend everyone !

And it is September 11 today,  I hope for the world peace.

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Diary September 10th 2020

What sprang up in my mind today.
I need to start some small steps for the next 10 years little by little.

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Diary September 8th 2020 - Arigato

I had today's online Englisg practice with a new tutor. What was impressive about her lesson was that she greeted me in Japanese language at the end of the lesson. She told me " Arigato " - which means " Thank you ".
Greeting in that client's native language is a sign that this tutor thinks of her job very professionally. I've been using this online language practice serive for nearly three years, but, a thank you message in Japanese language was the first experience for me in a good sense. I would like to thank her professionalism.



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Diary September 6th 2020

I'm enjoying this song of Alan Walker tonight.

Being a good listener, especially active and empathetic listening skill is what I want to learn right now.

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Diary September 5th 2020

A sticker arrived from Almuni association of my alma mater.


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Diary September 2nd 2020 - A sense of guilty

Today, I made a big mistake - I unknowingly drove over a kitten.
One of stray cats in my neighborhood gave birth to kitten a few months ago, and these kittens are often taking a nap under my car in the garage during the hot summer. Usually I check under my car before coming out of the garage, but today, I didn't check under my car, because it started raining right before going out and I was in a hurry. And when I noticed I saw a scenery a kitten agonizingin pain in the side mirror of my car. It seemed that the kitten was sleeping under my car when I coming out of the garage. So, I took the kitten an animal sheltor in my city, but when I arrived the sheltor, the kitten was not breathing any more. Like this, I claimed a precious life of the two months old kitten. I feel a sense of guilty and an apology to the kitten and its mom and family.

本日は大失敗 ー クルマで猫をひいてしまった。



罪の意識と後悔の念、そして子猫が苦痛でのたうちまわっている光景がなかなか頭から離れません ... 猫さん、本当にごめんなさい。

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Diary September 1st 2020 - Buying a PC printer is competitive now

Five years have passed since I purchased my PC printer and its print condition is not good recently, so, I went to buy a new one today. However, according to a shop staff, supply of printer parts are largely delayed due to the influence of COVID 19, and " in stock models " are quite limited. Besides, he said it takes one and a half month to back order " out of stock models ". Luckily, I found an " in stock model " in a reasonable price, and I bought this one (photo).
Purchasing a popular model printer is very competitive right now.



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