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Diary July 29th 2020

I got this fan from one of my acquaintances as a seasonal summar greeting. Although rainy season in Japan hasn't ended this year yet, this paper fan makes me feel the arrival of summar.
This fan is the size of a palm, and very adorable.
Have a nice day everyone !


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Tribute to Mr. Regis Philbin - a fitness enthusiast

As many of you know, Mr. Regis Philbin was a fitness enthusiast.
The first time I knew him was in a bodybuilding show video of World Bodybuilding Federation in 1993 or so.
Thank you very much Mr. Philbin for your lot of humor, laugh, and smile.



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Tribute to Mr. John Saxon

American actor John Saxon who played the role of Roper in Enter the Dragon passed away at the gae of 83.
When the movie Enter the Dragon was made, Bruce Lee was a super star in Hong Kong, but he was not yet known in American market, except that only a small handful of people knew that he played Kato in the TV drama Green Honet. Therefore, Warner Brothers decided to have John Saxon support the leading actor Bruce. Actually, in the credit title of Enter the Dragon, the name of leading actors are displayed as " Bruce Lee, John Saxon ".  In other words, Mr, John Saxon played a very important role in promoting Bruce Lee's presence and name in the world market. Rest in Peace, Mr, Saxon.
and I hope Mr. Saxon will reunite with Bruce in the heaven.



映画「燃えよドラゴン」でブルース・リーと共演したアメリカ俳優 ジョン・サクソン氏が83歳にて逝去されました。

いくら格闘技のシーンが見事でも、アメリカで知られていない東洋人が主役では、アメリカの観客は映画に感情移入できないだろう、と判断した制作会社のワーナー・ブラザースはアメリカ人俳優のジョン・サクソンを準主役にして、ブルース・リーの助演役を務めさせることにしました。実際に「燃えよドラゴン」のオープニングのクレジットタイトルでは主役は、Bruce Lee, John Saxon と表記されています。




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Diary July 26th 2020 - humility

This is a reminder to myself.

What you should possess along with muscle building workout.

Thoughtfulness and consideration to people around you.
A sense of gratitude.
Belief and Consistency.

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Diary July 23rd 2020

Today July 23rd is a national holiday in Japan - Marine Day - which is a day to celebrate the opening of beaches in the country, and at the same time, it's a day to raise people's awareness about preservation of natural resources in the ocean. Fortunately or unfortunately, few people go to the beach in this year because of COVID 19, but it would be beneficial to prevervation of marine resources. It's an irony.

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Diary July 22nd 2020

A photo taken after today's back workout.
I need more muscle mass on the trapezius area









barbell rowing - lying prone on the bench - 6 set
dumbbell rowing  -  3 set
barbell shrug - 4 set
dumbbell curls  - 4 set

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Diary July 21st 2020 - New glasses

Actually, I'm an intense nearsighted, thus, glasses are an indispensable item in my evryday life. and nearly 10 years have passed since I purchased my glasses, so I bought a new one today (the pic)
I had my eyesight examined at an eye hospital the other day, and accoring to the check up, my eyesight has not changed so much since the previous check up in 2011. So, I ordered this new pair of glasses based on the same prescription as the one in 2011.
How do I look ?



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Diary July 20th 2020 - Enter the Dragon cast Then and Now as of 2019

Today July 20th is death anniversary of Mr. Bruce Lee.
He passed away in 1973, so this year 2020 is 47th year after his passing.
The link below is then and now of Enter he Dragon cast (as of 2019)
I hope the soul and spirits of Bruce, Brandon, and their friends who alreasy passed away are resting in peace in the heaven.


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CalU of PA and Clarion combine their strengths

In this age of fewer children and aging society, integration of universities are very important for their survival and sustainability. and my mother school is not an exception. My alma mater California University of Pennsylvania is going to combine its strength with Clarion University - which is also one of state universities in Pennsylvania - to create a new high quality and affordable online program that doesn't exist in the Common Wealth currently. This move is not a merger of the two universities, nor a closure of either one. This is a new journey to combine the two schools' strengths in online education.

(Pen State とTemple大学は経営体がこれら14校とは異なるため、この計画には加わっていません) 

僕の出身校 ペンシルべニア州立カリフォルニア大学は、ペンシルべニア州立

どちらかの大学がどちらかに吸収合併される、という話ではなく、どちらの学校の校名もキャンパスもこれまで通り存続します。ただ、プログラム開発などの面において提携が可能な部分は、CalU of PA とクラリオンで予算やスタッフなどを共有していこう、という方向のようです。


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Diary July 17th 2020

I started online English practice in 2008, and 12 years have passed since then. Two years or so out of the 12 years as an inconsistent practice or hiatus period, thus, my actual career in the online language practice is around 10 years.

Online English practice is very convenient, you can talk with tutors in various countries through the internet without traveling to his/her country. However, what I feel recently is ... in order to increase my language skills further, you will need to go beyond the framework of the commercialized service. I mean, in the online English practice, your tutor is a service provider, and you are a client(a student of the tutor). This relationship is different from human relations in real life, such as mutual friends relations, or couple relations ... etc.  I'll continue my online English practice in the future as well, at the same time, I'll need to go over the framework of paid-service providing relations.



オンラインの練習を続けながらも、何らかの形で「講師とお客」の枠組みを良い意味で越えていければ良いのだけれど ...

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COVID 19 and safe return to training

The following PDF file is a useful guideline regarding " COVID 19 and safe return to training "
下記のドキュメントは COVID 19 とトレーニングの再開に関するガイドラインです。

ダウンロード - nsca20covid201920return20to20training.pdf

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Diary July 16th 2020

Seeing from Japanese people, my current English language skills may be higher than the average, however, seeing from native speakers of English, my language skills are far below the average. This is my current situation. I have to brush up my language skills more and more.


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Diary July 15th 2020

In some parts of Shizuoka, we commemorate Obon in mid July not mid August. And my family also follows this July Obon tradition, so I visited my relative's house today, which made me a little bit nostalgic mood.

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Diary July 13th 2020

My exercise class at a social welfare facility operated by the city restarted today since March 2020. This class was temporarily suspended for four months as a precaution for COVID 19.
I had a good time with the class participants.

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Diary July 8th 2020

Yesterday July 7th was the Star Festival in Japan, which is a traditional folk tale.

The story is a prince and princess are living in the space galaxy. The prince is living over there of the galaxy, and the princess is living over here of the galaxy, therefore they are separated by the galaxy usually and can not meet eath other. However, on JUly 7th of every year, a milky way is formed in the galaxy, and the prince and princess can meet on the milky way only once a year on this day.

Yesterday's weather in Japan was heavy rain, I wonder the prince and princess was able to enjoy dating on the milky way under the rainy weather ?? 


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Diary July 3rd 2020

Thanks to treatment at a nearby ENT, my tonsil imflammation is gettting better gradually.
I'm going to resume my Eglish language practice in one of these days.


僕もわからないので、調べたら、driving on two wheels というらしい。
もしくは、その手のアクロバット走行は、skiing とも言うらしい。

The pic is keys for arthritis

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CBS - house cleaning during the COVID 19

It seems house cleaning can be a good physical activity during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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