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Diary May 20th 2020

Recently I'm reading an ACSM textbook about clinical exercise physiology with my online English tutors, and one of them has been thinking until today that my job was psychologist. Today, I got a question from her saying that " Yoshi-san, why are you reading that kind of medical textbook ?  you are a psychologist ... "

When I started English practice with her several months ago, I introduced myself like this " My major in school days was sport psychology ".  however I didn't tell her that my primary job is fitness instruction.  Therefore, that first impression seemed to have remained in her mind until I told her about my primary job.  An image and impression you give to yor talking partner is not neccesarily the same as your real profile. 

オンライン英会話の講師の一人(セルビア)は僕が心理学関係の仕事をしていると思い込んでいたようだ。ここ最近、この講師と一緒にエクササイズ・フィジオロジーのテキストを読んでいるが「ヨシさん、あなた心理学者なのに、どうしてこんな医学的な内容の本を読んでいるの?」と本日、質問があった。「あれ?僕の仕事はフィットネス指導員だと言わなかった?」と確認すると「え? 知らなかった」とのこと。



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