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Diary May 18th 2020

English words and expressions I came across while listening to BBC World Service.
BBC ワールドサービスを聞いていて耳に残った言葉を書き連ねてみた。

normality,  hygiene,  hygienic condition,  epidemiology,  enormous,  madatory,  obligatory,  avid,  arid,  social contact,  social distancing,  indeed,  infected,   sustainability,  silver lining,   architect,   death toll,  modest man,  burden,  investigate,   diminish, animosity,   notable,   reverse,    immunologist,   behind us,    critical,   strong supporter,   strange feeling,    strategy,   economic functioning,   calculation,   acrimony,  alimony,    notion,    concept,   frankly,   immunity,   anti-body,   tested negative,   out there,   fight against COVID 19,   most people's view,  vaccine,   vaccination,   fundamental,    protect elderly in different ways,   confident,  confidence,   individual level,   main concern,  ease,   face mask,   fascinating,   help stop spread of corona virus,  spiders,   manage stress,   exhale forcefully,    online meditation,    emerging economy,   turmoil,  deadlock,   outbreak,   victim,  prospective candidate,   annoying,    

and the news about temporary closure of climbing routes on Mount Fuji during the 2020 season was reported in BBC as well.        


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