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フィットネス・ジャーナル表紙 - January 27th 2020

A cover photo of ACSM Health & Fitness Journal 2020 the first issue. The reason I uploaded this cover photo here is just this woman is beautiful. Have a nice day everyone !
ACSM ヘルス&フィットネスジャーナルの表紙写真。


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Self-compassion - Diary January 26th 2020

The benefits of self-compassion are numerous, especially related to a client's need for self-determination. First, experiencing a connectedness with others - aknowledging the interconnectedness of all humankind - supports one's most basic need for relatedness. When behaviors are driven by love, rather than fear, feelings of confidence and a sense of security are more likely to take hold. Frenzy is tamed, leading to a calmer heart and mind. When a client is calm, he or she is better able to make wise and intentional choices informed by emotional intteligence. Autonomy is supported when one is encouraged to be reflective and make choices in line with one's values, needs, and motivations. Better behavioral choices lead to an increased chance of success, or mastery experiences, which completes the circle in building confidence or a sense of competency for the next task (Moore, Jackson, and Tschannen-Moran, 2016).

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016)
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, PA.

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Necessity to be positive - Diary January 24th 2020

" Coaching is a hope-inspring relationship. Coaching is about possibilities, action, and learning "
So to speak, an important premise for it is ... wellness coach himself or herself needs to be positive, thoughtful, and considerate.

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016)
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Wolters Kluwer. Philadelphia, PA.

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Helping people make a difference - Diary January 23rd 2020

As a fitness professional and a language tutor, my mission would be helping people make a difference in their lives.
Probably, that is my lifetime work.

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エクササイズが予防効果をもたらすガンの種類 - Exercise is Medicine

Regular exercise seems to be beneficial for prevention of these types of cancer.
定期的な運動習慣は、図に表示されている種類のガンの予防に効果的だそうです。Retrieved from ACSM EIM


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ボディビル友達と新年会 January 19th 2020

Today, I had dinner with my bodybuilding frined.  Having dinner with this friend in this season is an annual seasonal event btween me and him. In usual years, we have this meeting as a year ending party in mid December, however, as for this time, we slided the schedule a bit and had this opportunity as a new year party in mid January.
Wishing his health and fortune in 2020.


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フィットネス・トレンド2020 - イラスト版  Fitness Trend 2020  

This is an infographic version of Fitness Trend in 2020 surveyed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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エクササイズ イズ メディシン - 2型糖尿病のためのエクササイズガイド  

Useful tips regarding exercise and management for type 2 diabetes.
Retrieved from ACSM Exercise is Medicine.


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Diary January 14th 2020

Engaging in several different jobs at the same time brings about good aspect and undesirable aspect, I think. What I'm doing in this one and a half year is that kind of " miltitasking ",  exercise class instruction, tutoring Japanese language to foreign residents in Japan, and totoring English to a high school boy and his little brother in middle school.

Good aspect is engaging in several different jobs at the same time can open and broaden your horizen, however, seeing from the other side, that kind of multitasking can hinder concentrating on your primary job. What I feel recently is this undesirable side, I mean, I can not concentrate on solely my fitness job lately. I would like to get back on track of fitness job in the near future.




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筋膜リリース ファッシャ fascia & myofascial release as of January 2020





「ためしてガッテン」では筋膜リリースがいかにも海外最先端情報みたいに紹介されたようですが、アメリカのフィットネス業界では "Self myofascial release "という言葉と概念は2012年には既に存在していました。アメリカのフィットネス業界で主流となっている筋膜リリースの方法は、フォームローラー(ストレッチ用の細長いローラー状の器具)を使用して筋膜をほぐします。エクササイズボール(バランスボール)などを使用してストレッチすることもあります。コリやゆがみをほぐしたら、筋力が弱くなっている部分やアンバランスになっている部分は筋力トレーニングで強化します。つまり「ほぐして、のばして、弱い部分は強化」の3段階ステップになります。




As of January 2020 in Japan, the word "myofascial release " is gaining people's atrention. Because, " myofascia " and "myofascial release " were featured in a new year's TV program regarding health information.

The word " myofascia " refers to superficial structure of muscles and connective tissues. And if myofascia loses its flexibility and contractility due to chronic sedentary lifestyle, inertia, or excessive overuse ... etc, it can be a cause of pain on the myofasical structure, stiff shoulders, lower back problem, distorted posture, and so on.

The concept of " Self myofascial release exists in the world of fitness instructors and personal trainers since around 2012 or so. Its methodology is made up of 3 steps.  Step 1  Releasing excessive stiffness on the myofascial structure using the foam roller, Step 2  Lengthening the muscles using the stability ball and so on  Step 3  Strengthening weakened or inbalanced muscles through strength exercise.

However, a method for relaxing myofascial structure is not the only one, for example, utilizing the buoyancy of water in the swimming pool can also be a choice.

As for accumulation of scientific evidence regarding efficacy of self myofascial release, future study and research would be expected.
I hope further development in the health & fitness industory in 2020 !  

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へその上においたイチゴを日本刀で! Cutting a strawberry on the tummy using a sword !

Today, I got a mail from legendary tour guide & translator Mr. Joe Okada. I became friends with him a few years ago. In his mail, he said that he tried an increadible feat in a TV show. That is ... to cut a strawberry placed on the tummy of a man, using a sword. This link is the footage of it. He is 90 years old this year !  I was so impressed with his skills and concentration.
I with his good health and fortune in 2020.


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Diary January 6th 2020

New Year's greeting from American College of Sports Medicine.

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Diary January 2nd 2020

★Happy New Year 2020★
My 2020 started with a courtesy visit to a local shrine which is located in 10 minute distance by foot from my house.
Wishing you health and fortune in this year !


this is my current favorite tune



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