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Diary December 30th 2019 We are - Kisma

The rest of 2019 is only one day. All of my works in this year completed today.
How was 2019 for you ?
For me, 2019 was a year of new challenge and experiment.
I hope you have a wonderful new year holiday !!



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CalU of PA seasonal greetings 2019

It is Christmas eve today, I don't have any special plan though ...
I would like to share a Christmas-ish photo with you in order to savor a holiday season mood, which is a seasonal greeting from my alma mater.
今日はクリスマス・イブですね。特別な予定は何もないのですが ...


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2019 seasonal greeting from Techworld

I would like to share this seasonal greeting with you, which is from my laguage tutoring agency Techworld.





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learning facilitator

I came across a nice expression about the role of health & wellness coaches in " Coaching psychology manual " textbook. That says " wellness coaches should be good learning facilitators ".   I would like to keep this notion in mind in my daily responsibilities.

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For who, behavior change coaching is effective ?

Behavior modification coaching (wellness coaching) is especially important for these people, I think.

1) People who are struggling with changing their habits or behavior, specifically, a long held old pattern of thinking and behavior.

2) People whose motivational source comes from external factors - it is called extrinsic motivation.

3) People who started their new action and behavior recently - people in the action stage.  For those people, some help for making their new behavior a long lasting one is necessary in many cases.

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エクササイズ・フィジオロジストとは? What is Exercise Physiologist ?

Four years have passed since the American College of Sports Medicine changed the name of their fitness instructor certification from " Health Fitness Specialist " to " Certified Exercise Physiologist ".  So to speak, history of this new profession is only 4 years as of 2019 and many people in the society don't know what exercise physiologist is.

Certified Exercise Physiologists are fitness instructors with a minimum bachelor's degree in exercise science, exercise physiology, or kinesiology. In other words, they are instructors or trainers with an aspect of as a researcher /investigator as well. You will be able to have an image of exercise physiologist's jobs and duties from these photos.

What I feel in my mind recently is ... I would like to pursue this new profession further. My current works are an exercise class for the elderly at a daycare facility, and exercise instruction for people with disabilities at a social welfare facility. Of course, these jobs also have an important meaning in the society and the community. But, what is lacking in my current everyday is an aspect as an investigator in health & fitness.  Some change or development in my work environment may be necessary in the future.


エクササイズ・フィジオロジストとは、運動科学や運動生理学などの学位を取得した上で受験するフィットネス・インストラクターやパーソナル・トレーナー向けの指導員資格のことです。4年制学部の学位を取得していることが最低基準で、修士号など大学院の学位を持つエクササイズ・フィジオロジストも大勢います(自分もその一人ですが) 上記リンクの写真からエクササイズ・フィジオロジストの業務を何となくイメージできると思います。運動中の呼気ガス分析をしたり、運動負荷試験中の心電図をモニターしたり、筋電図等で筋肉の活動量を調べたり、そのようなことも行うインストラクターやトレーナーといったところでしょうか。


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2019 Seasonal greetings from Wellcoaches

The rest of 2019 is only three weeks, and for savoring the mood of Christmas, I would like to share with you a seasonal greetings video from one of my certifying bodies.

早いもので2019年も、あと3週間となりました。僕の所持するウェルネスコーチング資格の認定団体 Wellcoachesより年末のメッセージビデオが届きました(上記リンク) 多少はクリスマス気分になりますかね?

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