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Diary July 30th 2019

At least 50 minutes of conversation practice seems to be necessary in order to maintain and further brush up my current English language skills. This is a conclusion (as of 2019 Summer) I got through trial and experiments in these two years. However, in terms of maintaining good health of my throat, vocal cord, diaphragm, abs and so on that are related to making voice, overy and recuperation period are also necessary and important. How well you deal with these demands and factors, this is one of my dillenma I'm faced with.



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女性格闘家 カーラ・エスパルザ

I came to know this female MMA athlete recently, her name is Carla Esparza. I feel her attitude and beliefs toward MMA and her life itself from her speaking. Her weight division is Straw class and her size will match up with female MMA athletes in Asia too.


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Diary July 22nd 2019

Taking an action.
Waiting a response patiently.
Positive attitude and optimistic view.
Timing and fate.

Although this is not associated with today's post at all, official trailer of Top Gun Marverick was released.


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Diary July 16th 2019

To regain oneself = 自分自身を取り戻すこと

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Diary July 13th 2019 A small change in back workout routine

My workout routine for back muscles have been mainly focused on barbell rowing on the bench for these 10 years or more. A good point about this prone position rowing on the bench is that stress the lower back is relatively mild. However, I changed a perspective about this exercise a little bit recently. I mean, rowing on the bench in prone position places your body in a very stable position, and in a sense, that is a good thing, however, if you look at this from other point of view, rhomboids and mid trapezius don't need to work so hard in order to stablize moves of scapulas. So to speak, in terms of engaging the rhomboids and mid portion of trapezious in the rowing motion, hanging the barbell from the body and pulling it would be necessary.

Therefore, I switiched the main exercise of my back workout into barbell bent over rowing recently, and I'm still incorporating the barbell rowing on the bench as a supplemental exercise. This is a small change in my back workout recently.





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Diary July 8th 2019

I was really exhausted mentally and physically in these several weeks because of uncontrollable misunderstandings in human relationships. However, I'm somehow regaining my energy little by little recently.
Have a nice day today too everyone !

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Diary July 3rd 2019

Probably, the best way for learning a foreign language would not be a matter of methodology. Rather, the most important factor in acquiring a new language would be the total amount of time you are exposed to that language, positively not passively. Other deciding factors are of course, your committement, motivation, energy, and belief.

As for me, taking online English practice two lessons a day (totally 50 minutes) regularly seems to be necessary for maintaining and further improving my current language skills (as of July 2019). A huge amount of reading or writing can be a replacement for the speaking practice. Of course, an ideal of a combination of these. 



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