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Diary April 14th 2019 Resynthesis and consolidation of memory in language practice

I've experienced an interesting phenomenon many times so far in the process of my English language practice. That is ... your dominant lanuage can change from your mother tongue to English on the next morning after being exposed to a lot of English. For example, I took as many as 4 classes of online English training yesterday, however, I didn't feel some special change right after the classes, and I felt that my thought process and dominant language changed into English oriented this morning. What I mean by that is ... probably, a time for recovery would be necessary for memory consolidation fter an intense language training. So to speak, this process is similar to the super conpensation principle in fitness workout, that said a rest period such as sleep is necessary for protein synthesis and recovery of neural system and so on after an intense workout. In that sense, language practice and fitness workout are similar, I guess.





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