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Diary Feb 17th 2019 - Every breath you take

Although the climate is still cold, what I felt today was that the color of the sky is getting brighter day by day. Hopefully the arrival of the early spring is soon !

I found this nice chorus footage on youtube.
このEvery breath you take のコーラス、なかなか良いと思います

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Diary Feb 12th 2019

Because today's daytime weather was mild and my recurred lower back pain due to long driving commute was getting better, I resumed my leg workout today. Although it was a very light training, my quads and inner legs got pumped as well as my mood.

本日は気候が穏やかで、腰の具合もかなり良くなったので、2週間ぶりに脚のトレーニングを再開。スクワットは60kg, 70kgで実施し、その後、デッドリフトは50kgで腰の様子を見てみましたが、幸い痛みも違和感もなく行えましたので、また来週から少しづつ負荷と量を増やしていこうと思います。こんな軽いトレーニングでも、四頭筋と内転筋が心地よくパンプしています。

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Diary Feb 10th 2019

In my view, body parts that have a huge difference between Asian athletes and Western athletes would be muscles in the backside of the body, such as muscles around shoulder blades, erector spinae, glutes, and hamstrings. And I'm also not an exception, I mean I need to improve the backside of my physique more. The video is my today's feeling.



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Diary Feb 6th 2019

Nearly three years have passed since I earned a certification of health & wellness coaching (psychological support for health related behavior change). Time flies so fast !

Like most fitness certifications, this cert also needs to be renewed in every three years. So, I completed the renewal procedure for it yesterday, and I got a new certificate for the next three year cycle. Continuing education for this cert is also an important part of my learning. especially, practicum knowledge in behavior modification support is still lacking in me.


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Diary Feb 5th 2019

Fortunately my low back pain caused by long drive a few days ago is getting better gradually. Hopefully I can resume my leg workout tomorrow or so.
Have a good day tomorrow too guys !


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Diary Feb 3rd 2019

Because I'm driving my car for a long distance recently (between Shizuoka and Kakegawa area), my low back pain started to recur from yesterday. So, how to deal with the long commute is my current concern. I took a brief rest at Sagara beach the day before yesterday and the sea was so beautiful. And more frequent rest would be necessary from the next time.


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