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Diary Jan 16th 2019

As cold days are continuing in these several days, the first priority in today's workout was not to waste unnecessary energy in order to ride out this cold climate. So, today's my leg workout was only three sets of deadlift. Have a nice day tomorrow as well !


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Diary Jan 13th 2019 Safe sport training course


This is the certificate of a continuing education program I completed today, which is about raising awareness and prevention of harassment, bullying, and abuse in athletic environment.


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Diary Jan 12th 2019

Because it is very cold in these several days, today's my workout is only 4 sets of rowing, 2 sets of curls and dumbbell pullover respectively in order to avoid unnecessary injury due to the cold weather. Have a nice weekend guys !

ローイング 4セット、カール 2セット、プルオーバー 2セットのみ実施。

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New challenge in language training

Fortunately I got an opportunity to teach Japanese language to foreign residents in my region. And this new challenge started today. Teaching my mother tongue to someone else is my new endeavor, however, my experience in English language practice would be applicable in some way hopefully. I'm very excited with this new challenge. Of course I'll pour as much energy into fitness instruction as possible as ever !

日本在住のドイツ人の方に日本語をお教えする機会をいただき、今日からレッスンがスタートしました。自分の母国語を人に教えるのは初めてですが、自分自身が英語を勉強してきた経験が何らかの形で役に立てばいいなと思っています。 もちろん、フィットネスの仕事も従来通り頑張ります!


I'm glad to be a member of Techworld Global Language Instructors team.

この任務は、米国 Techworld ランゲージ チームの一員として活動します。

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Diary Jan 4th 2019

I had my first strength workout in 2019. It was a very light workout though, just four sets of squats and three sets of deadlift, and my body and mind were invigorated.


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A way for increasing self-confidence

Accumulation of small success can lead to increase in self-confidence.

Assuming that you set up a goal to increase your current performance level by 25 %, and if you have achieved it, your confidence level increase by 1 point.

If you set up a goal to improve your current performance level 5 %, and achieved it, your confidence level will increase by 5 points.

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Happy New Year 2019

My first day in 2019 started with a 10 minute of brisk walking as usual.
Wishing all of you health and wellness in the new year.

My theme in the new year is " help people make a difference "
Of course I will continue challenging myself as well, however, I would like to shift the focus to the side as a learning partner and booster for my clients' desired goals.    


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