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Year end greeting from the seaside

My friend in Tokyo dropped by my place on his way to hometown visit in the new year vacation, and we went to the beach.


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fitness training review - glycogen

Approximately 300 to 400 gram of glycogen is stored in the body's total muscle, and about 70 to 100 gram of glycogen is stored in the liver.

Muscle glycogen is a more important energy source than is liver glycogen during moderate-and high intensity exercise; liver glycogen appears to be more important during low intensity exercise.

At relative intensities of exercise above 60 % of maximal oxygen uptake, muscle glycogen becomes an increasingly important energy substrate; and the entire glycogen content of some muscle dells can become depleted during exercise.

Coburn, J.W., & Malek,M,H.(2012).
NSCA's essentials of personal training, second edition.
Champaign,IL:Human Kinetics.      

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Diary Dec 25th 2018

It's Christmas and many of my online language training partners are taking off, however, luckily one of my usual practice partners were in. She said " we cerebrate Christmas on January 7th in orthodox churches ". Thanks to her, I learned their religious culture as well as language training.

クリスマスでオンライン講師の多くは休みをとっていますが、ラッキーなことに馴染みの先生のうち一人は今日も出勤してくれていて、休まずにレッスンできました。 昨年も、ある講師が言っていましたが「オーソドックス・チャーチではクリスマスは1月7日にお祝いするのよ」とのことです。

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Christmas greeting 2018 from NCHPAD


This is a seasonal greeting I got from National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability, which is one of my certifying bodies. So, I would like to share it with you guys as a Christmas greeting from me.
Have a nice weekend everyone !!


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the importance of slowing down and relaxing.

It's important to continue to establish trust & rapport in each and every coaching session. Trust & rapport are not earned in a single moment. They are earned or lost during every moment of coaching sessions. If coaches are hurry to " get down to business ", trust & rapport will be compromised or lost. Coaches need to set aside the time to have a relaxed-and relaxing-presence with clients. Even when appointments are scheduled back to back, it is important to slow down, be completely present, and savor every moment with each client.

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannnen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.   

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appropriate and comfortable pace of progression

One of important points for those who are engaging in teaching/instructing profession is setting a comfortable pace of learning for participants.


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I had been looking for some appropriate English word for Japanese expression " Ikigai ", and I came across a word that just matches it in an exam prep document for behavior modification. That phrase is " a sense of meaning and purpose in life ".
Have a good day today as well, guys !

「生きがい」という言葉にぴったりくる英語の表現をずっと探していたのですが、なかなか良い表現が思いつかずにいました。本日、ウェルネス・コーチング関連の資料を読んでいて、こんな表現に出会いました。" A sense of meaning and purpose in life "

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ミリタリー・フィットネステスト Military fitness test

Although the following link is written as a fitness test for military personnel, this program is good for strength & conditioning of athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well.
Military fitness test


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Diary Dec 14th 2018

Today's my post is simply one word.

Conducive Learning Environment and Atmosphere. 

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Trial, Correction, and Learning

When learning to walk, infants fall many times.
These are not failures, but essential lessons that help them learn how to walk. At times, setbacks are an essential part of the change process.



Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tshannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.

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行動変容の5段階 Five stages of change

Five steps in behavior change  行動変容における5段階

1) Getting psyched   (何かから刺激を受ける)
2) Getting prepared  (新しいことを始めることへの精神的な準備)
3) Perspire/Take action  (実際に行動してみる)
4) Persevere/manage slips (壁に当たった時に、どう対応するか?)
5) Persist/maintain change (新しい習慣を維持する)

Moore, M., Jackson,E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia:PA. Wolters Kluwer.   

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Diary Dec 10th 2018

Hi guys !  It's Monday and the start of the new week.
The rest of 2018 is only three weeks, I would like to enjoy every single day meaningfully.
The new word I learned yesterday was " onomatopoeia ", which is a term for expressing a various sound such as bang bang.


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Diary Dec 8th 2018

Although I have two years before renewal period of my CSCS and CSPS certification, I'm doing a continuing education course today, which is a kind of webinar quiz focused on exercise nutrition. What I learned is that currently the gold standard of body composition measurement is DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometly), the gold standard of body fat measurement was underwater weighing in the past though ...


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筋力トレーニングの心臓病予防効果の可能性ー新研究  Dec 2018

Among some researchers in exercise physiology, muscle training has been thought as not to directly contribute to benefits on heart health such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. However, a new research in this news article sheds light on possible benefits of resistance training on this aspect. It may be a time to change that conventional view.



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短縮形の微妙な音 Diary Dec 5th 2018

It seems that my English pronunciation in abbreviated forms such as "we'll, you'll, didn't ... etc " are a bit unnatural. Two online language tutors notified me of the problem in the past few weeks. What I need is ... of course practice,  although practice may not necessarily bring about 100 percent perfect, one thing for sure is ... practice makes the problem better more or less.
This is a practice of foreign language, you know.


We will  → We'll
You will  → You'll
Did not → Didn't

僕を含めて日本人はdidn't を「ディドゥント」と発音しがちだけど、今日のフィリピンの先生によると、ほとんど「ディント」に近くて、ドゥの音は、無声音みたいに、かすかな音だという。

僕のdidn't は「ドゥ」の音が強すぎて、いわゆる日本人英語っぽいというか、短縮形の発音としては不自然なのだろう。先日書いたように、無声音やそれに近い微妙な子音の音が出過ぎてしまっているのだと思う。現在の僕の英語の課題の一つです。  

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マルーン5 ポケモンの実生活 The real life of Pokemon

One of my online language learning partners showed me this song.
What I like about this video clip is that the main character of this video is a fitness enthusiast such as morning Yoga and spinning in the studio.


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面白くも何ともない動画 Vlog December 4th 2018

Although my energy and motivational level was not high in today's workout, I filmed it a bit. Leg workout in bedhair, lol


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RCPT更新 Diary Dec 4th 2018   


I completed a continuing education program for maintaining my Recognized Personal Trainer credential, which requires renewal procedure once in every year.

昨年取得したRCPT (Recognized Certified Personal Trainer) というのは、2017年よりNSCA米国本部で始まった新しい認証プログラムです。試験を受けるのではなく、CSCS または CPTを取得している人が一定要件 (関連分野での学位や実務経験など)を満たすと申請可能な制度で、既に所持しているNSCA資格に更なる信用や価値を付加するためのプログラムで、何かに例えるなら、企業が信頼を高めるためにISO認証などを申請・取得するのと同じようなものでしょうか。

2018年12月現在、日本で取得しているのは、おそらく僕だけだと思われますが「Recognized の名称を名乗るならば常に勉強しろ」ってことなのか、毎年、年末のこの時期に継続教育講習が義務付けられています。直近のパーソナルトレーナー・カンファレンスなどの講義ビデオ(1本60分前後)を合計4講義視聴し、内容確認のための小テスト(CEUクイズみたいなもの)を20問やります。正答率85%以上で継続ポイントが付与されます。20問中、4問以上不正解だと、せっかく払った教材代が無駄になる上、更新そのものが危うくなるので、一言も聞き漏らすまいと、リスニングテストなみの真剣さでビデオ見ましたよ。


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タンパク質の吸収量  Absorption of protein

I was watching a webinar of National Strength & Conditioning Association Personal Trainer Conference 2017 as a part of my continuing education, the webinar is about exercise nutrition, and according to the lecturer (phD researcher in chapel hill), the maximum amount of protein the human body can digest and absorb in one time is about 20 grams. What can be inferred from this is ... if your meal is abundant in protein food stuffs such as meat, fish, eggs, soy beans, and dairy products, taking protein powder after the meal would be unnecessary. If you take protein powder, taking it between meals as a small snack would be efficient and reasonable, I think.

本日は、米国のパーソナルトレーナー・カンファレンス 2017の講義ビデオを見ていました(継続教育ポイント取得のため)。講義内容はスポーツ栄養に関するものですが、担当の講師の話で(NCチャペルヒルの研究者)最新の研究結果によると、人間のカラダが一度に消化吸収できるタンパク質の量は、おおよそ20g前後だそうです。


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中高年向けパーソナルトレーナー Personal trainer for the middle aged population

本日は喉の調子があまりよくなくて、いつものトレーニングメニューを全部こなす気にならないのでエクササイズ 2種目のみ実施
1) ベンチに腹ばいになってのバーベル・ロウイング  7セット
2) ダンベル・プルオーバー     4セット

その後撮った写真です。ちょっと腹筋が甘いかなあ ...
My throat condition is not so good today and I don't have much energy to complete all exercises in my strength training routine, thus, today's workout is only two exercises, 7 sets of barbell rowing on the bench, and 4 sets of dumbbell pullover. Photos are today's my shape after the workout. Have a nice weekend, guys !



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