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TOEFL教材でロールプレイ式練習  Role paying style practice using a script


My usual language practice in an online English conversation service is a kind of free talk & discussion with an instructor, using some article on the internet such as news article on BBC, CNN, and so on, however, I changed this training method a bit today as a refreshment, I mean, today's practice was a role playing using a script. The main intention of this script reading training is brushing up my listening skills and learning new expressions.

The script I chose for today's practice was a conversation in the listening comprehension section in TOEFL exam (internet based version).  I took the TOEFL ibt exam when I was preparing for an enrollment application for my graduate school, so, I picked up the prep book for TOEFL from my book shelf after quite a while. This type of role playing practice using a script is also useful, I think.




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英語以外で製作された映画・ベスト100 - BBC 調査  

When I was checking the BBC website, I found an interesting ranking, that is " the best 100 films made in languages other than English ". Twenty seven films of the best 100 are French language movie, 12 are Mandarin, 11 are Italian and Japanese respectively. Keeping your eyes off of Hollywood movies will give you a fresh perspective, maybe ...

BBCのウェブサイトを見ていたら、「英語以外で製作された映画ベスト100」というランキングが出ていました。イギリス・BBCが世界中の映画評論家209人を対象に調査した結果だそうです。ベスト100に選ばれた作品のうち、27本はフランス語で製作された映画、12本は中国語(北京語)、イタリア語の作品が11本、日本語の作品が11本だそうで、トップ5は ...

5位 ゲームの規則
4位 羅生門
3位 東京物語
2位 自転車泥棒
1位 七人の侍


余談ですが、100本の映画を選ぶのに選考者(審査員)が209人(しかも映画評論家ばかり)というのは、かなり偏ったランキング結果である可能性が高いように思うのですが ... 

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NCCA認定のトレーナー/インストラクター資格一覧 fitness certifications approved by NCCA

I wrote about Fitness Trend forecast for 2019 in yesterday's post, and among the hot topics on the top 20 ranking, one of important issues the health & fitness industry is facing now is ... raising standard in educational and certification programs for fitness professionals. The fitness industry is a new industry with only 30 years history or so, thus, there are large difference in quality, level, and credibility among certification programs. For the time being, approval by National Commission on Certifying Agency will become a standard for it, especially when personal training gyms and fitness clubs employ personal trainers/fitness instructors. For your information, below is fitness certifications approved by NCCA (as of Oct 2018).

昨日の記事にて(2019年のフィットネス・トレンド予測) 米国では今後、フィットネスクラブやパーソナル・トレーニングジムなどがトレーナーやインストラクターを雇用する際に、NCCA(全米資格認証委員会)の認証を受けた指導者資格を取得していることを雇用条件とする方向に進んでいくであろう、という話を書きましたが、それでは、NCCAの認証を受けた資格とは、どの団体のどの資格なのでしょう?


Organization Name Industry NCCA Accredited Programs
Academy of Applied Personal Training Education
        (AAPTE) Fitness and Wellness Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (CPFT), Accredited through 3/31/2019
ACTION Certification
        (ACTION) Fitness and Wellness Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Accredited through 1/31/2019
American College of Sports Medicine
        (ACSM) Fitness and Wellness ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM-CPT), Accredited through 8/31/2021
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-EP), Accredited through 8/31/2021
ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-RCEP), Accredited through 8/31/2021
ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-CEP), Accredited through 8/31/2021
American Council on Exercise
        (ACE) Fitness and Wellness Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (ACE-CMES), Accredited through 10/31/2023
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE-GFI), Accredited through 10/31/2023
Health Coach Certification (ACE Health Coach Certification), Accredited through 10/31/2023
Personal Trainer (ACE-CPT), Accredited through 10/31/2023
Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches association
        (CSCCa) Fitness and Wellness Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC), Accredited through 2/28/2019
International Fitness Professionals Association
        (IFPA) Fitness and Wellness International Fitness Professionals Association Personal Fitness Training Certification (IFPA - PFT), Accredited through 11/30/2019
National Academy of Sports Medicine
        (NASM) Fitness and Wellness Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Accredited through 11/30/2021
Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA-CGFI), Accredited through 6/30/2022
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
        (NCBTMB) Fitness and Wellness
Healthcare: Chiropractic
Healthcare: Therapy
Healthcare: Other
Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (BCTMB), Accredited through 4/30/2020
National Council for Certified Personal Trainers
        (NCCPT) Fitness and Wellness NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT CPT), Accredited through 5/31/2021
National Council on Strength and Fitness
        (NCSF) Fitness and Wellness Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF-CPT), Accredited through 3/31/2020
Certified Strength Coach (CSC), Accredited through 4/30/2022
National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
        (NESTA) Fitness and Wellness Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT), Accredited through 1/31/2019
National Exercise Trainers Association
        (NETA) Fitness and Wellness Certified Personal Trainer (NETA-CPT), Accredited through 7/31/2022
Certified Group Exercise Instructor (NETA-CGEI), Accredited through 7/31/2022
National Federation of Professional Trainers
        (NFPT) Fitness and Wellness Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (CPT), Accredited through 1/31/2022
National Strength and Conditioning Association
        (NSCA) Fitness and Wellness Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), Accredited through 4/30/2023
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Accredited through 4/30/2023
Tactical Strength and Conditioning-Facilitator (TSAC-F), Accredited through 7/31/2020
Pilates Method Alliance
        (PMA) Fitness and Wellness PMA Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA-CPT), Accredited through 4/30/2022
PTA Global
        (PTAG) Fitness and Wellness Personal Training Academy Global Certified Personal Trainer (PTA Global CPT), Accredited through 8/31/2019
The Cooper Institute
        (CI) Fitness and Wellness Personal Trainer Certification (CPT), Accredited through 11/30/2021
World Instructor Training Schools
        (W.I.T.S.) Fitness and Wellness Personal Trainer Certification (PT), Accredited through 8/31/2022

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2019年のフィットネス・トレンド予測  Fitness trend for 2019

A trend forecast in the 2019 fitness world has been released by the American College of Sports Medicine. This trend forecast is " What will be hot topics in the fitness industry the next year ? and the top 20 ranking of it.  Survey participants are several thousands health & fitness professionals worldwide.


source of info, ACSM Health & Fitness Journal(原文資料) 

1.  Wearable technology
2.  Group training
3.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
4.  Fitness programs for older adults
5.  Body weight training
6.  Employing certified fitness professionals
7.  Yoga
8.  Personal training
9.  Functional training
10. Exercise is Medicine

11. Health/Wellness coaching
12. Exercise for weight loss
13. Mobile exercise apps
14. Mobility/myofascial devices
15. Worksite health promotion
16. Outcome measurement
17. Outdoor activities
18. Licensure for fitness pros
19. Small group personal training
20. Post-rehabilitation classes





I also participated in this survey in July 2018, and this link is a post I wrote at that time.

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英語の講師・通訳をお探しの方 ー 静岡地区







もちろん、当方の自宅での個人レッスンも歓迎です (遠方の方はスカイプで)




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遠藤 吉彦 (静岡市葵区在住)
TOEIC 895点    英検1級
tel    054-246-8735


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英語の上手い有名人 - Boaの英語のリズム感

I wrote about the importance of rhythm in English language practice a little bit before in this blog, and in my opinion, the Korean pop singer Boa has good rhythm and ears among people whose native language is out of English. The link below is an interview video of Boa. In terms of rhythm, speed, fluency, and friendly humor, her English is a good role model for my language practice as well. Probably her good rhythm and speed in language comes from her exceptional hard work and talents in song & dance, I guess.

Boa interview video (ボア 英語インタビュー)

少し前に英語のリズムについて書きましたが、英語が母国語ではない人の中で、歌手のBoaさんは非常に優れたリズム感とスピードを持っていると思います。(上記のリンクは2008年収録のインタビューです) おそらく、彼女が歌やダンスを通じて培ったリズム感が土台になっていると思いますが、それ以上に、もの凄い努力家なんだと思います。このビデオのインタビュアーの女性も早口でテンポの良い喋りで、二人のスピーディな会話を見ると、いまだに僕自身も良い意味で刺激を受けます。

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注目の女子プロレスラー Priscilla Kelly

Recently a female professional wrestling fighter is drawing my attention, her name is Priscilla Kelly (the purple costume fighter in the video). Of course I enjoy watching pro wrestling shows as a highly pre-choreographed fighting arts entertainment. The reason why Priscilla Kelly is attractive to me is ... she is sexy, in a good shape, enthusiastic, and nasty in a good sense.



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Diary Oct 28th 2018

Today's online English practice was fun, cuz I found a new instructor with mater's degree in psychology, and her current interest is practice of French style kickboxing Savate. My impression about her is that she is a very good listener, and gives me a lot of very pertinent and interesting questions that elicit good flow of conversation. There will be a lot to learn from this new learning partner as well.




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Mixture of hard rock and classical music - Angel of Salvation

I know the presence of this rock band and this song from my friend, the name of this band is Galneryus. What I like about this song is the co-existence/mixture of hard rock and a classical music -ish taste. In that sense, this song a bit reminds me of Bohemian rhapsody. For your information, his type of music is called " heavy metal rock " in Japan.


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Diary Oct 18th 2018

Yesterday's my work was translation for a seminar for employees in a company. The seminar topic was career development, another seminar for Japanese employees in that company was held a few weeks ago in Japanese language, and yesterday's my task was to translate video recordings of that seminar into English for employees from outside Japan, so it was a kind of simultaneous interpretation while watching the video. What I felt about myself was I would need to brush up my English language skills more and more especially in simultaneous translation.
Learning and practice is a never ending process, you know !



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Diary Oct 10th 2018 A man is whichever room he is in

I learned a nice proverb through today's language training, that quote is ...  " A man is whichever room he is in "


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Diary Oct 7th 2018

Nearly one year has passed since I started practice of English with instructors in southern European countries such as Serbia and Bosnia. I talked with totally around 10 instructors in those countries in the past year, and what I noticed in their English is ... people who speak English with comfortable popping rhythm are relatively limited. Of course, English is not a mother language in these countries, thus what I write here might be a bit tough request for them. In terms of the rhythm, English of Philippina people is relatively close to that of American English, I guess. In the Philippines too, English is not the mother tongue. So, probably, factors that are associated with popping rhythm of English might be ... 1) influence of American culture such as TV programs in their everyday life, 2) climatic condition
This is only my hypothesis though ...



おそらく、南ヨーロッパの英語講師とフィリピンの英語講師のリズム感の違いの原因として考えられるのは、1)日常生活でのアメリカ文化の影響、フィリピンはアメリカ文化の影響が強い、ボスニアやセルビアはアメリカよりもイギリスの方が近い 2)寒い地域では、しゃべる時にあまり口を大きく開けないし、極寒の気候の影響か感情の起伏を言葉のリズムという形で表すのも、比較的少ないような気がする

あくまで仮説ですけど ...

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Diary Oct 2nd 2018   石の上にも3年を英語で言う

When I was talking with one of instructors of an online English conversation service yesterday, the instructor asked me " people often say that the young generation in those days lacks patience, what do you think of it ? "
Speaking of which, we have an old saying in Japan that symbolizes this topic well, so, I explained it as the following.

オンラインの講師の一人から「最近の若者は辛抱が足りない、ってよく言われるけど、どう思いますか?」と聞かれた。その瞬間思い浮かんだのは「石の上にも3年」という諺だった。In Japan, we have an old saying that stay on a stone at least three years. とシンプル表現したら、なるほど!という表情をしていたので、もう追加説明の必要はないなと感じたが、一応、of course it means that if you want to excel in something, at least three years of patience is necessary と加えた。

preaching that kind of thing to a young person itself probably means that I'm getting old ...

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