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Diary Oct 18th 2018

Yesterday's my work was translation for a seminar for employees in a company. The seminar topic was career development, another seminar for Japanese employees in that company was held a few weeks ago in Japanese language, and yesterday's my task was to translate video recordings of that seminar into English for employees from outside Japan, so it was a kind of simultaneous interpretation while watching the video. What I felt about myself was I would need to brush up my English language skills more and more especially in simultaneous translation.
Learning and practice is a never ending process, you know !



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Diary Oct 10th 2018 A man is whichever room he is in

I learned a nice proverb through today's language training, that quote is ...  " A man is whichever room he is in "


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Diary Oct 7th 2018

Nearly one year has passed since I started practice of English with instructors in southern European countries such as Serbia and Bosnia. I talked with totally around 10 instructors in those countries in the past year, and what I noticed in their English is ... people who speak English with comfortable popping rhythm are relatively limited. Of course, English is not a mother language in these countries, thus what I write here might be a bit tough request for them. In terms of the rhythm, English of Philippina people is relatively close to that of American English, I guess. In the Philippines too, English is not the mother tongue. So, probably, factors that are associated with popping rhythm of English might be ... 1) influence of American culture such as TV programs in their everyday life, 2) climatic condition
This is only my hypothesis though ...



おそらく、南ヨーロッパの英語講師とフィリピンの英語講師のリズム感の違いの原因として考えられるのは、1)日常生活でのアメリカ文化の影響、フィリピンはアメリカ文化の影響が強い、ボスニアやセルビアはアメリカよりもイギリスの方が近い 2)寒い地域では、しゃべる時にあまり口を大きく開けないし、極寒の気候の影響か感情の起伏を言葉のリズムという形で表すのも、比較的少ないような気がする

あくまで仮説ですけど ...

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Diary Oct 2nd 2018   石の上にも3年を英語で言う

When I was talking with one of instructors of an online English conversation service yesterday, the instructor asked me " people often say that the young generation in those days lacks patience, what do you think of it ? "
Speaking of which, we have an old saying in Japan that symbolizes this topic well, so, I explained it as the following.

オンラインの講師の一人から「最近の若者は辛抱が足りない、ってよく言われるけど、どう思いますか?」と聞かれた。その瞬間思い浮かんだのは「石の上にも3年」という諺だった。In Japan, we have an old saying that stay on a stone at least three years. とシンプル表現したら、なるほど!という表情をしていたので、もう追加説明の必要はないなと感じたが、一応、of course it means that if you want to excel in something, at least three years of patience is necessary と加えた。

preaching that kind of thing to a young person itself probably means that I'm getting old ...

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