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Diary Sep 29th 2018

Recently the climate is getting autumn and winter-ish day by day, and today is the chilliest day in this season, so I'm in a long sleeved sweat shirt today. Typhoon No.24 is approaching Japan (we call typhoons in numbers like typhoon No1, No2 ... not in female names).
Take care and stay safe ya'll !
my recent favorite tune (最近気に入っている曲)

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Diary Sep 29th 2018 - speaking and reading

Although it may sound paradoxically, if you hope to improve your speaking skills in a language you are practicing (English in my case), you need to increase the amount of reading as well. What's being said is ... an ability in reading and speaking are closely related each other. This is my honest impression based on my long years of the language practice.
In these few years, my focus has been mainly in speaking practice, however, as a result, an amount of reading decreased a lot. Thus, recently I'm feeling a necessity to re-increase the amount of reading as well for further step up..

外国語のスピーキング能力と読解力は、ほぼ比例関係にあるような気がする。つまり、しゃべる力を上達させたければ、読む量も増やす必要がある。自分の場合、ここしばらく喋ることばかりに比重を置くあまり、読む量が以前と比べるとかなり減ってしまった。読む量を増やさずに、しゃべる練習だけやっても、頭打ちになるのが早い気がする。伸び幅が限られるというか ...  というわけで、読む量も再び増やしていく必要がありそうだ。

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Diary Sep 25th 2018

This is a photo I took after today's workout.
Although there is nothing much, as you can see, I'm doing well.
Have a nice day ya'll !



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Diary Sep 21st 2018

Although I wrote this topic on this blog several times in the past, I would like to write it again as a reminder to myself,  that is ... if you want to switch one's dominant language and thought process from one's mother tongue to a foreign language you are practicing, writing something in that language as much as possible is critically important. Even some trivial matter is OK, so to speak, writing is an essential step in acquiring a new language.

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不定詞は未来志向  infinitives are future oriented

Currently one of my jobs is home tutor of English for a high school student. And me and the high school boy is reading an English grammar textbook, which becomes a good opportunity to review/reconfirm my knowledge as well. for example, currently we are learning about " infinitives " and " gerunds".  The following is a representative example to show the difference in infinitives and gerunds.

It is very nice to meet you !   <infinitives>
It is very mice meeting you !  <gerunds>

as a whole, infinitives are future oriented, so to speak,  in the first example, the speaker is looking forward to a good constructive future relationship with the person whom he met for the first time.
on the other hand, gerunds are used for a matter of present or past, so to speak, in the second example, the speaker shows his joy and appreciation for the meeting with the person. In other words, " meeting you " indicates I had a good time with you in today's conversation, so this meeting is past oriented.
This is the fundamental difference in infinitives and gerunds.

Speaking of English language learning, I'm reminiscent of days when I was tackling and struggling with articles on Time magazine and Newsweek magazine.   

It's nice to meet you のto meet は不定詞
It's nice meeting you のmeeting は動名詞
対して、2つ目の例文は動名詞(meeting)、この場合。本日はお会いできて良かったです、というように、本日会えたことがniceです。という現在または過去を志向したニュアンスになる。 「不定詞のニュアンスは未来志向、動名詞は現在または過去志向」、大切なことを改めて学んだ気がします。


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Increasing sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity - CNN report

The following link is a latest CNN article concerning an increase of physical inactivity in the world. According to this news, one in three women and one in four men does not meet the recommended amount of exercise in terms of avoiding common diseases.
Pandemic of inactivity increases disease risk worldwide


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Diary Sep 12th 2018

Hey ya'll,  the climate is getting autumn-ish day by day recently, and I took out a little bit thicker autumn blanket from the closet today for the first time in this season. It makes me feel the arrival of the early fall season. I have to be careful not to catch a cold especially at the seasonal divide.  


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Diary Sep 6th 2018  Kontinuum - Lost

Hey ya'll, it's been a while. I've skipped updating my blog for nearly 10 days, I'm sorry.
Although there is nothing much, I'm somehow doing well, thank you.
It seems to be something wrong with Japan's meteorological conditions these days, I mean the big typhoon (No 21) in a few days ago, and a massive earthquake in the northern part in this morning.
I hope all of you guys are doing great, take care always !

ここ数日の気象はなんか不気味ですよね、西日本は台風21号の影響が甚大、で、今朝は北海道地方で震度6の地震 ...

This is one of my recent favorite tunes (最近気に入っている曲の一つ)
Kontinuum - Lost

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