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エクササイズを楽しくする80年代ヒット曲ーエクスポゼ  The 80's hit song that makes your fitness workout fun and exciting

When I was reading an internet security related web article today, I came across a word saying that point of entry, which is supposed to be a data entry point or something like that. And, what sprung up in my mind on the spot was mid 1980's disco hit song Point of No Return by Expose.

Speaking of disco hit songs, many of you guys will imagine hit songs of Bananarama such as Love at first degree, Venus and so on. The striking difference between these groups is ... Bananarama is a female group in the UK, however, Expose is a female group in the USA, and reflecting the multicultural society in the US, members of Expose multinational and multicultural as you can see in the video clip. Their songs will become a good back ground music and a kind of motivator for your fitness workout who are reminiscent of cultures in the mid 80's.





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個人情報保護法(改訂) - 新しい概念  Protection of personal information and its utility, ISMS

Although today's topic is not related to fitness, the matter of internet security and privacy is a very important topic for everyone, you know. And concerning this matter, I was going through the Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information (in Japan) today.

And I found a very intriguing description concerning the utility of personal information in this amended act, which was stipulated on December 2016. That said, " this act aims to protect an individual's rights and interests while considering the utility of personal information including that the proper and effective application of personal information contributes to the creation of new industries and the realization of a vibrant economic society and an enriched quality of life for the people of Japan "(Personal Information Protection Commission Japan, 2016).

I think this description is a new concept regarding the protection and utilization of personal information on the internet world, compared to what we used to be, which means only protection of privacy and personal information. So, I think this would be one step progress in interpretation in the concept of internet security and personal information and that kind of things. Of course, this can be what is called a double edged sword, thus, careful and considerate attitude would be important in treating this matter.

インターネット・セキュリティや個人情報の保護といった問題は、どなたにとっても非常に重要だと思います、また近年、Internet Security management System (ISMS) などが企業等でも関心事になりつつあるようですね。というわけで、これに関して、個人情報保護法(2016年12月改訂版)の冒頭部分に目を通してみたのですが、興味深い記述に気が付きました。


従来はインターネット・セキュリティや個人情報の保護というと、もっぱら、”各個人の情報を本人の同意や許可なく外部に公開しないこと”と理解されていましたが、この改訂・個人情報保護法では、一歩進んだ解釈がされているということですね。もちろん、個人のプライバシー保護 : 情報の公開と有効活用ということはセンシティブな問題で両刃の剣となり得るように思いますが、新たな方向性として興味深いと思います

Retrieved from Personal Information Protection Commission Japan, 2016.

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フィットネスの効果を英語で - beauty & wonder of fitness

Possible benefits of fitness

F ...  Free yourself from a fixed view, and free from stress
i  ...  immediately you will experience these ideal state
t  ...  transformation & transcendence of yourself
n ...  nervous system will be properly stimulated in serenity
e ...  emotion, energy level, and endocrine system are also improved
s ...  sleep well in the evening,  self-image of oneself gets better
s ...  secretion of sex hormones are stimulated, your attractiveness will increase

フィットネスの効果として期待できるものをfitnessの文字に当てはめて、思いつくものを書いてみました。他にも何か面白い答えを思いつきましたら教えてくださいね (賞品は出ませんが ... 笑)   If you hit upon some other good answer and idea, let me know in comment !               

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ケトジェニックダイエットとは何か? What is Ketogenic Diet ?

Recently in the health & fitness arena, the term " Ketogenic Diets " seems to be gaining people's attention and interest. And in a good timing, I got a detailed web article regarding Keto Diet from USA.
So, I will translate the summary of this article into Japanese language below in order to introduce you to what the Ketogenic Diet Plan is.

最近「ケトジェニック・ダイエット」という言葉に興味を持っている方が増えつつあるようです。通称ケト・ダイエットとも呼ばれたりするこのダイエット法は何なのか? ちょうど良いタイミングで「米国のフィットネス関連のウェブサイトにケトジェニック・ダイエットの記事を書いたので見て欲しい」という連絡がフィットネス関連の人物らしき人よりありましたので、本日はこの英文記事の要点を訳してみます。


" 健康&ウェルネス分野においてケトジェニック・ダイエット(別名:ケトダイエット・プラン)の人気が高まりつつある。ケトジェニック/ケトジェネシスという用語はカラダがケトン体を作り出すプロセスを意味するもので、ケトン体は炭水化物の摂取が少ない時に、脂肪酸と共にエネルギー源となるものである。


ケトジェニック・ダイエットはフィットネス愛好者などの間で話題の焦点となりつつあるが、それは、セラピューティック効果(療法的効果)を裏付ける研究が増えつつあるからである。これらの効果には、精神的機能の改善・向上、エネルギーレベルの安定、体重が短期間に減ること、および寿命の向上などである "


追記 ケトジェニックダイエットについて、ちょっとマニアックなネタを書かせていただきますと、ボディビルの世界の伝説的人物、マッスル北村さんの自伝「僕の履歴書」80ページに、ボディビルの世界選手権の準備の減量期間中に、このような高たんぱく質、低炭水化物、高脂肪の食事法を試しており、炭水化物を制限し、脂肪の摂取を増やすことで、カラダが食事に含まれる脂肪および体脂肪をエネルギー源とせざるを得ないような状況を作り出そうとしていたとの記述があります。この当時は、このような食事法はボディビル選手の間では「オイルダイエット」と称されていた記憶があります。10年以上前に既にこのような食事法を実験していた北村さんは、このような食事法の是非や安全性は別としても、着眼点や発想と勝利への執念という点ではやはり良い意味で違う次元を行っていたなあ、と今さらながら感心します。 

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避難所生活でのエコノミークラスシンドローム予防体操 preventative exercise for deep vein thrombosis at confined spaces in natural disasters





In case of natural disasters such as massive earthquakes, one of possible health concerns would be the formation of blood clots in veins doe to long time physical inertia in confined spaces at evacuation facilities. Concerning this topic, I wrote a 2 page articles about preventative exercises for the economy class syndrome aka deep vain thrombosis, with the help of Shizuoka-city Health Promotion Department on their periodical nearly four years ago from now (2014).

Unfortunately, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake happened at Osaka region which is the second biggest city in Japan yesterday (on June 18th 2018). I'm not sure currently how many people are spending their days at evacuation shelters, however, it's my small pleasure if my article at that time would be of some help for people spending their time with worry and anxiousness.
(Retrieved from shizuoka-city archive 静岡市刊行物アーカイブより引用)             

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アラン・ウォーカー新曲 Always (June 2018)

アラン・ウォーカーの新曲 Always です。このビデオが公式のイメージ映像か?どうかよくわからないのですが、この曲はFadedよりも、かなり明るいイメージになっているようです。メロディはどちらの曲もよく似ていますが、この新曲から受ける印象は「自然との調和や同化、統合」そんなイメージです。

This is a new song of Alan Walker which I found on youtube. I'm not sure whether this image footage is an official of Alan Walker, however, impressions I get from this song are more hopeful and brighter than his biggest hit song Faded. I mean, the melody lines of the both songs are very similar, however, lyrics and messages of Faded are a bit sad such as " where are you now ? I'm faded ... " to the contrary, images I feel from this new song is things like harmony and assimilation with the nature, co-existence, unification ... etc. I like that bright nature of this new songs.    

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シニア世代のロールモデル 萩本欽一論 トリロジー  June 9th 2018



というわけで、3回に分けて書いた欽ちゃん論を、まとめて再録させていただきます。3部作なのでtrilogy - トリロジーということで (大袈裟、笑)

萩本欽一論 第一部



In Japanese comedy world, one of the most beloved big shot comedian is Mr. Kinnitch Hagimoto. I wrote my though about his on my blog in 2007(the above links).  In 2015, he enrolled in a university at the age of over 70 years old to study the nature of human life and buddism. What I like about his is his passion and enthusiasm for pursuit of one's curiosity and belief.

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伊藤由奈 - 現在の近況は?(2018年)  Yuna Ito multicultural diva

ディオンさんは「由奈さんの才能はダイヤの原石に等しいから、これからも頑張ってね」ということを伝えたかったのだと思います。由奈さん、最近日本のテレビでは見かけないようですが、ネットで近況を調べたらインスタグラムがあり、生活の場をLAに移し、次の目標に向けて準備中のようです。近い将来、またファンの前に戻ってきてくれることを期待したいです。 Yuna Ito instagram 

This footage is one of my favorites, which is a one when Celine Dion and a Japanese singer Yuna Ito co-starred at Tokyo in 2008. Although Yuna has Japanese and Korean descent, she was born and grew up in Hawaii, so she has good aspects of the both American culture and Asian culture.

What I like in this footage especially is the episode when Celine Dion sent Yuna a small diamond stone at the final day of the collaborative concert as a thank you gift (from 1 minute 25 second from the beginning of the video). and she says " Yuna, this is a small gem, and whether you design it into a necklace, earrings, and something like that depends on your will and efforts like your future career "  Currently Yuna seems to have moved her environment from Tokyo to LA and is preparing for her next goals. I'm looking forward to her comeback on the showbiz stage sometime in the near future.

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