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Diary Feb 27th 2018 Going with the flow like a small play

What I 'm thinking of in these days is the following words Bruce Lee once said.

A good martial art fight should be like a small play, it means, when your opponent(partner) expand, you contract, and when your opponent(partner) contract, you expand. And an opportunity has come, I do not hit, it hits by all itself.
I think this notion is applied to various aspects of our human relationships as well, not limited to martial arts practice only. Especially, I'm not so good at listening to/accepting one's partner's situation and stories as thy are. I will need to learn that kind of aspect in life.  Have a wonderful day everyone !
最近感じているのは、これって格闘技だけでなく、普段の人間関係でも同じことが言えるのかなあ?なんて思っています。 積極的に出るのは得意でも、上手く引くのが苦手な僕としては ...

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現在のシェイプ My current shape - Feb 21st 2018


This is my current shape as of Feb 21st 2018.
and I filmed my self-introductory greeting video to those who visit my websites. Link to the video is below my profile photo on this blog.



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Yoshi videolog Feb 14th 2018 - Valentine special version

Today's daytime temperatures were relatively mild and I had some free time, so, I filmed my first video in 2018.  Have a nice day today as well everyone !

本日は日中の気温が比較的穏やかで、時間も少しあったので、2ヶ月ぶりにビデオを撮ってみました。2月なのにこんな衣装で ... (本人は至って楽しんでやっております 笑)

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Diary Feb 9th 2018 - wonder of the nature and the creature

This is a plum tree my father was taking care of. As you can see, the plum flowers got blossom beautifully, which makes me feel the arrival of the early spring.


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ダイエットや英語学習などのお悩み相談 - I will be a listener of your stories in weight loss, English language practice, etc




当方、静岡市葵区在住ですが、メールやスカイプ等を利用した御相談やレッスン等も可能です、日本語・英語どちらでも対応いたします。 お問い合わせ等、このブログのプロフィール写真の下のリンクよりメール送信できます。よろしくどうぞ。 

One of my fitness related certifications is "Certified Health & Wellness Coach ", however, because the wellness coaching is a fledgling field in health & fitness, many people don't know yet what exactly the wellness coaching is ?  for example What is the difference from personal training and so on ?  Wellness coaching is a kind of psychological support for various hurdles, difficulties, stress, and goal setting in the process of health related goals such as weight loss, improvement of diet.  Basically, the job of personal trainers is to provide technical instruction and advice such as how to lift weight, how to stretch, nutritional tips ... etc.  Whereas the primary job of wellness coaches is to support and guide you to a better direction mainly from motivational and psychological aspect, for example, when you feel a dilemma/discrepancy between where you are now and your ideal goal, or when you got emotionally exhausted.
However, you don't need to think of my wellness coaching service so seriously from the beginning, basically I would like to be a good listener of your stories, recent experiences, a cause of stress or concern, and I'm glad if we can explore a good direction or some solution for it together.
My fitness consultation/wellness coaching service is available both in English and Japanese. Although I'm living in Shizuoka-city, Japan, you can access me from anywhere on the globe through the e-mail, skype and so on.  for details, click the link to my wellness coaching profile page below my profile photo on the blog.       

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Diary Feb 4th 2018 - harmony of the sea and the sky, and one's existence


This is my favorite photo, which one of my best friends shot me at a seaside in my city on two days before the new years eve of 2017 (13 months ago from now).

He said " the harmony of the ocean and the sky is magnificent ! ", and I quite agree with him. Although I'm a small and trivial presence in the whole universe, I would like to find a meaning of my existence on the globe.

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