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Diary Jan 31st - HWC review part 6

the following is a review/reminder to myself

preparation prior to the first session
Prior to a coaching session, the coach reviews materials, eliminates distractions, and takes time to become mindful and present. The coach's state helps the client become calm and receptive, which fosters self-awareness and self-discovery.
the first session
The coach's aims for the initial session, or intake session, are to describe the coaching process, review information and assessments provided by the client, and determine if the client is an appropriate candidate for coaching. the coach clarifies roles and expectations, e.g., the coach will not diagnose or prescribe, nor give unsolicited advice, the client will self-determine his/her vision, goals, and action steps, and the client will be actively engaged in trying new behaviors as planned with the coach. logistics and responsibilities (client vs coach) are confirmed in a written coaching agreement.
early sessions
in the initial stages of coaching, time is spent mainly exploring the client's vision, purpose, and priorities. the coach refers to these in subsequent sessions to elicit motivation. during early sessions, the coach also spends adequate time exploring the client's understanding of his/her health and wellness, so goals are not set prematurely. note that when choosing a focus, the coach is not the expert deciding what is most appropriate, instead, the client is empowered to select an area that feels important, motivating, or timely.
routine fellow up sessions
a coaching program starts with an initial phase, followed by routine follow up coaching sessions for a pre-determined period of weeks or months. at the opening of each session, the coach asks about the client's current state (e.g., energy, mood), throughout the session, the coach refers to shifts in the client's state. the coach facilitates review of previous action steps, uses other processes as appropriate, and supports the client in defining new action steps. the coach reflects the client's understanding, perspectives, and learning. at the end of each session, the client articulates new personal discoveries.
the graduation phase
in the final coaching session, the coach's focus is on recognition of progress, learning, and closure. the client articulates successes and looks back at what he/she learned. the coach helps the client to establish a plan for how he/she will maintain or continue progressing toward goals, with an emphasis on support and resources.


話しているうちに、その方は西海岸の州立大学の出身だとわかり、初対面なのに、陽気なアメリカ人の人懐っこい良い面が全開(笑) 「アイソダイン(イソジン)は水虫の手当てにも使えるよ。日本のキッチンハイターもね」とか「君のハンドバッグはかっこいいな」とか、たわいない世間話をノリの良いメチャクチャ速いテンポでまくしたてる(僕がいつもビデオで話している英語を2倍~2.5倍位の早口にしたような印象)。短い時間でしたが楽しい時間を過ごせました。不思議な出会いに感謝します。

英語が母国語の人達から見て僕は「アジア育ちの人間にしては妙に英語がうまい変な小男」という印象が多いだろうというのは、これまでお世話になった方々の反応から推測できる。一生、英語を訓練しても完全なネイティブレベルになることはあり得ないかもしれないが、やる以上は「外国人としての最上レベル」に近づきたい。例えるなら、デイブ・スペクター氏やパトリック・ハーラン氏の日本語のように。 そのレベルに到達するにはまだまだ改善の余地が多いこともわかっている。

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Diary Jan 30th 2018 - HWC review part 5

This is a reminder/review to myself

Trust & rapport
The coach establishes a positive and safe learning environment where the client feels accepted. The client is better able to clarify values and access motivation when he/she feels safe to be honest and vulnerable. Importantly, the coach's confidence in the client's ability to learn grow, and change supports the client's self efficacy " my certainty is greater than your doubt ! " The coach builds trust by attending to the client's emotions as well as words and behaviors, for example, when the coach senses conflict, discomfort, or confusion, the coach acknowledges what is happening with curious interest.
demonstrate benevolence, honesty, sincerity, and authenticity.
convey unconditional positive regard.
follow through on commitments made to the client.
openly name and address discord/conflict between coach & client as it occurs and resolve in a timely manner.
retrieved from ICHWC

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Diary Jan 28th 2018 - HWC review part 4

A reminder/review to myself

An importance of experimentation
The coach establishes a trusting environment where the client feels safe to experiment with new ideas and new behaviors. The coach helps the client develop a growth mindset, the belief that the client's abilities are not fixed and can be improved continuously through experimentation and persistent efforts. The coach may help the client gain confidence by rehearsing with the client how the client will behave in a situation.
growth mindset
practice techniques in session
decisional balance
retrieved from ICHWC

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Diary Jan 28th 2018 - HWC review part 3

A reminder/review to myself about health & wellness coaching

later stages of coaching - for further learning and self-discovery.
In the final coaching session, the coach's focus is on recognition of progress, learning, and closure. The client articulates successes and looks back at what he/she has learned. The coach helps the client to establish a plan for how he/she will maintain or continue progressing toward goals, with an emphasis on support and resources.
invite the client to reflect on, assess, and to articulate progress made, challenges experienced, lessons learned, and growth attained.
Assist in developing sustainable pathway forward and/or maintenance/relapse prevention plan including available support and resources.
retrieved from ICHWC

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Diary Jan 28th 2018 - HWC review part 2

reminder/review to myself regarding wellness coaching

Important points in early stages in coaching
In the initial stages of coaching, time is spent exploring the client's values, vision, purpose, and priorities. The coach refers to these in subsequent sessions to elicit motivation. During early sessions, the coach also spends adequate time exploring the client's understanding of his/her health and wellness, therefore goals are not set prematurely. Keep in mind that when choosing a focus, the coach is not the expert deciding what is most appropriate, instead, the client is empowered to select an area that feels important, motivating, or timely.
have client assess current state of his/her health and/or well-being.
explore the client's vision of his/her optimal health and/or well-being.
identify gaps between current state and client's desired lifestyle/outcomes.
Explore client preference for priority areas of focus.
establish or refine client's specific long-term goals that lead toward desired outcomes.
establish or refine client's short-term SMART goals or action steps for what will be accomplished between sessions.
support the client in achieving the SMART goals or action steps including back-up plans.
establish client's preferences for maintaining accountability.
retrieved from ICHWC

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Diary Jan 28th 2018 - HWC review

The following is a reminder/review to myself concerning recommended steps for health & wellness coaching.

client -centered relationship
A coach facilitates behavior change by empowering the client to self-discover values, resources, and strategies that are individualized and meaningful. The client is the expert in navigating his/her own life, based upon personal preferences and past experiences. the coach provides the structure of the session and serves as a facilitative partner. The coaches primary role is not that of a content expert or educator who diagnoses, advises, or instructs the client on what to do.
client's agenda, needs, interests, and preferences (vs. coaches's) drives the coaching relationship.
share coach's personal information/experience only when appropriate.
share information or recommendations only when specifically asked or given permission to do so or otherwise required within scope of practice.
observe, name, and refer to client's beliefs and values.
convey the belief that client is resourceful, expert in own experience.
adjust approach according to client's health literacy.
retrieved from ICHWC      

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Diary Jan 26th 2018

It seems that the entire Japan is covered by a very cold air mass currently. It was snowing a bit even in flat land areas of shizuoka as well the day before yesterday. Hopefully the climate gets warmer soon. Take care everyone !


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Diary Jan 20th 2018 - memory of globe

One of my English teachers in the Philippines whom I practiced with until the spring of 2017 was a fan of globe (a music group in Japan which gained an explosive popularity in 1990's, and its leader announced a retirement from the music industry a few days ago). so, this video makes me a bit reminiscent and sentimental mood. globe's momentum in the mid 90's was great because their songs and popularity reached as far as the Philippines as well. As the group name implies, they were a global music band !


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ダイエットやボディメイキングのパーソナルトレーナー in 静岡 Bilingual personal trainer in Shizuoka



I got a special recognition of Recognized Certified Personal Trainer with Distinction from National Strength & Conditioning Association, which is a new recognition program that is conferred to NSCA certified fitness/strength professionals who meet certain criteria such as a duration of service in the industry, academic degree in related fields ... etc. and it is my honor that I'm the first and currently the only person in Japan who got this recognition (as of Jan 2018).


I'm living in 10km northeast of Shizuoka Station in Japan, if you live nearby, I'm available for your personal training.  and one of my certifications is certified Health & Wellness Coach, which is a credential in the USA for providing motivational & psychological support for health & fitness behavior change, such as long term adherence to weight loss programs, healthy diet and so on.  Therefore, I'm available through the internet consultation as well (such as skype) no matter where you live.  Also, I'm a certified translator & tour guide (English -Japanese). If you are looking for a bilingual fitness professional or a translator in the health & fitness fields, please feel free to contact me. You can send me e-mails from the link below my profile photo.






静岡駅から10km程離れたところに住んでおりますが、遠方の方は、メールやスカイプなどインターネットを通じてのご相談も可能かと思います (静岡市葵区東在住 静岡流通センターより麻機方面に向かって1.5km位)


プランの一例  A sample package
週2回 × 2か月で筋力トレーニングの基礎を身につけ、カラダを引き締める

Twice a week × Two months :  Learning the basic of strength training and getting an attractive physique !
(1回あたりのレッスン時間はおおよそ1時間半程度  up to 90 minute for each session)

料金 fare :  200.000 円  

The above is only a sample plan, tailor made program based on your goals, convenience, budget, and so on is also welcome !


(私のプロフィール写真の下のリンク Email me よりメールを送信できます)
遠藤 吉彦   tel   054-246-8735


the photos are facility and equipment in my house, as you can see, if you are expecting a fancy workout facility, this is not a place for you. What I can provide you are my experience, knowledge, skills I learned through my 20 years in the fitness industry and English language learning, plus my zest and curiousity to work/learn with you. Nice to meet you !



Yoshi Endo, EP-C, CSCS, certified Wellcoach.


Dscf2002 Dscf2004      

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Diary Jan 11th 2018

Recently, the popularity of youtube bloggers are starting to replace the position of conventional TV programs among heavy internet users. and one of the biggest problems would be ... the current situation is close to " almost no regulation or code " concerning ethics, privacy, human rights and so on.  another problem would be that many of commercial youtubers talk about any topics even if the topic is beyond their specialty, profession, credential, academic degree and so on.
What is necessary and expected will be ... an establishment of " institutional review board " that overseas ethical code on the web.

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Diary Jan 10th 2017

Today's topic is about the latest change in the governmental system of Licensed Translator & Tour Guide, so to speak, it's kind of domestic issue, so I will write it in Japanese language.

つまり、これまでは、「通訳案内士の試験に受からないと、その仕事はできない」という免許だったものが、今後は、資格がなくても仕事はできるけど、資格があれば、レベルの証明にはなる、という「検定資格」みたいなものになってしまいました ...
外国人観光客に通訳や案内をするには、日本の文化や歴史、他の国との価値観や考え方の違いなどをある程度学んだ人間でないと、日本のことが正しく伝わりません。もちろん僕ももっと学ばねばなりません。 英語や中国語、韓国語など外国語が、まあまあ、なんとかできるという人は最近、沢山います。でも、それだけで通訳案内の仕事を許可してしまったら、日本はますます海外から誤解されてしまう可能性もあります。(もちろん、外国語好きな人がボランティアの有志活動として行うのは、また別の話です)

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Diary Jan 8th 2018

A reminder to myself

You (the instructor) don't need to answer and explain to all the questions from class participants/clients perfectly. Rather, an important point is how well the instructor expand the conversation by eliciting their further intellectual curiosity. If the instructor give them a firm conclusion, the conversation (their intellectual inquiry) stops there.  In other words,  how well the instructor/coach should stimulate/facilitate class participants' self-learning oriented mindset.  That would be a point I need to brush up more, I think.   
最近、感じることですが、インストラクターは参加者の皆さんからの質問に完璧に答えたり、過剰に詳細に説明する必要はないなあ、とも思います(相手が何を求めているか?によりますが)。エクササイズや栄養などに関して質問を下さる方々は、知的好奇心の旺盛な方が多いです。インストラクターが「あ、それはですねえ、最近の文献や研究によりますと、このような傾向が出ていますので、答えはこうです、以上」という感じで回答すると、せっかくの会話がそれ以上ふくらみませんし、彼らの好奇心の探訪もそこでストップしてしまいます。なので、インストラクターやコーチは、参加者の皆さんの自発的探究につながるような答えやきっかけを提供すべきなのかな、と感じます。中々難しいことですが ...

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Diary Jan 7th 2018 - new vision statement

I revised my self introductory and greeting comment under the blog title a bit today, and this is my current honest mind and what I'm envisioning for the future. of course, I'm available from outside Japan as well through online consultation/coaching. Thank you.

My mission statement (Jan 2018)

I " Yoshi Endo " would like to serve and work as a booster/facilitator/translator/instructor/and your learning partner for you to generate a positive change, difference, and progression in health & fitness, language learning for those who are practicing English as a foreign language.
And I'm glad if I can be of some small help for better understanding of people globally through these activities. Of course I'm also still learning every day. Let's begin and continue the journey.


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Diary Jan 5th 2018

I've been writing a lot of English for consecutive 5 days from the very first day of the 2018. And it makes me feel like my thought process returned to " English mode " again like my study days in a few years ago. Some of my regular talking partners are still taking the new year vacation, therefore, my current frequency of online speaking practice is less than usual, what can be inferred from this would be ... probably, writing a lot of English would be an important and essential foundation of the language practice.      

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Diary Jan 3rd 2018


A big tree is in the premise of the local shrine I visited on this new year's day. I think this tree has been witnessing and withstanding a countless number of events for probably a few hundred years both good things and bad things such as heavy rain, thunder storm, sunshine in the intense summer, cherry blossoms, festivals, fireworks and so on. I feel a heaviness of the history.


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Diary Jan 2nd 2018

Two days in the 2018 have already passed ... time flies running fast.
What I was doing today is ... enjoying videos of fitness youtubers.  As you know, many of fitness youtubers are affiliated/tied up with fitness apparel companies, supplement companies and so on, in other words, many of their videos have an aspect of sales promotion of commercial products in addition to their pure energy and passion for fitness.  Of course I know that continuing an ideal lifestyle of fitness competitors requires sponsorship. The main reason why I watch videos of fitness youtubers is 1) as a listening practice of English,  2) get a power and energy from their motivation in a good sense.

Especially, in terms of listening practice purpose, I like videos of Arevalo sisters. Way of speaking of the elder sister and the little sister resemble so much or almost exactly the same. What I thought was way of speaking of siblings who grew up under a roof can get surprisingly similar, such as accent, pronunciation, expression and so on. They are a good example of it, I guess.

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Diary Jan 1st 2018 Happy New Year 2018 !

My 2018 started with a courtesy visit to a nearby shrine and a 20 minute of walking to and from there. Hoping health, wellness, and fortune in the new year for all of you !

additional script
As I'm writing on this blog, I'm taking online English conversation service recently almost everyday, however, all of my familiar talking partners are taking new year's holiday today. Although I was born and grew up in Japan, I'm not a " hundred-proof made in Japan ", as many of you know, I'm from a graduate program in the USA, therefore I definitely don't want to say things like " oh I'm not good at English ", so I don't want to skip English practice even during the new year vacation. It is often said that " if you are off of ballet lesson even one day, it requires two to three days to get back in your previous condition "  and I feel the similar way in foreign language practice as well based on my own experience. Instead of speaking with my learning partners, I'm writing this additional post as a writing practice. If you want to excel in something, as a matter of fact, devotion and consistency would be necessary. Nobody said it would be easy. I would like to walk the talk on that way. Thank you for your understanding and support always.   

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