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Diary Jan 31st - HWC review part 6

the following is a review/reminder to myself

preparation prior to the first session
Prior to a coaching session, the coach reviews materials, eliminates distractions, and takes time to become mindful and present. The coach's state helps the client become calm and receptive, which fosters self-awareness and self-discovery.
the first session
The coach's aims for the initial session, or intake session, are to describe the coaching process, review information and assessments provided by the client, and determine if the client is an appropriate candidate for coaching. the coach clarifies roles and expectations, e.g., the coach will not diagnose or prescribe, nor give unsolicited advice, the client will self-determine his/her vision, goals, and action steps, and the client will be actively engaged in trying new behaviors as planned with the coach. logistics and responsibilities (client vs coach) are confirmed in a written coaching agreement.
early sessions
in the initial stages of coaching, time is spent mainly exploring the client's vision, purpose, and priorities. the coach refers to these in subsequent sessions to elicit motivation. during early sessions, the coach also spends adequate time exploring the client's understanding of his/her health and wellness, so goals are not set prematurely. note that when choosing a focus, the coach is not the expert deciding what is most appropriate, instead, the client is empowered to select an area that feels important, motivating, or timely.
routine fellow up sessions
a coaching program starts with an initial phase, followed by routine follow up coaching sessions for a pre-determined period of weeks or months. at the opening of each session, the coach asks about the client's current state (e.g., energy, mood), throughout the session, the coach refers to shifts in the client's state. the coach facilitates review of previous action steps, uses other processes as appropriate, and supports the client in defining new action steps. the coach reflects the client's understanding, perspectives, and learning. at the end of each session, the client articulates new personal discoveries.
the graduation phase
in the final coaching session, the coach's focus is on recognition of progress, learning, and closure. the client articulates successes and looks back at what he/she learned. the coach helps the client to establish a plan for how he/she will maintain or continue progressing toward goals, with an emphasis on support and resources.


話しているうちに、その方は西海岸の州立大学の出身だとわかり、初対面なのに、陽気なアメリカ人の人懐っこい良い面が全開(笑) 「アイソダイン(イソジン)は水虫の手当てにも使えるよ。日本のキッチンハイターもね」とか「君のハンドバッグはかっこいいな」とか、たわいない世間話をノリの良いメチャクチャ速いテンポでまくしたてる(僕がいつもビデオで話している英語を2倍~2.5倍位の早口にしたような印象)。短い時間でしたが楽しい時間を過ごせました。不思議な出会いに感謝します。

英語が母国語の人達から見て僕は「アジア育ちの人間にしては妙に英語がうまい変な小男」という印象が多いだろうというのは、これまでお世話になった方々の反応から推測できる。一生、英語を訓練しても完全なネイティブレベルになることはあり得ないかもしれないが、やる以上は「外国人としての最上レベル」に近づきたい。例えるなら、デイブ・スペクター氏やパトリック・ハーラン氏の日本語のように。 そのレベルに到達するにはまだまだ改善の余地が多いこともわかっている。


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