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Diary Jan 1st 2018 Happy New Year 2018 !

My 2018 started with a courtesy visit to a nearby shrine and a 20 minute of walking to and from there. Hoping health, wellness, and fortune in the new year for all of you !

additional script
As I'm writing on this blog, I'm taking online English conversation service recently almost everyday, however, all of my familiar talking partners are taking new year's holiday today. Although I was born and grew up in Japan, I'm not a " hundred-proof made in Japan ", as many of you know, I'm from a graduate program in the USA, therefore I definitely don't want to say things like " oh I'm not good at English ", so I don't want to skip English practice even during the new year vacation. It is often said that " if you are off of ballet lesson even one day, it requires two to three days to get back in your previous condition "  and I feel the similar way in foreign language practice as well based on my own experience. Instead of speaking with my learning partners, I'm writing this additional post as a writing practice. If you want to excel in something, as a matter of fact, devotion and consistency would be necessary. Nobody said it would be easy. I would like to walk the talk on that way. Thank you for your understanding and support always.   


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