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Diary Nov 29th 2017 Co-existence of sport, entertainment, and serious fighting art

This is an entrance scene of MMA style match Kiyoshi Tamura vs Renzo Gracy which was taken place on the RINGS fighting network nearly 20 years ago from now. Tamura was a fighter in Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF), which debunked for financial reasons a little bit before this bout. The theme of UWF was " sporty shoot wrestling " and Tamura loved and. In other words, UWF was a belief and reason to live for Tamura. The opponent Renzo Gracy was representing the Gracy family of Brazilian jyujitsu. The audience was expecting Tamura would embody the pride and legacy of UWF against one of representative fighters of Gracy family through this bout.  Usually Tamura was using another theme music for his entrance in those days. However, Tamura chose the theme music of UWF intentionally for this bout specifically.  The big surprise of fans right after the intro of this music tells everything such as determination of Tamura and expectation of fans. So to speak, what on Tamura's shoulders were beyond our imagination, I think. That is why I get a power and courage from this video every time I watch it.

もう20年近く前の映像ですが、リングスでの田村潔司vsヘンゾ・グレーシーの入場シーン。田村が所属していたUWFプロレスは経営上の理由で、この試合の少し前に解散してしまいました。しかし、田村はUWFの理念である「ルールに基づいたスポーティな総合格闘技」を信条としていました(おそらく、今でも)。 当時、田村選手は試合での入場テーマ曲には別の音楽を使用していましたが、グレーシー柔術を代表するヘンゾ選手とのこの試合では、自分の愛するUWFのテーマ曲に乗って入場してきました。

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Diary Nov 27th 2017

Start sailing little by little

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Diary Nov 25th 2017

How you turn a negative view into a positive view. In other words, how you convert some uncomfortable events such as a trivial misunderstanding with your coworkers into an opportunity to get to know their ways of thinking better, and a chance for one's growth.  That kind of change of perspective would be necessary for me.

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Diary Nov 21st 2017 Gary V

I'm not sure this singer Gary Valenciano is known in the USA and Europe, however his song " I will be here " is one of my recent favorites. His song and lyrics are very heart touching. I knew about him through one of my learning partners in the Philippines.  I hope you enjoy the video

フィリピンの人気歌手 ゲリー・ヴァレンシアーノのヒット曲 I will be here です。だいぶ前に、フィリピンの先生から教えてもらったのですが、よい曲で気に入っています。ニックネームが「ミスター・ピュアエナジー」のゲリー・ヴィーさんにも暖かい人柄を感じます

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Diary Nov 19th 2017 - achievement rate of 60 - 70 %

I had my current English skills evaluated on an online English conversation service yesterday. I booked a new instructor to me, and introduced myself briefly at the beginning of the 25 minute session. After that I conveyed my scores in TOEFL and TOEIC test to the instructor. And, the instructor sent me the following link on the chat board, so I answered the first 12 questions or so in the remaining 15 minute. After the discussion, I asked the instructor my current English skills on a scale of 10. The instructor's answer was " from 6 to 7 out of 10,   the reason for the 3-4 point reduction is your weaknesses in listening comprehension ".  I don't know the validity of this instructor's evaluation, because the discussion was based on the written topics on the webpage, I mean listening skills evaluation was not included that discussion.  The instructor was only listening my speech. So, I think this instructor's evaluation was biased with my scores in TOEFL and TOEIC,  because my scores in listening scores were lower than the other sections. In other words, this instructor was having a preconception saying that this guy would be not good at listening. (I told her my test scores before the discussion). besides, this instructor is not a native English speaker, a person in a European country, who majored in English literature at a college).  However, I'm willing to accept the evaluation saying that 6-7 out of 10,  because it means if I improve my English by 30-40 %, it would become a satisfactory level.  I'm not sure the meaning of the score 10, whether it is a level equivalent to native speakers,  or a satisfactory level among people who are learning English as a second language ...  Anyway, if I was given 8-9 score, I would be satisfied with the status quo, and my progression would stop there. In that sense, I appreciate that instructor's evaluation saying that " your current achievement rate is from around 60 - 70 % ".   There is still a room for improvement !
question topics used for the evaluation https://esldiscussions.com/e/entertainment.html

昨日は、いつもお世話になっているオンライン英会話の先生がフィリピンの先生もヨーロッパの先生も皆、休みだったので、初めての先生を予約してみた(セルビア出身の30代の女性で、大学で英文科だったとのこと)。初回なので、現在の僕の英語力を評価してもらった。簡単な自己紹介をして(住んでいるところや職業など)、おおよそのレベルを伝えるために過去に受験したTOEFL ibt とTOEICの点数を伝えた。
その後、ディスカッション用のお題がチャットボードで送られてきた(上記リンク)。15分位の間に、最初の10問程度のお題に自分なりの考えを述べた。 つまり、トーフルのスピーキングセクションのインディペンデントタスクを10問程度やったような形式。その後、先生の判定は「そうねー、今のあなたの英語力は、10段階でいうと6から7の間位かな、3~4減点した理由は、あなたはリスニングが得意ではないから」とのこと。

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Diary Nov 16th 2017 - ビール瓶=ハリセン理論

Today's topic is my thought about the recent scandal of Japanese Sumo wrestling world, and this topic is closely associated with traditional and indigenous japanese culture and values, therefore this topic is not suitable for writing it in English, so, I will write today's post in Japanese language only (僕は、最近の相撲には全く興味がありませんが、本日、エクササイズクラスの休憩中に例の相撲の話題が出ましたので、僕の意見を書きたいと思います。この話題は日本固有の価値観に根付いたことだと思うので、今日は日本語だけで書きます)

格闘技も同様に肉体を通じて会話する人達だということ。酔った席で、無礼な後輩へ説教するのに、ビール瓶で小突くくらい、そんなに大騒ぎするような問題ではないように思うのですが ...(もちろん、格闘家が一般人相手に同様のことをしたら大問題ですが)

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Nov 15th 2017 - pure and passionate kung-fu guys

On youtube, I found a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic kung-fu movie aficionado guys whose team name is " martial club ".  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2yvzrfrRsQ  this link is one of their videos.
the situation in this footage is ... they are great fan of Donny Yen, and when Mr.Yen came to a move theater for premier ceremony of his new film, the Martial Club guys asked Mr. Yen's permission to demonstrate their action stunt performance in front of the eyes of their idol Donny, and Mr.Yen kindly accepted their offer. What is impressive to me is these guys' pure and intense passion for martial arts, especially preparation and hard training for this moment.  And also I was impressed with Mr.Yen's kind and gentle attitude to accept their sudden offer.
Donny was also a kung fu kid (even now), so he can understand the pure heart and passion of Martial Club guys, I guess.
check this video out especially from around 2 minute 50 second.

ビデオの状況は、彼らが尊敬するカンフー映画スター ドニー・イェン氏が新作映画の舞台挨拶に来た時に会場に行き、質問コーナーで手を挙げ、ドニー氏の武術哲学などに関して質問した後、「実は俺たち、貴方(ドニーさん)の映画にも大きく影響されて武術の練習してるんです。もしできれば、この場で型の演武を少しだけ披露させていただいてよろしいでしょうか?」と尋ねてみる。 ドニー・イェンさんは「もちろんOKだよ」と快諾。

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Diary Nov 12th 2017

Some people find their values in being conformed with people around themselves, whereas, some people find their values in being outstanding from others (being different from others in a good sense = you are special). In Japan as a whole, being conformed with others is regarded as a harmonious relationship. However, I grew up with a lot of influence of " fitness " . for example, in the world of bodybuilding or dancing or martial arts, superb technique and physique are important factor, in other words, my value in life is " being proficient " in one's specialty field.  However, the more you pursue your own way, the larger the difference in perspectives and way of thinking between yourself and people around you becomes. This is an ironical result of pursuing something to some extent. Of course, I'm still on the way to pursuit of fitness and language learning, however, recently I feel that kind of tendency sometimes.  Being proficient and outstanding and good relations with people around you.  It is easy to say but not so easy to do for me.

一方で、「いかに人と違っているか? 個性的か? 特殊技能があるか?」ということに価値観を見出す考え方もある。



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Diary Nov 9th 2017 Trinity and Three Musketeers

I talked about the concept of trinity in Christianity with one of of my language learning partners the day before yesterday. For non-Christian people like me, the notion saying that " the god is the son, the god is the father, and the god is holly spirit, and the son is not the god, the father is not the god, the holly spirit is not the god "is a bit confusing.  The learning partner explained that notion to me as he trinity concept is a three different manifestations of the god.

What I thought about the trinity concept is ... the story of three musketeers might have derived from the trinity concept, I mean the power of the each warrior is relatively limited, however if three warriors converge its power and strengths, it will generate a synergy. And each person (musketeer) has its own unique characteristics.
I'm not sure my understanding is correct, the above is only my interpretation.

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Japanese girls band Gacharic Spin

I'm ignorant of recent showbiz topics, and one of my friends showed me the presence of a girls-rock band in Japan, their name is Gacharic Spin. When I saw their videos on youtube, my first impression was its taste is a bit like women's pro-wresting, because of the mixture of their bling bling costume, rock'en roll, dancing, seriousness and comedy tasting. It seems that they have a hardcore fan base here in Japan.


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Diary Nov 7th 2017 - sins and earthly desires

I had a bit meaningful talk with one of my language learning partners (online language service) yesterday. Our conversation went to a direction of similarity between the original sin in Christianity and the early desires in Buddism. That said basically the human being has desires for possessing a lot of materials, eating gorgeous meals, dominating and controlling something ... and so on.  And probably various religious practices would be a method for controlling or getting along with that kind of human instinct or innate desires.

And the topic of sin reminded me of this song (で、この曲を思い出しました)

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Diary 6th 2016 - vocabulary building

I'm writing today's post for simply increasing my English vocabulary.
The following are new words I came across with through a book I'm reading now

squander = waste
premade,    e.g., premade lunch
a cornerstone  = a very important thing/point
drag down = hinder, obstruct, disturb 
underpin = support
be cognizant of = be aware of,  know 

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Diary Nov 5th 2017 - border free & diversity

When I introduce myself in my youtube videos, my self-introduction in basically like this " Hi, this is Yoshi, it's been a while ! "or " Hello I'm Yoshi Endo, fitness instructor in Japan ". The reason why I refer to Japan is of course, many of my intended video viewers are people and my friends outside Japan except for a small handful of my intimate friends in Japan. However, what I feel these days is ... if you emphasize one's country or home town too often or too much in your talk, that kind of attitude or behavior may look a bit nationalism-ish or racist-ish to eyes of some people. Even if viewers of my videos don't know me at all, probably many of them will be able to surmise that this guy is from Asia, especially somewhere in the far east (from my outlook and English accent). Of course, cultural uniqueness and diversity would be important in this era of globalization, and at the same time, the world is becoming culturally crossover little by little nowadays.  For these reasons, recently I'm thinking whether it is appropriate often refers to personal information concerning one's country or hometown. I mean, maybe I'm in a stage to graduate from " I'm Yoshi in Japan "type self-introduction (in a good sense).

僕のビデオを初めて見る方でも、僕の顔や肌の色、英語の発音などから、「ああ、こいつは東洋人だな、おそらく日本とか韓国とか極東地区の」くらいは簡単に想像がつくと思います。「日本の」と言わなくても、おおよそのことは察しがつくと思いますし、ネットの普及などにより国や人種の違い等への認識が少しずつ小さくなっていっている時代に、自己紹介のたびに「日本の...」と出身地やホームタウンの話題に触れるのは良いことなのだろうか?と思ったりするわけです。 「日本の」といつも言っているのは、ある意味、悪い意味で、国家主義者や人種主義者っぽいかなあ?なんて思ったりするわけです(大袈裟に言うと、コンプレックスと裏返しのエジアン・サプレマシーみたいな)

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Diary Nov 3rd 2017 - Not to become an answering machine

What I felt in yesterday's senior fitness class
You don't need to answer all the questions from the class participants perfectly.
Rather give them opportunities to think about the question on their own way (curiosity and self-learning) and expand the conversation meaningfully for them.
I have a tendency to be like an answering machine when getting a question
Talking too much aren't necessarily welcomed by people.

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Nov 2nd 2017 - Fitness Trend for 2018

This is a fitness trend forecast for 2018, surveyed by ACSM, survey participants are about 4000 fitness professionals in the world.  Fitness trend forecast means what kind of exercise and workout, educational programs and so on get popular in the fitness world in the next year.  フィットネスの世界で2018年にどんなトレーニング法が流行するか?を予測した「2018フィットネス・トレンド」がACSMより発表されました。世界の約4000名のフィットネス関係者にアンケート調査をした結果です(僕も参加しました) トップ10は ...

1. High Intensity Interval Training (高強度で短時間のインターバル・トレーニング)
2. Group Training  (グループでのエクササイズ)
3. Wearable Technology (コンピュータ内臓の万歩計など、体に装着可能で消費カロリーなどを管理できる機器類)
4. Body Weight Training (器具を使用せず、自分の体重を負荷にするトレーニング)
5. Strength Training  (基礎的なストレングス・トレーニング)
6. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals (インストラクター・トレーナーなどフィットネス指導員の教育と経験を高めること)
7. Yoga (ヨガ)
8. Personal Training  (パーソナル・トレーニング)
9. Fitness Programs for Older Adults (高齢者向けのフィットネス・プログラム)
10. Functional Fitness (ファンクショナル・フィットネス)
An interesting point is that the ranking of Personal Training dropped a bit compared to previous years, and instead, Group Exercise format is gaining attention and popularity, that is probably because the increase of aging population, I think.
10位のファンクショナル・トレーニングとはよく聞く言葉ですが、僕の意見としては、機能的(ファンクショナル)とは人や状況、目的によってずいぶん異なると思います。 例えばですが、ボディビルダーにとって必要なトレーニングと、レスキュー隊員の方に要求されるトレーニングは異なりますが、どちらのトレーニングも彼らにとっては現実に即したもの=機能的なわけです。 同様に、自転車に乗ることが多い人と、車椅子を使用の方では、何が機能的なトレーニングか?は当然違ってくると思います。 テニス選手に必要な機能性と相撲の力士に要求される機能性は異なるわけです。

このように「ファンクショナル」という言葉の定義は、非常に難しいと思います。 だけど、「ファンクショナル・トレーニングが流行る」なんて言うと、やたらと皆、ファンクショナルなんて言葉を安易に使い出すのは一考を要すと思います。(コアとか体幹とかインナーなんて言葉が流行る傾向も同様)
Retrieved from the website of American College of Sports Medicine

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Diary Nov 1st 2017 - flu vaccination

I got a flue vaccination today at a nearby hospital. What I think every year I get flue vaccine is how long the vaccination effect does lasts ? ...  According to some information about it on the internet, many of the answers are " the effect of flue shot last around 4 months or so ".   When I asked this question to this physician last year, he gave me a very interesting question "  He said " although this is only my opinion and scientific evidence doesn't exist, if you got a certain type of flue vaccine injected into your body, the antibody to the certain type of influenza works more or less as long as you are alive, I guess.  The problem is ... whether that certain type of flue vaccine corresponds to the actual flue type (strain) that gets prevalent in that season, because as you know, choice of a flue vaccine is based on a forecast "
And he said like this as well " Just in case your health condition gets bad after the vaccination, feel free to come for complaining "   I like this physician's and humor based on his long years of  experience "


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