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Diary Nov 29th 2017 Co-existence of sport, entertainment, and serious fighting art

This is an entrance scene of MMA style match Kiyoshi Tamura vs Renzo Gracy which was taken place on the RINGS fighting network nearly 20 years ago from now. Tamura was a fighter in Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF), which debunked for financial reasons a little bit before this bout. The theme of UWF was " sporty shoot wrestling " and Tamura loved and. In other words, UWF was a belief and reason to live for Tamura. The opponent Renzo Gracy was representing the Gracy family of Brazilian jyujitsu. The audience was expecting Tamura would embody the pride and legacy of UWF against one of representative fighters of Gracy family through this bout.  Usually Tamura was using another theme music for his entrance in those days. However, Tamura chose the theme music of UWF intentionally for this bout specifically.  The big surprise of fans right after the intro of this music tells everything such as determination of Tamura and expectation of fans. So to speak, what on Tamura's shoulders were beyond our imagination, I think. That is why I get a power and courage from this video every time I watch it.

もう20年近く前の映像ですが、リングスでの田村潔司vsヘンゾ・グレーシーの入場シーン。田村が所属していたUWFプロレスは経営上の理由で、この試合の少し前に解散してしまいました。しかし、田村はUWFの理念である「ルールに基づいたスポーティな総合格闘技」を信条としていました(おそらく、今でも)。 当時、田村選手は試合での入場テーマ曲には別の音楽を使用していましたが、グレーシー柔術を代表するヘンゾ選手とのこの試合では、自分の愛するUWFのテーマ曲に乗って入場してきました。


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