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Diary Nov 19th 2017 - achievement rate of 60 - 70 %

I had my current English skills evaluated on an online English conversation service yesterday. I booked a new instructor to me, and introduced myself briefly at the beginning of the 25 minute session. After that I conveyed my scores in TOEFL and TOEIC test to the instructor. And, the instructor sent me the following link on the chat board, so I answered the first 12 questions or so in the remaining 15 minute. After the discussion, I asked the instructor my current English skills on a scale of 10. The instructor's answer was " from 6 to 7 out of 10,   the reason for the 3-4 point reduction is your weaknesses in listening comprehension ".  I don't know the validity of this instructor's evaluation, because the discussion was based on the written topics on the webpage, I mean listening skills evaluation was not included that discussion.  The instructor was only listening my speech. So, I think this instructor's evaluation was biased with my scores in TOEFL and TOEIC,  because my scores in listening scores were lower than the other sections. In other words, this instructor was having a preconception saying that this guy would be not good at listening. (I told her my test scores before the discussion). besides, this instructor is not a native English speaker, a person in a European country, who majored in English literature at a college).  However, I'm willing to accept the evaluation saying that 6-7 out of 10,  because it means if I improve my English by 30-40 %, it would become a satisfactory level.  I'm not sure the meaning of the score 10, whether it is a level equivalent to native speakers,  or a satisfactory level among people who are learning English as a second language ...  Anyway, if I was given 8-9 score, I would be satisfied with the status quo, and my progression would stop there. In that sense, I appreciate that instructor's evaluation saying that " your current achievement rate is from around 60 - 70 % ".   There is still a room for improvement !
question topics used for the evaluation https://esldiscussions.com/e/entertainment.html

昨日は、いつもお世話になっているオンライン英会話の先生がフィリピンの先生もヨーロッパの先生も皆、休みだったので、初めての先生を予約してみた(セルビア出身の30代の女性で、大学で英文科だったとのこと)。初回なので、現在の僕の英語力を評価してもらった。簡単な自己紹介をして(住んでいるところや職業など)、おおよそのレベルを伝えるために過去に受験したTOEFL ibt とTOEICの点数を伝えた。
その後、ディスカッション用のお題がチャットボードで送られてきた(上記リンク)。15分位の間に、最初の10問程度のお題に自分なりの考えを述べた。 つまり、トーフルのスピーキングセクションのインディペンデントタスクを10問程度やったような形式。その後、先生の判定は「そうねー、今のあなたの英語力は、10段階でいうと6から7の間位かな、3~4減点した理由は、あなたはリスニングが得意ではないから」とのこと。


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