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diary Oct 18th 2017 - BLR

A common important point in personal training of fitness, wellness coaching, and speaking practice of some foreign language (English in my case) would be to learn something from each other.  An ideal is bilateral learning relationship.

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diary Oct 15th 2017 - BBC radio

Today, I accessed the BBC internet radio " world service" for the first time since 2004 or so. Actually, I was often listening to the BBC world service when I was preparing for Step Eiken English test, which is one of the most popular standardized English tests in Japan, because the exam tendency is relatively close to various timely new topics like ones on BBC, Newsweek, and Time. Recently my main focus on English listening practice has been how to get yourself be used to quick spoken English, and cosmetics youtubers' videos are helpful in that purpose because many of them speak English fast. Today's my impression about BBC radio was " their speaking are clear and relatively slow compared to video bloggers ".  So, the BBC radio after 13 years interval was a fresh experience.


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diary Oct 10th 2017 - new learning partner

As you know, English is the second language to me, therefore the language practice is an important part of my everyday life. And sometimes I practice speaking with a language instructor(a learning partner for me) through online. And I talked with an English instructor in Serbia for the first time today. That instructor is very enthusiastic and a kind of nerd like me. So we had a good vibe, hopefully. the only problem is that competitions for booking that instructor's lesson seems to be high. However it would be great if I can establish a good collaborative and conductive learning relationship with the new learning partner as well.

話してみての感想は、予想通りというか予想以上に良い学習パートナーに出会った気がします。一言で言えば、僕と同じでオタク気質な人、これは、もう紹介ビデオを見た瞬間に感じた(笑) 同じ穴のムジナと言うか... 発音という点では、アメリカ人の英語と少しだけ違う気がするが、知識や話題が豊富なのでボキャブラリーや流暢さという点ではネイティブ・スピーカーと、そんなに変わらない気がする。何よりも、オタクの波長が合うのが嬉しい。問題は、人気講師らしいので、予約の競争率が高い様子。フィリピンの先生とも引き続き練習を続けつつ、この先生とも互いに学び合って行ければ良いなと思います

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diary Oct 1st 2017

It is October 1st today, it means the rest of 2017 is about 90 days. One of my themes from today is to become a good role model for myself as well.  Pursuit of my own way and belief, and gratitude and understandable relationships with people who could support you.


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