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diary Sep 23rd Autumn Equinox Day

Today September 23rd is the autumn equinox day in Japan. Japan has four seasons, the spring, summer, autumn, and the winter. So to speak, the autumn equinox means a seasonal divide between the warm season and the chilly season. Basically I prefer warm seasons to chilly and cold seasons, therefore I would like to take the arrival of this equinox as the seasons are heading for the next equinox, the spring equinox which is in March. Have a good day everyone !

Even a thousand mile journey begins with the first step, Manila was not built in one day ! 千里の道も一歩から、マニラは一日にして成らず。 

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diary Sep 16th 2017

Although there is no specific reason, words " a detour road and a short cut " sprang up in my mind today. A detour road and a short cut, which do you choose ?  Of course, it depends on a situation and case by case.  If your main purpose is getting a destination itself , a shirt cut will be time and energy saving. On the other hand, if your purpose is to enjoy various scenery in the process of a trip, a detour road may bring about unexpected meaningful experiences, it takes a lot of time though ...  My journey into fitness and language practice is a kind of meaningful detour road hopefully.


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new blog title " fitness journey "

until now, the title of this weblog was " exercise trainer ENDO's Walk on ! ", however I changed the title into " fitness journey ENDO's Walk on ! " from today.  the primary reason for the change is ... the job title " exercise trainer " doesn't necessarily reflect my current work and expertise, I was feeling so recently. If you address me in some job title, I have a lot of credentials, Exercise Physiologist, Physical activity in Public Health Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Special Populations Specialist, Health & Wellness Coach, Exercise is Medicine credential, and so on. So, if you express these my credentials in one word, the word " fitness instructor " is incorporating these expertise, I think, and that title is my favorite. And my pursuit for fitness, sport psychology, wellness coaching, and language learning is a never ending learning process, thus I expressed it as " fitness journey ".  Thank you very much for your support and understanding always !

本日より、このブログのタイトルを少し修正しました。これまでは「エクササイズ・トレーナーENDO's Walk on !」でしたが、自分の興味や学ぶ分野の範囲が少しづつ広くなり、エクササイズ・トレーナーという枠からは良くも悪くも、はみ出しつつあります。

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diary Sep 3rd 2017 - horizon

I noticed that I haven't used the word "horizon" so far in my English writing/speaking. It means that word/concept doesn't exist in my vocabulary, usual consciousness, or subconscious mind. In case expressing things like expanding one's view, perspective, knowledge, experience, and expertise, many of my English speaking friends use the expression " get out of your comfort zone " rather than " go over the horizon", and probably that is why I rarely use the word " horizon" usually. However, words derived from horizon, such as " horizontal plane" is used in fitness workout terminology as well, so I will need to add this word to my consciousness from now on.

本日、ふとしたキッカケで気がついたが、ホライゾン(水平線・地平線)という言葉を英語の中でほとんど使ったことがない。日本の英語の教科書か参考書にも「ニューホライゾン」なんていう名前のものがあったと思う。つまり、外国語を学ぶことで自分自身の水平線(視野)を拡げよう、との意味合いだろうけど、実際のところ、「水平線を超えて」なんて表現は歌の歌詞かニュースの見出しみたいで、普段の会話では、そんな大袈裟な表現を使う人や機会はあまり多くないように思う。僕の仲間内では 「視野を広げる」的な表現をする時は、get out of your comfort zone " (自分にとって居心地の良い領域から出てみる)という表現をすることが多い。が、トレーニング用語でホリゾンタル・プレーン(水平面)なんて言ったりすることもあるので、ホライゾンおよび派生語もボキャブラリーに加えておく必要はあるだろうと感じた。

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