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diary May 26th 2017 - neighbor's lawn

when you talk with people in the Philippines, sometimes they refer to the color of skin of Japanese people. please don't misunderstand it is a topic of racial difference or racism. what they want to say is ... average skin color of Japanese are a little bit paler (whitish) than the dark sun tanned skin color of philippino people, and it seems to be attractive and a bit envious to them. To me, it is a matter of difference between 50 steps and 100 steps though ...  may be it is an example of  "the lawn of neighbor looks greener than the lawn of one's back yard ", I guess.  so, I hit upon a joke like this " oh really ?  the skin color of Japanese are attractive for you people ?  thanks it's an effect of neutrogena though ... "
however, I refrained from that joke, cuz I wasn't sure whether that joke makes sense "

フィリピンの人達と話をしていると、日本人の肌の色の話題になることがある。誤解しないでいただきたいが、人種の違いやレイシズムの話ではない。日本人の肌はフィリピンの人達の肌に比べると、やや白い、その肌の白さがフィリピンの皆さんにはある意味、うらやましいらしい。僕にとっては、50歩・100歩の違いのような気もするが、隣の芝生は青く見えるということだろうか。  冗談で返そうかと思った、こんな風に。「え? 日本人の肌が魅力的なんですか? ありがとうございます。 でも、これはニュートロジーナのおかげなんですけどね」  この手のジョークが通じるか?ちょっと不安だったので、あえて止めといた(笑)

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diary May 20th 2017 - coconut water

when I was talking with a person from a tropical country about fluid replacement during exercise, I got an interesting question from that person. the question was " whether coconut water can be a substitute for sport drinks such as gatorade "
because the coconut is not a common fruit in Japan, I have never thought of that idea saying that replacing a sport drink with the tropical fruit.  and I found this web article below concerning that topic.  although the author in that web article says that what is lacking in coconut water is sodium. a simple solution would be ... add a little bit of salt to the coconut water.  that would become a natural substitute for commercially produced sport drinks. a problem is a typical price of coconut is more expensive than popular sport drinks on the Japanese market ...


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diary May 9th 2017 - a new discovery

I had an opportunity to talk with one of my classmates after a nearly one year interval, and through the conversation I noticed that the word " discovery " wasn't in my English vocabulary (I mean I wasn't able to recall that word on the spot). that was kinda new discovery or a finding.

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diary May 2nd 2017

it is already May, how is going everyone ?
this week is a holiday studded week in Japan, which is called " golden week holiday ", however there is nothing special in my everyday. being able to spend every single day as usual is kinda " happiness" I guess.
have a good day everyone !

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