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diary March 28th 2017 - impermanent beauty


the most representative seasonal scenery in this time in Japan is cherry blossoms. usually cherry trees get in full blossoms from the third or fourth week of March and they dissipate at around first or second week of April. so to speak, peak of the gorgeous cherry flowers are only 2 weeks or so. and probably this is the reason why people in Japan are so fond of cherry flowers, in other words, they are appreciating a sense of impermanent beauty, I think. I found this beautiful cherry tree at a premise of a nearby shrine, that shrine has a close relationship with the longest lasting political and military dynasty in feudal japanese period, the dynasty lasted as long as more than 400 years. the presence of the cherry trees in the shrine premise which was a kind of guardian deity for the longest lasting Tokugawa dynasty would not be merely a coincidence.
and various climatic conditions are concerned with cherry blossoms. the explanation in this video can be a good reference (retrieved from FOX news)

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diary March 15th 2017

when reading a book about strength & conditioning, I came across a nice expression. that is ... sticking with bodybuilding workout or fitness lifestyle is a kind of contract with oneself ".
in my translation, it is a promise with oneself, and it can be said in one's work and study too , I guess. basically our humans cannot tell a lie to one's mind.
so to speak, one of required roles of fitness professionals/wellness coaches would be to help, support clients achieve (keep) promise with themselves. of course, it is easy to say however not so easy to do ...  that is one of my future themes

ストレングス&コンディショニングに関する本を読んでいたら、なかなか良いことが書いてあった。「ボディビルやフィットネスのトレーニングを継続するということは、ある意味、自分との契約である」と。つまり、自分自身との約束ということだろう。ならば、フィットネス指導員の任務の一つは、トレーニングの方法など技術面をお伝えするのは勿論のこと、自分のクラスの参加者の皆さんが、自身との契約・約束を履行・遂行するのを少しでもお手伝いすることだろうと思う。 これが一番難しいことですよね    

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diary March 8th 2017

today March 8th is an important and special day to me. because it is a private matter, I will keep the significance of this day in my mind. one of my future missions would be to help, support, guide people make a favorable difference in their lives. in other words, one of my roles would be a kind of booster. in the process of it, I would like to further study, learn, practice, and train. I would like to thank people around me and the environment. thanks guys for always understanding and supporting me      

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diary March 6th 2017 - three stages in physical training

the link below is an interview video of martial arts star Jet Li.  his thought about ideal three progressive stages of the physical and the mental in martial arts practice is worth noting.
the first level ... practice of the physical, in other words, emphasis on this stage is physical contact and combat with your enemy
the second level ... practice the mental aspect, so to speak, use your accumulate knowledge and language to stop the enemy before fighting
the third level ... how to turn your enemy into your friends without fighting, through your belief, wisdom, and compassion ... etc
check at 3 minute 30 seconds from the beginning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KyWIvq1ZqU

第1段階 ... 敵と戦うために体や技を鍛えることを主目標とする
第2段階 ... 言葉や知恵を用いて、如何に無駄な争いを避けるか?を考える
第3段階 ... 武術の修練や自分の生き方における信念や含蓄、相手への思いやりなどを通じて、敵を友達に変えることを考える

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