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diary February 20th 2017

recently I feel the necessity to further improve my English. my English language is still by far from satisfactory level, especially there is much room for improvement in listening comprehension and speaking. as a matter of fact, listening and speaking is closely related each other. in other words, the both should complement each other. the thousand miles journey begins with the first step.

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vocabulary building practice - Feb 12th 2017

I'm writing today's post in order to increase vocabulary of my English
words that are currently out of my consciousness when speaking
furthermore, resonate, satiate, tremendously, enormously, massively, toe to toe, prudent,

sample expression
for me, learning English is enormously important as a fitness professional and a beginning researcher in the health & fitness field, furthermore, as a licensed interpreter & tour guide for travelers who visit Japan from abroad. of course I know that my current language skills are by far from satisfactory level, and it seems that there is a tremendous long way before reaching to a level close to native speakers. that is why I'm writing my blog posts bilingually every time. to me, language learning is like fitness workout or martial arts, it means you have to square off and get along with it from head to heard, toe to toe. although it is a long journey, I never satiate with it, rather I'm enjoying the process. sometimes I come up with resonating interview videos of athletes, actors, musicians, fitness professionals or people like that on the internet such as youtube, they can become a good sample for my language practice, however, coping them 100% would not be preferable, a prudent attitude would be required.


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diary February 11th 2017 - a reflection and an ideal

strengths and weaknesses are often in a relationship of what is called " both sides of a coin ".  as for my strength, as many of you know I'm a kind of nerd, an exam nerd, a fitness nerd... I mean I can pour a lot of energy and concentration into exam preparation or things like that, however, seeing from the other side, it is undeniable that I have a tendency to become selfish or narrowed eyed while concentrating toward one's desired goals. and I tend to forget consideration, attention, a sense of appreciation to people who could support and understand me while I'm concentrating on something. I think this is one of my biggest weaknesses. what I'm thinking recently is ... an ideal would be providing positive influence to people around you through the process toward goals. of course, it is not so easy to do though ...

人の長所と短所というのは、表裏一体の関係にあることが多いですよね。僕自身の長所は何か?というと、皆さん既に御存知のように、僕はいわゆる「オタク」です。試験オタクだったり、フィットネスオタクだったり。つまり、自分の好きなことには、かなりの集中力で没頭して、それなりの結果を出せることが多いです(失敗する時もありますが)。 しかし、逆から見ると、目標に向かって没頭している時は、周囲が見えなくなって、偏狭になったり、自己中心的になったり、僕のことを理解して応援してくださる皆さんへの感謝や配慮を忘れてしまったりすることがあるように思います。これが、自分の最大の短所のひとつかなあ?と思っております。目標に向けて頑張る過程で、周囲の皆さんに良い影響を及ぼすことが出来れば良いな、と思ったりします (口で言うほど簡単なことではないですが ... )

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diary Feb 8th 2017 - a drastic experiment

I posted a bit drastic and radical proposal to today's my exercise class participants as an ice breaking greeting at the start o the class. the participants are Japanese women in their late 60's to early 80's.
" Hello everyone, how have you been since the last week's session ?  I know that many of you are hoping to lose weight. In japan we have a lot of seasonal celebration events and festivities during this season. in order to get a desirable result in weight loss, how to deal with and spend your days in this festivity season is very important.  for example, in January we have new year celebration, the seasonal divide celebration in February, the girl's festival in March, cherry blossom viewing parties under the trees in April, and the boy's festival in May "

"traditionally in Japan, we celebrate these seasonal events and festivities mainly with special foods and dishes for them.  of course, when food shortages were serious social problem in the past, cerebrating those festivities with seasonal harvest was a very significant, and at the same time, these were precious opportunities to foster and reconfirm family bond and friendship.  however, nowadays in Japan, fortunately food shortages don't exist basically. rather various materials including gorgeous foods are abundant in our current society.   and this is where I would like to propose a change in our perspective and mindset about how to celebrate those seasonal events "
" in order to show our appreciation and a sense of gratefulness to the blessings of our mother nature and our environment, how about reducing some one dish or food from your table on the seasonal celebration day ?  it is already 2017 now,  we don't necessarily need to stick with the traditional notion saying that seasonal events and festivities should be celebrated with a countless number of special dishes and foods. even if there is not so much gorgeous foods on the party table, it would be possible to enjoy and celebrate with for example, singing karaoke, dancing, chatting and so on. what do you think of my idea ? "

as I anticipated before the class, most of the participants were quiet with my drastic remarks,  they didn't say anything, however, obviously it felt like written on their faces that " instructor ENDO's view might be a kind of alien or something "...
being polite in front of class participants, at the same time, stating one's views and perspectives without compromising is not easy to me ...   
「皆さん、こんにちは。先週の講座以来いかがお過ごしでしたか? お正月から早春の時期は色々と季節行事が多いですよね。1月はお正月、2月は節分、3月は雛祭り、4月は花見、5月は子供の日など。これらの行事は、美味しい料理を食べたりして祝うのが伝統的な日本の習慣ですよね。皆さんがこの教室に参加している目的の一つは、やせたい、体重を減らしたい、というのがありますね。となると、このように美味しいものを食べる行事が毎月のように続くこの時期をどう過ごすか?はとても大切です」

「少し過激な意見で申し訳ないですが、ダイエットや健康のためには、この飽食の時代、季節行事をどう祝うか?ということに関しても発想の転換が必要ではないか?と思います。食料不足が深刻だった時代は、季節の収穫物で行事を祝うというのは、収穫への感謝や家族や友人との団欒の機会としても非常に意義のあることだったと思われます。しかし、現在、2017年の日本は幸いなことに、食べ物を含め色々なモノが溢れています。むしろ、自然の恵みや周囲の環境に感謝するためには、パーティのテーブルから何か料理を一品減らしてみてはいかがでしょうか? 贅沢な料理が沢山なくても、行事やお祝いの席を楽しむことは可能だと思うのです。例えば、カラオケとか、踊るとか、友人たちとの会話を楽しむとか。このような発想の転換はいかがでしょうかね?」
参加者の皆さんの殆どは無言で呆気にとられたような反応だったが、伝統と調和を重んじる世代の御婦人の皆さんの顔にはこう書いてあったような気がする 「インストラクターの遠藤さんの頭の中は異星人か何かだろう ... 」

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Jet Li's English - ジェット・リーさんの英語が凄く上手い件

the link below is an interview video of martial arts star Jet Li.  what I was impressed with this video is Mr.Li's English is very good. I mean his English fluency, sense of humor are much better than my English. of course sense of humor and his warmth emanate from his long years of devotion to martial arts, movies, and life itself, I think. Mr.Li's good English and friendly attitude can be a role model for me too.

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diary Feb 4th 2017 - transparency

when I was talking with one of my acquaintances about colors of room windows, I wasn't able to recall an appropriate word that refers to clarity. and a few hours later, I got that it was " transparency ", which is one of the most important concepts in the society not limited to room interior topics though ...
at the end of the day, maybe that is because the importance and notion saying that transparency might be lacking in me  ...
知り合いと部屋の窓の色合いについて語っていたところ、透明性を意味する適切な言葉 " transparency " が思い浮かばなかった。要するに自分が普段から、この言葉を使っていないので、自分のボキャブラリーとして定着してないことを意味するが、同時に、自分の日常の価値観の中に、透明性の大切さが欠如してるのかな? などと自虐的になったりする

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diary Feb 1st 2017

what I feel at the end of the day recently is the importance of discreet attitude and humbleness, which is obviously what I often tend to forget

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